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Barrier Trial Video

Racing Queensland conducts barrier trials at venues throughout Queensland each month.


Trials are listed in the Racing Calendar.


Replays of the latest Queensland barrier trials can be accessed in the Sky Racing Media Centre free of charge or on Sky Racing's Total Trials Queensland program. Select Barrier Trial Video Replays from the list of Trials on this page, click the video Icon.




Available Barrier Trials


Uploaded Date
Tue 17 Jan
Deagon Sky Trials 17/01/2017
Tue 17 Jan
Sky Trials Sunshine Coast - 17/01/2017
Tue 17 Jan
Gold Coast Trials 17/1
Wed 14 Dec
Deagon Sky Trials 13-12-2016
Tue 13 Dec
Sky Trials Sunshine Coast 131216
Tue 13 Dec
Gold Coast Sky Trials - 13/12/2016
Fri 2 Dec
Deagon Trials 29-11-2016
Fri 2 Dec
Sunshine Coast Trials 29-11-2016
Wed 30 Nov
Rockhampton Sky Trials 30/11/16
Tue 15 Nov
Gold Coast Sky Trials 15/11/2016
Thu 27 Oct
Sunshine Coast Trials 25/10/2016
Tue 25 Oct
Gold Coast Sky Trials - 25/10/2016
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