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Getting into Harness Racing

Hit the Track with UBET - For the Thrill of It



  1. Types of Ownership
    There are three ways that you can become a horse owner; individually, in a partnership or syndicate.
  2. Selecting a Trainer
    There are a number of trainers in Queensland to choose from, ranging in their levels of experience, locations and costs.  Your trainer will provide advice on racing campaigns, training routines and the general day to day decisions in accordance with the safety and care of your horse.
  3. Obtaining a Horse
    There are two ways that you can obtain a horse to race, either buying or leasing.  A popular way of purchasing a horse is as a Yearling (unbroken and untried).  Buyers can purchase horses via private sale with horses for sale often advertised online through harness racing websites.  Harness racing also schedule claiming races which each horse that is nominated in the race is for sale.  The price of the horses in claiming races are predetermined starting from as little as $1,000. 
  4. Cost
    The average upfront cost of buying a Yearling can vary through a public sale. In 2014 at the Australian Pacing Gold Brisbane sale the prices ranged from $2,000 to $35,000.  The average price at the 2014 APG Sales in Brisbane was $11,147 and $6,124 at the 2014 Redcliffe Yearling Sale.
    Owners should expect to pay ongoing costs including training fees, shoeing, veterinary services, transportation and agistment.  Fees will vary depending on the trainer and service providers.
  5. How Much Can I Win?
    Racing Queensland recently announced increases to prizemoney effective as of October 1, 2014 with $15-million in stakemoney programmed for distribution to owners in the 2014-15 racing season. If your horse is eligible and registered for QBRED, you will have access to share in an additional $2-million in the 2015-16 racing season.
  6. Risk Assessment
    Ensure you research all the potential risks of ownership.  Like any animal, your horse could get sick or injured whether whilst racing, training or playing and may not be able to race for extended periods of time. 


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