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Club Compliance & Licensing

Club Licensing

With effect from 1 July 2017  RQ Licensing Scheme Policy now requires Clubs and Venues to be licensed separately. While separate licenses will be issued by RQ to eligible clubs, applicants need only to complete one License Application Form and nominate the type/s of licenses being applied for. In that regard, one application fee remains applicable.

License application forms including all supporting documentation must be submitted to RQ prior to June 30. As a condition of being granted a club license, under the Racing Act and the Rules of Racing, Clubs must comply with the RQ Club & Venue Licence General Terms.

Club Licence Compliance

Over the term of a Club licence, Clubs must provide a range of compliance documentation to remain eligible for a license.

For the purposes of Club compliance, RQ has developed the following Club Classifications to enable an improved scalable approach to compliance obligations. This initiative has been developed to further support the diverse range of Clubs across Queensland.

Club Classification

Tier 1  |  Tier 2

It is important Clubs are aware of their Club classification, and accordingly their compliance requirements.

To assist Clubs with understanding the changes to the Licensing Scheme Policy, Club classification, financial management obligations and compliance requirements, RQ has developed a Club Operational Guideline to provide further information and support. 

In addition to the Club Operational Guideline, RQ will actively continue to support Clubs in achieving compliance with their licensing requirements. RQ will facilitate a number of teleconference training sessions to clubs ahead of key delivery dates.

Please note Club Compliance documentation must be submitted via the club compliance mailbox ClubCompliance@racingqueensland.com.au.

For further information and assistance in regards to club compliance please contact 07 3869 9490.

Please note Club licensing documentation must be submitted via the club licensing mailbox clublicensing@racingqueensland.com.au.

For further information and assistance in regards to club licensing please contact RQ Club Licensing Officer, Lisa Maher on 07 3869 9424.