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Stewards Report

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Clermont Race Club – SATURDAY, 15 July 2017      
WEATHER – CLOUDY                TRACK RATING – Dirt (Firm 2)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr L Collins
Stewards –Mr M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – Stewards
Judge – Mr D Henderson & Mr D King
Veterinarian- Dr D Sheehy
Starter- Mr G Scarf
As Jockey L Attard had not suitably fulfilled requirements to renew his license, he was not permitted to ride. Rider replacements made as per Stewards summary.
Race 1: Belyando Produce Class B Handicap 1000m
TIBYAAN – Declared a late scratching at 9:05am due to no available rider.
GLORY ACCOUNT and BARBOUGE – Made contact shortly after the start.
Race 2: Issac Regional Council QTIS Maiden Plate 1200m
STORMY ZUMA and MASON’S CHANCE – Declared a late scratchings at 9:05am due to no available riders.
DROPPER ROCKET – Jockey M. Hart was permitted to ride a half kilogram over his allotted weight due to no other available rider.
ROCKSTAR ROCKET – Slow to begin.
TILLINO – Return to scale with some blood present in the off side nostril. Post-race veterinary examination revealed a laceration to the inside of the nostril which was the result of trauma pre-race.
Race 3: Viv Wood Memorial BenchMark 60 Handicap 1200m
ENEMY OF MAN – Dislodged the rider, galloped and escaped the course proper during its perliminary. Upon being recaptured, underwent a veterinary inspection and was passed to start.
CHIPEWYAN – Jockey permitted to ride 2 kilograms over its allotted weight. When loaded, became fractious, reared and got down in the barriers. The gelding was removed, underwent a veterinary inspection and declared a late scratching by Stewards acting on veterinary advice at 3:00pm. Trainer T Leake was advised that the horse would require a further barrier certificate prior to its next start.
Prior to declaration of correct weight, stewards order that all moneys on CHIPEWYAN be refunded and winning bets be subject to the following deductions; 13 cents for a win
16 cents for a place
Race 4: Tony Kenny Memorial Clermont Cup Open Handicap 1400m
EYE WINSOME – Began awkwardly.
VICTORIAN CROWN –Slow to begin. Over raced in the early stages and was eased from heels.
Race 5:  Clermont Bulk Haulage BenchMark 50 Handicap 1400m
WAR HORSE – Slow into stride.
STILL THE SAME – App. D Graham was fined $200 for the use of her whip on 11 occasions and on 3 occasions consecutively prior to the 100 metres.  
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 5 – App. D Graham – Excessive use of the whip – AR 137A (5)(a)(I)&(II)
Jockey absenteeism
Summary of action concerning Thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All winners.
CHIPEWYAN – Reared and cast in barriers. Barrier certificate required prior to next race start.
Late Scratchings
RACE 1 – TIBYAAN – No available rider
RACE 2 – STORMY ZUMA – No available rider 9:05am
MASON’S CHANCE - No available rider 9:05am
RACE 3 – DAKOTA ROCKS – No available rider 9:20am
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
RACE 2 – TILLINO –Jockey B Bell for L Attard.
RACE 3 – CHIPEWYAN – Jockey M Hart L Attard
RACE 4 – EYE WINSOME – Jockey M Hart for L Attard

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