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RQ makes enhancements to ownership experience

If you have ever owned a winning runner, you will know there’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching your horse salute the judge.

Now Racing Queensland has moved to try and enhance the experience even further, introducing a new email alert system that will reach winning owners shortly after their horse crosses the line first.

From Thursday, winning owners will receive a congratulatory email containing the full race result, the prize money won, and a video replay link (TAB meetings only) to re-live the excitement.

Racing Queensland Chief Executive Officer Dr Eliot Forbes said the emails aimed to enhance the ownership experience, as part of a strategic goal to increase industry participation into the future.

“While nothing compares to watching your horse win a race live, the new email system will allow winning owners to share the thrill and excitement of ownership with their friends and family,” Dr Forbes said.   

Work is now under way to develop a winning email system for greyhound and harness owners into the future.

The announcement comes on the back of a number of website upgrades deployed on the new Racing Queensland website earlier today.

Following almost six weeks of feedback from website users and industry participants, Racing Queensland has made additional upgrades to reduce loading time and increase overall efficiency of the new RQ website.

A new video replay pop-up screen is set to reduce download times and make doing the form even simpler.

“Racing Queensland has actively engaged with website users throughout the live trial period, with a number of changes made upon industry recommendation since the website launched on November 6,” Dr Forbes said.