Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

09/05/2020 Dalby

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Minty Boy Shifted in approaching the 800m placing a runner to its inside in restricted room. Dalby 25/04/2020
Duready Slow to begin Kilcoy 22/03/2020
Brigalow Queen Slow to begin. When questioned by Stewards about the seemingly disappointing performance, Jockey H. English reported that in her opinion the filly resented the rearward racing position and sand kickback and did not respond to her riding. Gympie 26/10/2019
Miss Hissyfit Bled both nostrils. Trainer B. Hudson was advised that the filly will be ineligible to race for 3 months and, prior to resuming racing, must perform satisfactorily in a 1000m gallop in the presence of a Steward. Dalby 25/04/2020
Race 2
Flugle Began awkwardly. Raced very wide, without cover, throughout the early and middle stages. Grafton 03/03/2020
Cheesie Slow to begin. Shifted in abruptly shortly after the start. When questioned by Stewards regarding the seemingly disappointing performance, jockey S. Bogenhuber advised that after beginning poorly the mare failed to respond under hard riding throughout. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no apparent abnormalities. Dalby 14/01/2020
Dusty Haze Resented being restrained and threw its head in the air approaching the 700m. Toowoomba 05/04/2020
Yazzi Jean Shifted in whilst hanging in near the 200m despite the efforts of its rider. Toowoomba 21/12/2019
Miss Atob Raced in restricted room to the inside of FIRST SLIP near the 900m. Dalby 25/04/2020
Miss Cruisey Jumped with its head in the air and lost ground. Steadied from heels at the 800m and shifted wider on the track. Dalby 25/04/2020
Miss Pixie Proved difficult to load. Began awkwardly and lost ground. Dalby 25/04/2020
Race 3
Complete Trust Shifted out shortly after the start and hampered EDRADOUR. When in a rearward trailing position approaching the 900m, the gelding commenced to overrace and threw its head in the air. Toowoomba 18/04/2020
Dinny's A Suspect Slow to begin. Bumped shortly after the start and became awkwardly placed at the heels of JOJO GO. Toowoomba 05/04/2020
Our Spider Tailed off at the 800m and took no competitive part in the race. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the horse to be exhibiting a slow post-race recovery. Trainer S. Neylon was advised that a warning will be placed on the gelding. Dalby 25/04/2020
Tales Of The Heart Steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of LOVE IS ALL AROUND which shifted out approaching the 300m. Ipswich 19/04/2020
Yarra Spirit Shifted out shortly after jumping, inconveniencing another runner. Mackay 30/07/2019
Feeling Thorny Hung in throughout. Roma 04/04/2020
Just For Glory Began awkwardly. Laid in in the home straight. Bundaberg 07/04/2020
Race 4
Abitofacard Shifted out on jumping making contact with another runner to its outside. Shifted out at the 800m forcing another runner to shift out across heels to obtain clear running. Dalby 25/04/2020
Daisy's Apart Began awkwardly and shifted out making heavy contact with CUBAN MINT, and was then ridden aggressively to obtain a position 1 wide. Improved onto the heels of FRASCATI MISS passing the 1000m, and then resented by restrained, threw its head in the air and shifted out. Held up rounding the home turn. Ipswich 26/04/2020
Primmiscuous Slow to begin. Dalby 25/04/2020
Celtic Tiger Slow to begin. Bundaberg 19/04/2020
Race 5
Third Martini Near the 100m was eased and directed to the outside of Shishaq to continue to improve. Checked from heels over concluding stages. Lismore 07/03/2020
Trumpful Jockey S. McGovern reported that his mount did not appreciate the sand track. Bundaberg 07/04/2020
Stormborn Angel Began awkwardly and made contact with a runner to its inside. Dalby 25/04/2020
Black Envy Blundered on jumping away and was bumped shortly after the start. Bundaberg 05/05/2020
D'great Beauty Checked and lost ground whilst racing in restricted room leaving the 800m when TONY’S DECREE (App. T. Townsend) shifted in and SIDINA (App. D. McGillivray) shifted out. Dalby 25/04/2020
Race 6
Cash'n'run Raced in restricted room for a short distance shortly after the start and was eased. Dalby 25/04/2020
Rajo Miss Raced 3 wide without cover for the majority. Gatton 07/11/2019
Cartland Began awkwardly. Bundaberg 07/04/2020
Race 7
Splitz Slow to begin. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance, jockey B. Newport explained that although the gelding was previously successful on sand tracks, in his opinion, it did not suit the sand track today. A post race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings Bundaberg 05/05/2020
The Mechanic Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Bundaberg 05/05/2020
Bris Vegas Hung out in the home straight under pressure and as a result was difficult to ride out. Bundaberg 05/05/2020
Madluce Missile Raced 3 wide without cover on the pace throughout. Dalby 25/04/2020
Race 8
Denman Quality Checked near the 600 metres and lost ground. Esk 14/12/2019
Diggity Began awkwardly and lost ground. Bundaberg 19/04/2020
Mountebank Bumped with another runner at the start. Bundaberg 19/04/2020
Black Envy Blundered on jumping away and was bumped shortly after the start. Bundaberg 05/05/2020