Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

15/09/2018 Springsure

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Clappers Raced wide for the majority of the event. Mackay 31/08/2018
It's Wanted Began awkwardly. Roma 28/07/2018
Ten Goal Polo Tended to hang out for much of the race. Muttaburra 11/08/2018
Deus Passing the 200m was slightly inconvenienced by WAY TOO SASSY which laid out. Emerald 01/09/2018
Gower Began awkwardly and shifted in Dingo 25/08/2018
Race 2
Falvelino Rider reported that the gelding failed to handle this anti-clockwise way of going. Birdsville 31/08/2018
Fay Element Laid in shortly after the start. Passing the 900m commenced to overrace when being restrained to obtain cover and became awkwardly placed at the heels of BOINGO which shifted in. Approaching the 100m had to alter course to the outside to avoid the heels of SIRIUS WITNESS which laid in. Emerald 01/09/2018
Payoff Raced four wide with cover throughout Dingo 25/08/2018
Northern Secret Commenced to race ungenerously near the 500m and shifted out forcing another runner wider. Townsville 01/09/2018
Wild Justice Leaving the 800m had to be steadied on a number of occasions when racing ungenerously. Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Smoking Lady Jumped outwards at the start bumping with another runner. Raced wide rounding the 1000m turn. Prairie 18/08/2018
Race 3
Casino Week Slow to begin Townsville 01/09/2018
Rocket of Gold Bumped by another runner near the 400m and becoming momentarily unbalanced. Townsville 01/09/2018
Yakapari Raced greenly throughout. Bumped with another runner at the 800m. Mackay 31/08/2018
Race 4
Triple Jeopardy Passing the 1100m was forced wider on the track by ZATORIO which shifted out to avoid heels and then raced three wide without cover from that point. Emerald 01/09/2018
Silent Flyer Held up approaching and passing the 400m. Dalby 01/09/2018
Authadane Hampered by another runner which shifted out near the 100m. Mackay 31/08/2018
Fordyce Knight Was severely tightened and had to be checked near the 1300m and lost ground. Jockey B. Appo, rider of ALCAZAR, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding, in that passing the 1300m he allowed his mount to shift in when not fully clear of CELESTIAL GREY, which was taken in on to the running of FORDYCE KNIGHT, which had to be severely checked and lost its rightful running. Jockey Appo was suspended from riding in races for a period of 11 days, to commence at midnight, 18 August and to expire at midnight, 29 August. In determining penalty, stewards were of the view that the carelessness Kilcoy 18/08/2018
Race 5
Hunter Island Passing the 110m was inconvenienced by ZATORIO which shifted out to avoid heels. Emerald 01/09/2018
Tuxedo Boy Overraced in the early stages and got its head up when the pace slackened passing the 1300m. After passing the 800m was forced to a four wide position on the track. Rockhampton 23/08/2018
Hot Tempo Reared as start was effected and lost ground and then raced four wide without cover throughout. Emerald 01/09/2018
Ateaces Rider accidentally dropped her whip passing the 100m. Emerald 01/09/2018