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Track conditions update: 1:02AM Saturday 02 September
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 1/9 - 7:45am


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Late Nominations

Races: 3, 5

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.






Chairman of Stewards Mr. L. Collins

Stewards Mr R Hitchener

Clerk of Scales B. Hall

Judge T Driver, J Stewart & T Van Ginneken

Veterinarian Roma Vet Clinic

Starter L Lewis

Race 1: RFDS QTIS Added Stakes Maiden Plate - 1000 metres

DE LOSKO- Slow to begin.

SENSATIONAL SONG- Began awkwardly and lost ground. Near the 400 metres, bumped with another runner.

SOLARTEK- Near the 400 metres, bumped with another runner.

COCOA LABELLA- Raced wide throughout.

Jockey R Faehr was reminded of permissible whip use prior to the 100 metres. Stewards took in account the totality of his whip use.

Race 2: Veolia Class B Handicap- 1000 metres

ROYAL TONE- Slow to begin and further hampered when runners either side shifted ground. Rider dropped her whip at approximately the 400 metres.

SURF SKI- Slow to begin and further hampered when runners either side shifted ground.

TYRANNY- Jumped awkwardly in at the start and tightened runners to its inside. Raced wide throughout. Near the 400 metres, hung out wider on the track.

GRANDZONE ROCKET- Jumped out at the start and tightened runners to its inside.

TEMPESTA ROSSA- Tightened at the start.

Race 3: Not Just Hardware Class 4 Handicap- 1000 metres

COUNT BLEVIC- Slow to begin.

HIDDEN ROAD- Hampered at the start when another runner jumped out. Raced ungenerously for a short distance after the start. In the straight, inclined to lay in under pressure.

Race 4: Birdsville Hotel Class 1 Handicap- 1200 metres

FAVOURITE SISTER- When placed in the barriers, reared and became fractious. Removed, underwent a veterinary inspection and was cleared to start. Raced ungenerously for a number of strides after the start. A warning was placed on the marees barrier manners. A post-race veterinary inspection revealed an ulcer and injury to its near side eye. Treatment was administered and a veterinary inspection would be conducted prior to its next race start.

SAN SEVERO- Began awkwardly.

Race 5: Akubra Open Handicap- 1200 metres

MAN OF DESTINY- Dipped on jumping. Apprentice D Graham was fined $400 under AR 137A 5(a)(ii) for use of whip on more than 5 occasions prior to the 100 metres. In consideration of penalty, Stewards were mindful that this was her fourth breach in a short period. Apprentice Graham was placed on notice that a suspension may be imposed for any further significant breach of this rule

LE CAP- A little slow to begin.

ALL FIVES- When questioned regarding its performance, rider stated that after being fractious in the barriers, the gelding was slow to begin. He could offer no other explanation as to its disappointing performance.

Race 6: Outback Mates BM 55 Handicap- 1600 metres

YOU CANNT BE- Slow to begin.

NOVEMBER GREY- Slow to begin.

NORTHERN MAGIC- Jumped out and tightened runners to its outside. With regard to its performance, rider advised Stewards that the gelding did not let down on the racing surface on this occasion when placed under pressure. A post-race veterinary inspection did not reveal any abnormalities.

STILL THE SAME- Taken out and tightened at the start.

CAMPANOLOGY- Slow to begin and hampered when tightened at the start.

TERRAPLEX- Taken outwards at the start. A post-race veterinary inspection revealed it to be lame in the near fore. A veterinary certificate would be required if the horse races again.


Summary of action concerning licensees


Race 5- App D Graham- $400- - use of whip (AR 137A 5(a)ii))

Jockey absenteeism


Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed

All winners


Race 4- FAVOURITE SISTER- Fractious in barrier- Warning.

Race 6- TERRAPLEX- Lame near fore- Veterinary certificate required

Late Scratchings

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications.