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Racing Infrastructure Consultation - FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        When do submissions need to be made by?

A:        RQ’s approach and initial priority projects will be discussed with Government in March 2017. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis as clubs are able to bring applications forward.


Q:        Is there a particular form a submission to RQ needs to made in?

A:        No. Use the following link http://www.racingqueensland.com.au/Industry-News/2016/October/Infrastructure-Submission-Criteria  as a guide to the information required to be submitted.  There is no specific template required.


Q:        Are clubs required to fund the preparation of submissions?

A:        Yes, clubs should prepare submissions within their own resources.


Q:        How much detail is required in the submission?

A:        Enough for the impacts and benefits of the project to be assessed. At this time, clubs are only required to provide RQ with enough information to enable a preliminary decision to be made.  Where projects are selected, RQ will assist with detailed quantification of the specific project.


Q:        Our club has had projects completed in the recent past. Can we still apply?

A:        Yes, all applications will be considered on merit.


Q:        Our club made a submission in the past which was not implemented. Can we still re-apply?

A:        Yes, all applications will be considered on merit.


Q:        Is there a priority between the three broad categories of projects (commercial, major racing infrastructure, and minor racing infrastructure) to be considered?

A:        No, all applications will be considered on merit.


Q:        How will selected projects be funded?

A:        Funding will be made available as a loan or grant.  Please put forward the proposed funding structure for the project in your submission; whether it be grant, loan or co-contribution or combination of those. Where a loan is proposed, the submission should indicate the proposed repayment period.


Q:        Who can we contact at RQ if we have queries?

A:        David Aldred, Club Liaison and Development Manager either by telephone

            07 3869 9767 or email infrastructure@racingqld.com.

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