Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

06/05/2020 Sunshine Coast

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Le Heros Slow to begin. Sunshine Coast 16/02/2020
Tick Tock Boom Tightened for room at the start and lost ground. Bumped near the 500m. Laid inwards over the final 300m. Doomben 23/11/2019
Superare Significantly slow to begin. Doomben 22/04/2020
Sip It Slow Tightened for room near the 900m. Placed in restricted room to the inside of LADY GRAZIER leaving he 700m when inclined to hang out, and as a result had to be restrained near the 600m. Apprentice B. Nothdurft was reprimanded for this incident. Doomben 22/04/2020
Won Capilano Placed in restricted room whilst racing greenly and was checked near the 900m. Apprentice B. Nothdurft was reprimanded for this incident. Raced greenly throughout and was checked from heels near the 600m. Doomben 22/04/2020
Chesto's Dream Checked near the 1000m. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Jeno Bumped on jumping and lost ground. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Bright Copper Slow to begin. Raced wide and raced greenly throughout. Doomben 22/04/2020
Race 2
Geovanni Raced wide without cover. Doomben 22/04/2020
Durundur Lad Held up from the 400m onwards and went to the line without being fully tested. Doomben 22/04/2020
Pebkac Improved on to heels due to the steady pace approaching the 700m and had to be restrained. Laid out rounding the home turn. Doomben 25/09/2019
Zedaqua Heavily bumped near the 300m. Raced 3 wide and very greenly throughout. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Windchill Raced wide without cover whilst inclined to hang out. Jockey J. Orman reported that during the event his saddle slipped to the side, placing him at a disadvantage. Doomben 22/04/2020
From Now Began awkwardly, momentarily unbalancing its rider. Steadied from heels near the 700m. Approaching the 300m, when attempting to obtain clear running, shifted wider and made heavy contact with ZEDAQUA. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Euleilah Raced wide throughout. Doomben 11/04/2020
Kokopo Kitty When attempting to obtain clear running in the home straight was disappointed when improving to the inside of WINDCHILL and as a result had to be checked. Doomben 22/04/2020
Debonair Des Raced wide throughout. Sunshine Coast 01/04/2020
Race 3
Redoute's Spirit Jumped away awkwardly with its head in the air and lost ground. Overraced in the early stages. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
More Than Charged Slow to begin. Toowoomba 19/03/2020
Daunting Adventure Raced wide, without cover, throughout the early and middle stages. Hampered near the 800m. Ballina 05/01/2020
Rock Paper Sizzle Whilst being restrained to obtain cover shortly after the start, the horse commenced to overrace until settling passing the 800m. Held up rounding the home turn. Ipswich 13/04/2020
Aroseforzou Slow to begin. Doomben 22/04/2020
Fi Fi No Fuss Very slow to begin and failed to muster speed despite the urgings of its rider. Raced greenly when struck with the whip in the home straight. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Star Barista Began awkwardly before mustering speed and occupied a forward position. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Race 4
Cairndow Bumped by LOCAL GOSSIP near the 1000m. Doomben 22/04/2020
The Seven Falls Slow to begin. Doomben 22/04/2020
Wilcaruise Raced wide throughout. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Bay Not Grey Hung out from the 600m until entering the home straight. Doomben 18/04/2020
Shadow Eclipse J. Bayliss reported that his mount raced greenly throughout. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Stonefish Jumped away awkwardly. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Isabella Smiles Began awkwardly. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Be Bryan Slow to begin. Dipped near the 550m. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Truthiz Began awkwardly. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/05/2019
Wicked Freddy Slow to begin and was tightened for room shortly after the start. Overraced at heels near the 900m. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Race 5
The Chosen One Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 17/04/2020
Brando Bumped on jumping. Approaching 400m improved onto the heels of the weakening MALEKO, checked and then held up for clear running until approaching the 250m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/11/2019
Zoulou Dancer Slow to begin. Improved onto the heels of THE MINIVAN rounding the home turn, and was then disappointed for a run to the inside of THE MINIVAN before being eased to shift to the outside to secure clear running. Ipswich 26/04/2020
Rock Tour Became awkward in its action when restrained near the 1200m. Had difficulty obtaining clear running passing the 250m. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Race 6
Top Striker Shifted out under pressure near the 200m inconveniencing DESMON’S PRIDE. Aquis Park Gold Coast 17/04/2020
Victory Eight A. Sewell dropped his whip near the 300m. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Bold Assassin Slow to begin. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Coral Bay Slow to begin. Doomben 22/04/2020
Seentoomany Slow to begin. Ipswich 19/04/2020
Drumbeat's Choice Slow to begin. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Bryneich Blundered near the 400m. Ballina 17/01/2020
Race 7
So You Shop Held up for clear running rounding the home turn and until the 100m and when passing the winning post shifted out becoming unbalanced. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
The Minivan Improved onto the heels of CALL ME TILLY passing the 200m and had to alter course back to the inside to secure clear running. Ipswich 26/04/2020
Main De Foi A post race veterinary examination revealed the horse to have blood in its off-side nostril caused by a minor abrasion. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Mr Moonlight Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Race 8
Checkmate Lad Became awkward shortly after the start when bumped on the hind quarters by NICHOLAS. Doomben 22/04/2020
Spirit Esprit Held up rounding the home turn and until leaving the 300m. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Enterprise Jack Shifted wider near the 800m to avoid heels and raced wide without cover from that point onwards. Doomben 22/04/2020
Couldn't Refuse Jumped away awkwardly, inconveniencing COMBATIVITE and NICHOLAS. Doomben 22/04/2020
Indian Dreamer Slow to begin. Forced very wide near the 900m by SIDEKISS, which shifted out and as a result was restrained to gain a position closer to the rail. Aquis Park Gold Coast 17/04/2020
Lola's Diamond Jockey L. Tilley replaced M. Du Plessis. Bumped by ROCK ‘N’ SOL near the 400m. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Powering After being caught 3 wide in a handy position, the gelding was allowed to stride forward to obtain a position outside the leader passing the 1100m, and continued to race keenly in that position. Ipswich 19/04/2020
Combativite Tightened for room on jumping away and lost ground. Held up for clear running in the early stages of the home straight. Doomben 22/04/2020
Joy's Reward Raced wide Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Tricky Mix Stewards questioned trainer T. Gollan regarding the seeming improved performance of the winner TRICKY MIX. He stated at the horse’s most recent start it had been caught wide and overraced, which was detrimental to the horse’s performance. He added that from a more favourable barrier the horse was able to obtain a position closer to the fence and travelled more comfortably. Sunshine Coast 15/04/2020
Calabria Slow to begin. Ipswich 19/04/2020
Race 9
Great Affair Began only fairly and shortly after made contact with another runner. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. Co-trainer advised that, in light of the poor performance, a decision had been made for the horse to leave their stable. Kembla Grange 03/03/2020
Combat Kid Raced wide. Sunshine Coast 16/11/2019
Phionaix Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Socialising Raced wide without cover. bet365 Geelong 13/12/2019
Call Me Stirling Blundered on jumping away. Raced wide and was forced wider near the 700m. Doomben 22/04/2020
Grace of Monaco Shifted in near the 900m and tightened the running of SOUBRETTE, and then raced wide without cover. Doomben 18/04/2020
Massabielle Slow into stride. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Grey Court Raced wide. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Emotive Mountain Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Doomben 22/04/2020