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Ipswich Turf Club

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Wed 06 Sep Good 3


4 metres Entire Course


Good 3 Pen 3.7


Nil last 24hrs, 19mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:03AM Thursday 07 September
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 6/9 - 7:30am - Late scratching Race 5 No. 8


Thu 31/08/17 11:00am


Fri 01/09/17 12:00am


Mon 04/09/17 09:30am


Mon 04/09/17 12:00pm


Wed 06/09/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

Chairman of Stewards C. Albrecht
Stewards J. Williamson, N. Boyle, L. Hicks
Clerk of Scales ? B. Cooke
Judge I. Shultz, A. Raywood
Veterinarian A. Murdoch
Swab Attendants J. Crompton
Starter G. Greisley
Stewards Secretary P. Carey
Jockey advocate S. Scriven
Race 1: Ipswich Spring Cup Raceday 23/09/17 Class 3 H'cap
NEVER SO SIRIUS Overraced approaching and passing the 1000m.
TENNESSEE FLING Commenced to overrace at the heels of NEVER SO SERIUS near the 900m and then had to be steadied from the heels of that horse near the 800m.
Race 2: Free Family Day 23rd September Benchmark 75 HHcap 1680m
STEAL A DIAMOND Had to be steadied from the heels of SCOUTABOUT near the 500m.
Race 3: Win Free For A Year 23rd September Maiden Plate 2150m
THE PINKERTON Change of tactics. Connections advised that the horse wouldd be ridden further back in the field if circumstances permit. The horse was ridden accordingly. When questioned regarding the seemingly improved performance, trainer J. Zielke explained that the gelding did not appreciate racing in full-cup blinkers and was better suited to wearing a visor.. He added also that the dramatic step up in distance was a major contributing factor in the improved performance.. The explanation was noted.
ROTHAAS ROSE Slow to begin. Raced wide in the early stages.
SEBRING FLING Slow to begin. Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the home straight. Trainer D. Stoddart reported that the horse does not handle firm racing surfaces similar to that of todayys. A post race veterinary examinationn failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
SIDEWALK TALK Slow to begin.. Stood flatfooted at the start and lost ground.
MAJESTIC SHADOW Overraced in the early stages. Forced wider near the 400m.
GRAND WHISPER Shortly after the start was severely tightened for room and clipped the heels of MAJESTIC SHADOW and blundered. Forced wider near the 400m. Rounding the home turn put in an awkward stride and became unbalanced.
VANQUISH Had to be steadied approaching the 400m when placed in restricted room to the inside of the weakening STORMY LEO.
MONTANA PINES Shifted out near the 400m to improve and in doing so forced THE PINKERTON outwards, resulting in MAJESTIC SHADOW and GRAND WHISPER, being forced outwards.
SHADOW EMPIREE - Had to be steadied from heels leaving the 400mm and was held up for a short distance entering the home straight.
DEE CEE DELIGHTS Apprentice H. English reported her mount was inclined to hang out throughout.
Race 4:: Free Fairground 23rd September Maiden Plate 1508m
ELLERSLEY Near the 1400m when racing wide was hampered after CANUNGRA KID improved onto heels and shifted out abruptly.
CANUNGRA KID Overraced in the early stages and shifted out abruptly near the 1400m and then continued to overrace and was allowed to stride forward when racing wide to assume a position outside the leader near the 700m.
ISLAND SUNSET Had to be steadied upon entering the straightt when attempting to take a narrow run to the inside of MAJOR LUCK, and then held up for a short distance behind that runnerrs heels.
MAJOR LUCK When questioned regarding the performance, jockey R. Fradd stated that after having a favourable run throughout the gelding failed to finish the race off as expected when placed under pressure near the 400m. He added that as he had some concerns that the gelding may be suffering from a breathing issue he was reluctant to pressure his mount over the concluding stages.. Post race the veterinary examinationn recommended the gelding under an endoscopic examination.. Trainer M. Dunn expressed his disappointment in the performance and advised that he would have the horse undergo an endoscopic examination as requested by the veterinary surgeon.
Race 5: Win Iron Jack Beer For A Year 23/09/17
HENRYYS AFFAIR ? Stewards accepted the explanation provided by trainer T. Thomas for the late scratching of the horse at 7.35 am.
ROCK THE HOUSE The start was delayed when the horse broke through the front of the barriers and cantered for a short distance before being recaptured by the clerk and returned to the barriers. The horse was examined by the veterinary surgeon and cleared to take its place in the field. Rider T. Harrison reported that as the gelding was having its first race start it will take a fitness benefit from todayys event. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
DESK POP Stood flatfooted at the start and lost significant ground.
IPSO QUALO VIENIO Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Laid out under pressure in the home straight.
FAVULICIOUS ? Inclined to lay out under pressure over the concluding stages. Jockey L. Tarrant reported at scale his mountt raced greenly throughout.
SNEAKY SNIPER Had difficulty securing clear running near the 200m.
Race 6: Win Sirromet Wine For A Year 23/09/17 Class 5 HHcap
HIDDEN ROSE Trainer K. Anderson was fined $100 for presenting the horse late to the enclosure.
NATIONAL TRAIL Slow to begin. Commenced to overrace near the 800m and had to be steadied after improving on to the heels of POETIC DRAGON.
POETIC DRAGON Lost its off hind plate in running, and also had sustained a minor laceration to the inside of the off hind canon.
Race 7 Win Annual VIP Magic Passes 23/09/17 QTIS 3yo Maiden Plate 1200m
HI FIVER Slow to begin. Near the 850m shifted out abruptly to avoid GWAPO and as a result lost ground. Held up rounding the home turn..  Disappointed for a run over the concluding stages and had to be eased from the heels of DONNT STUTTER.
HI LIZZY Near the 850m was bumped by HI FIVER, which shifted out abruptly, and was forced wider, losing ground. Near the 700m had to be steadied when tightened for room between LICKETY SPLIT and HI FIVER, which shifted out after racing ungenerously..
GOLDEN COMMAND Bumpedd by LICKETY SPLIT, which was taken in by HI LIZZY entering the home straight..
MRS QUIGLEY Raced 3 wide for the majority of the race without cover.
LICKETY SPLIT Raced wide for the majority of the race.
GWAPO Stewards inquired into an incident which occurred near the 850m where GWAPO clippedd the heels of BIMINI ROAD and blundered badly..  HI FIVER, which was following, shifted out abruptly and lost ground.. HI LIZZY, which was racing to the outside of HI FIVER, was bumped and forced wider, losing ground.. Stewards established that approaching the 850m BIMINI ROAD had crossed all runners and assumed the position on the fence as apprentice M. Murphy (GWAPO) had initially attempted to hold a forward position.. As a resultt GWAPO commenced to overrace and improved onto the heels of BIMINI ROAD and blundered badly.. Stewards advised apprentice Murphy, rider of GWAPO, that in similar circumstances he would be expected to react more quickly and restrain his mount when it was evident he was going to be unable to hold the lead. Stewards took no further action and reported the matter.
Race 8: Win Free Hans Trailer 23/09/17 Class 2 HHcap 1350m
THE OVERDRAFT Jockey R. Stewart reported at scale that after obtaining the lead the gelding commenced to overrace, which had a detrimental effect on the geldinggs performance. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
BEACH HEAD Raced wide throughout.
CAN DO CAMPBELL Jockey J. Lloyd reported that, in his opinion, the gelding was not suited to the tight turning track following its disappointing performance..  A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
PRINCE OF FLINDERS Commenced td ooverrace passing the 800m and as a result improved on to the heels of DOUBLE SUPERLATIVE and shifted out to a 3 wide position.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 6..          Kim Anderson Trainer Present horse late to enclosure - $100 - AR124*
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 4..          Major Luck Breathing issue Endoscopic exam prior to next race start AR8(t)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
Race 5..         Henryys Affair 7.35 am   
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