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Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club

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Sat 02 Sep Good 4


True Entire Course


Good 4 Pen 4.5


Nil last 24hrs, 36mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:30PM Monday 30 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 2/9 - 7:30am


Mon 28/08/17 11:00am


Tue 29/08/17 12:00am


Thu 31/08/17 09:30am


Thu 31/08/17 12:00pm


Sat 02/09/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

RAIL TRUE ENTIRE COURSE                         PENETROMETER - 4.5
Chairman of Stewards Mr P. Gillard
Stewards Mr P. Lane, Mr A. Spence, Mr C. Albrecht, Mr T. Woodham
Clerk of Scales Mr C. Gordon
Judge Mr I. Schultz
Veterinarian- Dr E. Moloney, Dr M. Lenz
Bookmakers Supervisor Mr L. Myles
Swab attendants - Mr S. Heidke
Starter- Mr P. Warren
Stewards Secretary - B. Palmer
AMULETO, PHANTOM SOX, PINYADA and ARNO BAY, which all competed at the Cairns Amateur Race meeting on 1st September 2017, were examined by the veterinary surgeon prior to their respective races and cleared to start.
RACE 1: Tattersall's Club QTIS 3-Y-O Handicap -  1250 metres
SPECIAL STYLE - Apprentice A. Thomson was fined $100 under a.R. 92(12) for failing to claim down to her declared riding weight.
ZULU TUK - Slow to begin.
RACE 2: Century Cranes Sir Sydney Williams OBE Class 4 Handicap - 950 metres
The start of this race was significantly delayed due to a transformer situated on the track explloding. As a result the starting times of all further races were were amended as follows: Race 2, 2.43 p.m.; Race 3, 3.13 p.m.; Race 4, 3.43 p..m.; Race 5, 4.13 p.m. Race 6, 4.43 p.m.; Race 7, 5.13 p.m.; Race 8, 5.43 p.m.
STONE PHILOSPHER - Slow to begin and as a result raced further back than anticipated . Trainer R. Miller advised stewards that it would now be his intention to send the gelding for a spell.
TUSCAN FALLS - Over-raced in the early stages. Hung out near the 600m. Held up for clear running from the 200m until approaching the 50m.
IN HIS ELEMENT - Raced wide for the majority of the race. Rider W. D'Avila advised stewards that the gelding was reluctant to improve between runners in the home straight.
POWER SUPPLY - Was tightened for room at the start. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
LUSHAN - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
METEOR STORM >Began awkwardly and jumped inwards at the start.
RACE 3: Aggreko Amateurs Bracelet Class 3 Plate - 1250 metres
TRIPLE GOLD - Slow to begin. Broke down after passing the winning post. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed that it was lame in the off foreleg, and was treated accordingly.
MR CHAPLIN - Raced ungenerously in the early stages and hung out, hampering another runner near the 500m. Trainer A. Molino was advised that a warning will be placed on the horse's racing manners.
AMULETO - Lost ground at the start when hampered by another runner.
COMPULSIVE ROCKET - Began awkwardly and shifted out, hampering another runner. Improved onto heels of another runner whenn racing ungenerously and lost ground. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
LILLY KAREENA - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Following the running of this event, rider N. Callow was examined by the ambulance officers and stood down from his remaining engagement. N. Callow was advised he must provide a medical clearance prior to his next race riding engagement.     
RACE 4: Cairns Post Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef BenchMark 70 Handicap -1250 metres
HIDDEN IN HEAVEN - Over-raced in the early stages. Had difficulty obtaining clear running near the 200m and was steadied for a short distance.
MAN AROUND TOWN - Slow to begin. Shifted wider to improve approaching the 600m and raced wide around the home turn.
CHASING LIBERTY - Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
FASTCAR - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
PHANTOM SOX - Raced wide for the majority of the race and compounded in the home straight.
BON TEMPS - App. E. Cass was fined $100 under A.R. 92(12) when she was unable to claim down to her declared riding weight.
RACE 5: Kenfrost Homes Open Handicap - 1400 metres
METALLIC CROWN - Began awkwardlyand shifted out, tightening another runner.
BRADMAN - Tightened for room by another runner at the start.
NEVETUS - Shifted wider to improve leaving the 800m and raced wide from that point onwards.
RACE 6: Pat Williams Memorial Class 1 Handicap - 1500 metres
ARNO BAY - Penalised 1.5 kilograms after wining at the Cairns Amateur Race Club meeting on Friday, 1st September 2017.Began awkwardly.
GRAVETTIAN - Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Made the 800m crossing awkwardly.
MISHANI REDMAN - Improved onto heels near the 1100m and was steadied.
NEGRONI - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
ALPINE MAGIC - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
RACE 7: Carlton Mid Cairns Amateur Cup Open Handicap - 2100 metres
LEGAL PROCEDURE - Began awkwardly and made contact with the outside barrier gate on jumping.
QUEEN GORGO - Slow to begin. Rider D. Evans pleaded guity to a charge uder A.R.137(a) in that near the 1000m he permitted his mount to shift out when insufficiently clear of HOT SAGA (G. Kliese), which had to be checked and taken out, making contact with MUKADDAMAH SON (D. Simmons).. Jockey Evans was suspended from riding in races for a period of 8 days, to commence at midnight on 7th September 2017 and to expire at midnight on 15th September 2017. Forced wider near the 900m, hampering another runner.
MUKADDAMAH SON - Blundered and became unbalanced on jumping and had to be checked from heels shortly after. Was forced wider by another runner near the 1000m. Checked from the heels of another runner near the 900m. On returning to scale Jockey D. Simmons lodged an objection against the fourth placed QUEEN GORGO, alleging interference near the 1000mm and again near the 900m. After taking evidence from the parties involved and viewing the patrol videos, stewards deemed that MUKADDAMAH SON was forced wider near the 1000m and was checked near the 900m. However stewards could not be satisfied that this incident near the 900m was the result of carelessness by Jockey D. Evans. As such stewards dismissed the objection and declared correct weight on the numbers semaphored by the judge.
HOT SAGA - Began very awkwardly and shifted inwards. Over-raced in the middle stages and was checked when tightened for room near the 1000m.
GUNGA GALUNGA - Improved onto heels and steadied near the 800m.
MAJOR MAJOR - Stewards will interview rider P. Culen regarding his use of the whip in the home straight. Shifted wider to improve leaving the 1400m and raced wide from that point onwards.
GREAT PRETENDER - Over-raced in the early and middle stages and threw its head in the air.
RANKED - Rider W. D'Avila pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under A.R.137(a) in that he directed his mount outwards and bumped QUEEN GORGO (Jockey D. Evans), which became unbalanced and shifted out, resulting in MUKADDAMAH SON, which was racing to its outside, being checked from the heels of that runner. Jockey D'Avila's licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of 8 days, to commence at midnight on 10th September 2017 and to expire at midnight on 18th September 2017. RANKED was shifted wider near the 900m and raced wide from that point onwards.
RACE 8: Patrons Cup (Sponsored by Keith & Yvonne Delacy) BenchMark 60 Handicap -- 1900 metres
As N. Callow was indiposed as the rider of RAMSDEN STREET he was replaced by J. Lambie.
PURRFECT TYCOON - Begann awkwardly.
ETRANGERE - Rider B. Thomson was reprimanded for her use of the whip on the gelding prior to the 100m.
AWESOME SIGHT - The saddle shifted forwards leaving the 1400m placing Jockey R. Thompson at a distinct disadvantage for the remainder of the race. The horse was not tested at any stage of the race. Shifted out near the 1400m inconveniencing another runner.
CLEVFILLY - Hampered by another runner near the 400m and shifted wider.
CORONATION JOURNEY - Began awkwardly and raced wide for the majority of the race.
Summary of action concerning Licensees
RACE 1: App. A.Thomson$100 - fail to claim full allowance (A.R.9212)
RACE 4: App. E. Cass $100 - fail to claim full allowance (A.R. 92(12)
RACE 8: Jockey B. Thomson - use of whip (A.R. 137A)
RACE 7: Jockey W. D'Avila - careless riding (A.R. 137(a) M/N 10/09/2017 M/N 18/09/2017
Jockey D.Evans - careless riding (A.R. 137(a) M/N 7/09/2017 M/N 15/09/2017
Jockey Absenteeism
N. Callow: ill Medical clearance required.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
Post Race:
All winners
RACE 3: MR CHAPLIN - warning on racing manners..         
Race 3: TRIPLE GOLD Veterinary clrearance prior to next start
Summary of Rider changes/Late notifications
Race 8: RAMSDEN STREET J. Lambie
End of Report
Issued subject to correction upon revision.