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Tracking Towards Sustainability

Racing Queensland Tracking to Sustainability Report


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Prize Money Changes

As identified in the Tracking Towards Sustainability Plan,  prizemoney represents the largest return to the racing industry as such it is neccessary to reduce the return to bring the industry to a Sustanabile Level. Since the report was first published in December 2015, RQ has been meeting with Industry Discussion Groups on a monthly basis to discuss the impact of these prizemoney reductions will have on each sector of the Industry.

During this extensive Industry Consultation, RQ received many alternate proposals that saw these returns distributed in various ways but within the same overal budget.  Following a review of these submissions, the following prizemoney changes will take effect from 1 April 2016:



Code General Prize Money Feature Prize Money Breeding Incentive Scheme
Thoroughbred Thoroughbred PM from 1 April Thoroughbred Feature Prize Money 16-17



Greyhound Greyhound PM from 1 April Greyhound Feature Prize Money 16-17 N/A
Harness Harness PM from 1 April Qld Harness Feature Prize Money 16-17




It should also be remembered that within the Tracking Towards Sustainability prizemoney framework, there is a mechanism that allows the profitability of each code and the industry overall to be assessed, and if it is deemed sustainable, the returns to the industry via prizemoney can be adjusted.

This process will commence from 1 July 2016 and be reviewed on a quarterly basis.


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