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Gold Coast Turf Club

Aquis Park Gold Coast Provincial | TAB

Sat 07 Mar Good 3


+10m 1400m-400m; 8m 400m-W/Post; +5m Remainder


Good 3 Pen 4.6

Nil last 24hrs, 5mm last 7 days

3mm last 24hrs, 17mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:09AM Sunday 08 March
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 7/3 - 7:45am Rider Replacement R5 N4 Late Rider R7 N14


Mon 02/03/20 11:00am


Tue 03/03/20 12:00am


Thu 05/03/20 09:00am


Thu 05/03/20 12:00pm


Sat 07/03/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 4, 6

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

Race Day Stewards Report
Aquis Thoroughbreds
Date: 7 March 2020
Track: Good 4; Upgraded to Good 3 after Race 4
Weather: Overcast
Penetrometer: 4.6
Rail: +10m 1400m-400m; 8m 400m-W/Post; +5m remainder
Stewards Panel: P. Zimmermann (Chairman), E. Barron, K. Daly, P. Reardon
Officials: Dr.S. Flynn (Veterinarian), J. Robinson (Clerk of Scales), S. McMahon (Judge), S. Andrews, T. Woodham (Starters), K. Kilpatrick, M. Winwood (Swab Officials), L. Stokes (Secretary)
As Jockeys R. Plumb and M. Palmer were unable to fulfil their engagements for acceptable reasons, rider replacements were made as per Stewards Race Day Summary.
Race 1 – Blanc De Bloom March 14 Maiden Plate – 900m
SPECIAL CASE – As the gelding is having its first career start as a 7 year old, it underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and has been cleared to start. Near the 800m when racing greenly, shifted out and bumped BETTER THAN MAGIC. Approaching the 100m, obliged to steady from the heels of DANITES and shifted in to obtain clear running.
GLOBAL VENTURE – Shortly after jumping, blundered for a stride.
BETTER THAN MAGIC – Near the 800m bumped. Held up approaching the home turn and obliged to shift back to the rails in order to obtain clear running.
WORLD CHARMER – Raced 3 wide throughout.
DANITES – Near the 150m when placed under pressure by its rider, shifted out abruptly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities. Connections were advised that a warning would be placed on the filly regarding its racing manners.
Race 2 – The Blake Patches OSullivan Maiden Handicap – 1100m
HES NOT FOCUSED – As the gelding slipped in the mounting yard, it underwent a pre-race veterinary examination behind the gates and was cleared to start. Approaching the 800m shifted in and brushed the rail, put in an awkward stride and raced ungenerously for a short distance.
GIVE HER ROOM – Blundered on jumping and shifted out. Leaving the 900m, hung in. Near the 600m was forced wider when GREYT INTENTIONS shifted out to improve.
CENTENARY STAR – Checked on jumping and lost ground when GIVE HER ROOM shifted out. Leaving the 900m was inconvenienced and steadied from the heels of MISHANI PHANTOM when that runner was checked and then obliged to shift wider on the course. Near the 200m, attempted to improve to the inside of DO THE MOUNTAIN and momentarily steadied when that runner shifted in.
MISHANI PHANTOM – Leaving the 900m was checked when tightened for racing room when GIVE HER ROOM and GREYT INTENTIONS both hung in despite the efforts of their riders. Approaching the home turn improved quickly onto the heels of CENTENARY STAR and shifted wider.
GREYT INTENTIONS - Leaving the 900m, hung in.
DO THE MOUNTAIN – Hampered for racing room leaving the 900m and was obliged to steady. Shifted in marginally near the 200m before being corrected by its rider.
Race 3 – The Ultraderm Skincare QTIS 3YO Maiden Plate – 1200m
Correct weight was delayed in order to afford Jockey T. Marshall the rider of the 2nd horse (FAY CONQUERS ALL) to view the official print. When satisfied, correct weight was declared on the Judges placings.
SERGEANT PEPPERS – Began awkwardly, shifted in and bumped heavily with FAY CONQUERS ALL which was buffeted for a short distance.
FAY CONQUERS ALL – Buffeted between runners on jumping. Had some difficulty obtaining clear running rounding the home turn until improving between runners near the 250m.
IL PRINCIPE – On jumping was bumped on the hindquarters by FAY CONQUERS ALL and became unbalanced. Near the 900m when racing wide and ungenerously, shifted in momentarily tightening LA TRIOLI to its inside. Continued to race ungenerously for a short distance. Raced wide throughout.
FLAG RAISER – Bumped on jumping. When the speed eased near the 600m, improved onto the heels of LA TRIOLI, was steadied and shifted in and continued to race ungenerously for a short distance. Held up rounding the home turn to a point approaching the 300m.
KUSAMA – Bumped on jumping. Raced wide throughout.
SNIT BALL – Began awkwardly and shifted out.
MAHSTAR – After being caught wide in the early stages, continued to improve to reach a position outside the leader approaching the 700m. Made the home turn awkwardly and shifted out.
RED GARTER – Approaching the 800m, tightened for racing room and was steadied for a short distance.
Jockey A. Chau (PICTON) was reminded of his obligations to fully test his mount to the line.
On returning to the enclosure Jockey G. Colless was unwell. After examination by the QAS officers Jockey Colless was stood down from engagements for the remainder of the day and rider changes were made as per Stewards Race Day Summary.
Race 4 – Tysons Whipped Class 4 Handicap – 1200m
HERITAGE SASH – Near the 800m laid in and contacted the rail.
STAR JUSTICE - Near the 800m laid in and contacted the rail.
KITTY DAMOUR – Laid in near the 800m turn.
SHADYVALE STAR – Hampered near the 800m when KITTY DAMOUR laid in. Lost its near fore plate in running.
MEDICINE BALL – Near the 400m was forced wider when BAREFOOT TYCOON shifted out to improve.
After the running of this event, the track was upgraded to a Good 3.
Race 5 – North Burleigh SLSC Benchmark 68 Handicap – 1400m
SEQUABLUR – Tightened for racing room near the 900m when being crossed by READY SET BOOM. Shortly thereafter, made contact with the rail for some distance and laid in despite the efforts of its rider. App. S. Tomlinson (READY SET BOOM) was reprimanded under AR131(a) in that he was careless in failing to prevent his mount from shifting in when not sufficiently clear near the 900m.
WE BUILT THIS CITY – Lost its off fore plate in running.
Race 6 – Cohoe Roosters Inc Class 1 Plate – 1100m
The start of this race was delayed for approximately 4 minutes when QAS officials were required to treat a licensee in the stable area.
TIMELY BEL – Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination after it slipped over in the tie-up stalls and was cleared to start. Restless in the gates. Very slow to begin and lost ground. Laid in making contact with the rail near the 800m.
UNO AMOR – Began awkwardly and shifted in and bumped TAPA BONNIE which was buffeted between runners.
TAPA BONNIE – Buffeted between runners on jumping.
LORD OF THE DREAMZ – Shortly after jumping was bumped on the hindquarters and became unbalanced.
WHITTINGTON WAYS – Raced 3 wide throughout.
COUPE DE VILLE – Disappointed for a run in the early stages of the straight.
Race 7 – Win a Share in a Racehorse Class 1 Handicap – 1300m
PARLANDE – On jumping, tightened between runners and steadied.
CUBIX – Approaching the turn near the 800m when attempting to steady and obtain cover, got its head up, raced very ungenerously and shifted out slightly. Approaching the 700m, continued to over-race and was steadied from the heels of GANDIVA. Held up approaching the home turn and again steadied from the heels of GANDIVA.
TOFFIE LADY – Approaching the turn near the 800m, shifted out and away from CUBIX which was over-racing.
THINK IM FLYING – Raced 3 wide throughout. Near the 800m turn was inconvenienced and obliged to steady when TOFFIE LADY was forced wider at that point.
SHINING BLUE – Raced 3 wide with cover over the final 800m.
BUCEPHALUS – Led and performed below market expectations was found to be lame in the near for leg. Trainer was advised that it would require a veterinary clearance prior to resuming.
Jockey A. Chau (THE DARK) was reminded of his obligations when using the whip.

Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 5 – App. S. Tomlinson, careless riding AR131(a)
Raceday illness/injury
Jockey G. Colless – ill – Medical Certificate
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Sherpa Jack, To Love Somebody
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners +
Race 1           Poets Girl
Race 2           Bonne Vie
Race 3           Fay Conquers All
Race 4           Kitty Damour
Race 5           Motion Granted
Race 6           Clear The Bill
Race 1 – Danites - racing manners - warning AR20(e)
Race 7 – Bucephalus - lame near fore leg – Vet. Cert. of Fitness AR20(e)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 1 – Danites – R. Palmer
Race 2 – Give Her Room – M. Shimodaira
Race 3 – Il Principe – N. Day
Race 3 – Sergeant Peppers – J. Taylor
Race 4 – Barefoot Tycoon – C. Bayliss
Race 4 – Heritage Sash – A. Allen
Race 5 – Sequablur – A. Allen
Race 6 – Lord of the Dreamz – T. Gray
Race 6 – Timely Bel – L. Tilley
Race 6 – Whittington Ways – A. Allen
Race 7 – Bucephalus – D. Griffin
Race 7 – Danniwillbreezonby – S. Galloway
Race 7 – Parlande – R. Palmer
Race 7 – Cubix – L. Tilley
Race 7 – Shining Blue – C. Bayliss
Published subject to correction upon revision