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Eagle Farm residents form

Eagle Farm Cleaning Support application

Racing Queensland has responded to concerns raised by residents living on properties adjoining the Eagle Farm racetrack about the impact of dust on their properties arising from the track remediation project, which is nearing completion.

Residents can now apply for support for the external cleaning of their properties including, as necessary, gutters, eaves, soffits, walls, patio, ceilings, balustrading, rinsing of deck flooring and an external window wash.

Racing Queensland will also consider requests for assistance from residents with swimming pools where it can be demonstrated that pools and/or pool equipment were directly impacted by dust (or other material) emanating from the current Eagle Farm Track remediation project.

Racing Queensland acknowledges that the impact of the dust varies from resident to resident therefore applications for cleaning support other than that outlined above, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Residents are asked to submit their requests for cleaning support using the online application form and Racing Queensland will review applications giving due regard to the circumstances outlined by each resident.

Racing Queensland is committed to working with residents whose homes have been directly impacted by the Eagle Farm remediation project. We will consider all reasonable requests for cleaning support with a view to briefing a professional cleaning services company and pool servicing company to begin cleaning in the days after the track has been completed. Residents who have made an application will be contacted individually to discuss their applications and to arrange for access to provide the cleaning support outlined above.

Racing Queensland has agreed to receive applications for cleaning support on behalf of the Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) where it is demonstrated that dust associated with BRC’s on-site developments may have had an impact on residents. Brisbane Racing Club has committed to responding to those applicants directly.


It is anticipated that the Eagle Farm track remediation project will be completed in April (pending weather conditions) followed by a maintenance program to support growth of the new track surface.

Applications for cleaning support will be accepted until the end of April. It is anticipated that all agreed cleaning support will be delivered in the weeks following the track completion after a period of liaison with residents and cleaners and depending on the demand and ease of access to impacted properties.

Racing Queensland and the Brisbane Racing Club look forward to joining with residents in celebrating the return to racing of this wonderful and iconic Queensland racing track when Eagle Farm is once again ready to take its place among Australia’s best racing venues.