Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

15/02/2020 Toowoomba

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Lotza Jockey N. Tomizawa reported that the gelding raced one paced today, and was under pressure from the 800m and proved disappointing. He added that, in his opinion, the gelding races best when able to lead in its races, however when MARLAHN set a strong tempo in the early stages, his mount was unable to obtain this position. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed no significant findings. Toowoomba 06/10/2019
Line Up Raced wide, without cover, throughout the early and middle stages. Passing the 500m blundered after shifting in across heels. Murwillumbah 29/12/2019
Fantasay Slow to begin. Bumped heavily on the hindquarters near the 150m and became unbalanced. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Zollikon Miss Near the 850m restrained from the heels of SHALWA, when that runner shifted out from behind the leader. Eagle Farm 01/02/2020
Sizzling Sun Lost its near fore plate in running. Rockhampton 28/01/2020
Enlightened Knuckled on jumping away and lost ground. Jockey L. Tilley reported that the mare felt short in its action on returning to the enclosure. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no significant findings. Warwick 25/01/2019
Grey Skies Began very awkwardly and lost considerable ground, and then raced ungenerously in the early and middle stages. Toowoomba 21/12/2019
Coupe de Ville Tightened for room soon after the start. Doomben 16/01/2020
Race 2
Aurora Charm Commenced to overrace when attempting to find a trailing position one wide approaching the 900m. Approaching the 100m checked away from the heels of LUVDISC, which shifted out to improve. Doomben 30/01/2020
Uno Eyno Began awkwardly and bumped heavily with the hind quarters of WOOLSEY. Aquis Park Gold Coast 25/01/2020
Tyres Are Crucial Lost an off hind plate in running. Aquis Park Gold Coast 29/01/2020
Semaphore Girl Slow to begin. Soon after the start bumped the hind quarters of INVIGORATING. Overraced in the early stages and was restrained from the heels of MAIDENOVER on a number of occasions from the 900m to the 850m. Eagle Farm 01/02/2020
By the Law Tightened for room shortly after the start and lost ground. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Chiaki Shortly after the start was bumped by runner. Murwillumbah 02/02/2020
Race 3
The Great Boombino Stewards questioned trainer Mr C. Cousins regarding the seemingly improved performance. He stated that after the horse’s most recent start in which he felt it raced flat, he had sent the horse for a spell. He indicated THE GREAT BOOMBINO has previously raced well fresh and this, also coupled with today’s softer racing surface and claim from apprentice S. Thornton, he had expected a forward showing. He also added that in hindsight he was of the view the horse races best when its runs are spaced out and that he would endeavour to space the horse’s runs more so in future. Sunshine Coast 25/01/2020
King Of The Desert Raced three wide with cover throughout. Sunshine Coast 29/12/2019
Star Adele Tightened for room at the start and lost ground. When questioned by Stewards regarding the seemingly disappointing performance, jockey R. Goltz advised that the mare was hampered considerably on jumping away, however it did not travel strongly at any stage of the race and was hard ridden to improve into the race from the 800m. He went on to say that the mare ran on only reasonably in the home straight and, in his opinion, was most disappointing. Refer full report for comments from Trainer. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no significant findings. Toowoomba 09/11/2019
Super Freak Examined by the veterinary surgeon at the barriers at the request of its rider and was cleared to take its place in the field. Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 19/01/2020
She Keeps Nosecret A post-race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. Trainer S. Thomas indicated that in light of today’s performance the horse would undergo an endoscopic examination and any significant findings would be reported to stewards. Sunshine Coast 01/12/2019
Race 4
He's Not Focused Proved reluctant to proceed to the barriers and was then difficult to load. Trainer S. Hardy was advised that a warning will be placed on the gelding’s pre-race manners. Tightened for room shortly after the start. Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Raced greenly when placed under pressure in the home straight. Warwick 12/10/2019
Hidden Storm Slow into stride. Aquis Park Gold Coast 01/02/2020
Enraged Underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers and was cleared to start. Kilcoy 05/02/2020
Saddle Boy Raced wide without cover for the majority. Hung in under pressure in the home straight. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Swan Island Raced three wide in a rearward position until passing the 700m. Doomben 30/01/2020
The Hand Bumped at the start. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Sir Whittington Slow to begin. The saddle shifted back approaching the 200m resulting in the rider being unable to ride his mount out over the final 150m. Doomben 23/01/2020
Haraldigo Laid in whilst racing greenly in the early stages of the home straight and bumped another runner. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Hallside Hot Stuff Bumped on the hindquarters shortly after the start. Steadied to avoid heels approaching the 850m. Toowoomba 28/12/2019
Ponderoso Began awkwardly. Gatton 02/08/2019
Race 5
Heart Attack Held up rounding the home turn. Doomben 23/01/2020
Monashee Ridge Travelled keenly throughout the early stages and approaching the first turn was steadied from heels. Hung out rounding the first turn. Murwillumbah 02/02/2020
Lucky Siren Bumped on jumping away. Bumped by another runner near the 900m. Refer full report for comments from E. Ljung and trainer B. Cavanough. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no significant findings. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Northern Dragon After being caught wide approaching the first turn the horse was ridden forward to obtain the lead passing the 1350m before obtaining cover when crossed by CONSULAR passing the 1000m. Held up rounding the home turn and was then disappointed for a run passing the 300m before altering course to the inside. Doomben 23/01/2020
She Likes A Drink Tightened for room at the start and lost ground. Momentarily held up rounding the home turn. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Love Puzzle Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Madam Mahal Began moderately. Passing the 200m, improved onto the heels of QUEEN OF THE NIGHT which laid in marginally and was obliged to steady. Approaching the 100m when racing ungenerously, was disappointed for a run between QUEEN OF THE NIGHT and SPEAKING BETTER. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Sly Grin Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Major Luck After obtaining the lead passing the 1500m commenced to overrace despite the efforts of its rider and proved difficult to restrain. Then continued to overrace in the middle stages despite more effort from its rider to steady the pace. Aquis Park Gold Coast 25/01/2020
Race 6
Wealth'n'power Began awkwardly. Toowoomba 01/02/2020
Morgause Trainer B. Robinson advised that it would be the preferred intention to ride the mare in the second half of the field, circumstances permitting. Raced in a midfield position with cover. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Shezaonthemoney Travelled wide and without cover for the majority of the event. Murwillumbah 02/02/2020
Royal George Bumped shortly after jumping. Crowded over the final 50m which prevented its rider from fully testing the gelding. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Spurious After passing the 400m improved onto the heels of GALAXIES PRIDE and had to shift outwards to obtain clear running. Aquis Park Gold Coast 25/01/2020
Complete Trust Took the crossing awkwardly then raced greenly for a short period after. Kilcoy 26/01/2020
Race 7
Sertin Placed in restricted room after passing the 400m and had to be steadied near the 300m. A post race veterinary examination of the gelding, which attempted to jump the crossing after the passing the winning post revealed no abnormalities. Kilcoy 05/02/2020
Phony Pony Laid in over the concluding stages. When questioned by Stewards in relation to the gelding’s seemingly improved performance, the trainer’s representative advised that, in his opinion, the horse’s form had been good prior to its last start at the Sunshine Cost on 28 July 2019 and, following its disappointing performance on that occasion, the stable had elected to send the horse for a spell. He went on to say that the gelding had been working well and jumped out well in the lead up to today’s race and, in his opinion, had benefitted from the inside barrier today. Warwick 26/12/2019
American Crown Raced 3 wide with cover throughout. Questioned performance. Jockey J Oliver explained that at its 2 most recent starts when he was the rider, mare raced in blinkers and settled further back than they would have liked. Trainer M. Nolan removed blinkers for todays event hoping that would allow the mare to race in a more forward position. Despite urgings the mare failed to muster early speed and settled towards rear of field. Finished the race off well today similar to that of its most recent start. In his opinion may be looking for distances further than todays event. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2020
Maxbux Post-race vet exam - bled from both nostrils. Trainer was told gelding would incur the mandatory 3 month bar and must trial or gallop over 1000m in the presence of a Stewards prior to racing again. Cessnock 28/10/2019
Charging Clear Slow into stride. Trainer reported post race the mare appeared to be stepping short behind and will notify Stewards regarding the horse’s condition in the ensuing days. Aquis Park Gold Coast 21/09/2019
Chevys Desire Raced 3 wide with cover Kilcoy 26/01/2020