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Sat 09 Sep Good 3




Good 3 Pen Not available


Nil last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:02AM Sunday 10 September
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 9/9 - 7:45am. Late Scratching R2 N9


Tue 05/09/17 11:00am


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Sat 09/09/17 07:45am

Late Nominations

Races: 3, 5

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

RAIL TRUE          
Chairman of Stewards N Boyle
Stewards M Heath, D Macklyn
Clerk of Scales   M Simpson
Judge B Moschioni, G Barnes
Photo Finish Operator W Smith
Veterinarian Dr C Gooding
Swab Attendants M Newman
Starter L Wereham
Betting Supervisor - Stewards
As there were only eight riders riding at todayys meeting the following runners were declared late scratchings at 11.30am when no riders were available.
Af Stewards convened an inquiry into the reason for Trainer J McConachy having a prohibited substance in a syringe on course. Mr McConachy explained that he had the treatment to give to LIGHTNING JACKSON post race for its travel by float back to his stables as the horse is highly strung and in the best interest of the horsees welfare he wanted to give the horse a relaxant to ensure a safe trip home..
After considering all the evidence Mr McConachy pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of AR 178A(1) and fined him the sum of $200. In determining penalty Stewards considered that Mr McConachy had initially inquired about the treatment, the fact that his actions werennt of a sinister nature, he had the welfare of the horse as his priority and that he may have misunderstood the process to be taken.
After viewing the video footage of Race 4 and after correct weight had been declared, Stewards were concerned as to the decision and ranking of the fourth placing by the judge.. The judgees numbers were 3-4-6-2-5.. Stewards went up to the judgees room to view the photo for fourth. After doing so Stewards opened an inquiry involving both judges and the photo finish operator, the trainers of both fourth and fifth placed horses. After consultation with all parties and on the evidence of the photo available and comments tendered, Stewards acting under the provisions of AR156(3) altered the placings to reflect a dead heat for fourth between FINAL HOPE and SWINGAHINCH. Stewards then amended the placings and corrected the results sheet to read 3-4-6-2/5 dead heat for fourth.
Race 1: Milne Bros QTIS Maiden H'cap 1075m
CAUSING MAYHEM Began awkwardly
MY MIND IS MADE UP Slow to begin and raced wide throughout
THE WEATHERGIRL Arrived 15 minutes late on course. Trainer S Sigvart was reprimanded and advised in future to have his horses on course by the prescribed time. A pre-race swab sample was taken from the mare.
Race 2: Batchfire Callide Benchmark 55 H'cap 1200m
GUNDY MAGIC As no other rider was available Stewards permitted L Attard to ride the gelding 1.7 kg above its allocated weight. Rider L Attard was subsequently fined $100 under the provisions of AR120(b)
GOOD JUDGE Hung out rounding the home turn
CLAPPERS Laid out rounding the home turn and then laid in under pressure over the concluding stages
VICIOUS CHICK Raced wide throughout
Race 3: Noel Howard Memorial Newmarket Open H'cap 1200m
SWINGAHINCH As no other rider was available Stewards permitted L Attard to ride the gelding 1.0 kg above its allocated weight. Rider L Attard was subsequently fined $100 under the provisions of AR120(b). Rider L ATTARD accidently dropped his whip at the 100m.
Rider L Attard was fined $200 for failing to ride his mount out to the line.
BETTER IDEA Bumped on jumping
CHAIN THE GATE Slow to begin and bumped shortly after jumping
GOLFING Bumped on jumping
Race 4: Linemac Class B H'cap 1400m  
Correct weight was delayed to allow the rider of the second placed horse to view the photo finish print for first. After doing so he was satisfied with the judgees decision therefore Stewards gave correct weight on the numbers semaphored by the judge.
SUPER TUSCAN Began awkwardly and shifted out bumping CRAIGLEA COPPER. Upon returning to the enclosure it was noticed that gelding had bled from both nostrils for the first time. Trainer D Gardner was advised the gelding would be barred from racing for three months and then must gallop over 1000m in the presence of Stewards prior to racing again.
CRAIGLEA COPPER Bumped on jumping
CAPE HALIFAX Began awkwardly
HAYLERRS FELL Rider reported at scale that the mare hung out throughout the event. A post race veterinarian examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
Race 5:  Eric & Val Nobbs Memorial Thangool Cup Open H'cap 1600m
HULK HENRY As jockey L Attard was to be overweight he was replaced by C McIver. Jockey L Attard was fined $100 for accepting a ride for which he was unable to make the allocated weight.
FASTNET FLYER Slow to begin
DOUBOS Jockey S Sheargold was permitted to ride the mare 0.5kg above its allocated weight.
Race 6: M & M Electrics Benchmark 60 H'cap 800m
Correct weight was delayed to allow the connections of the fifth placegetter to view the video of the closing stages to determine if they had grounds to lodge an objection. After doing so they declined to proceed.
MARKED FOREVER Was unable to be loaded into the barriers and was declared a late scratching at 4.20pm. Trainer V Heading was advised that the gelding would require a further barrier certificate prior to racing again.
All monies invested on MARKED FOREVER were ordered to be refunded in full and deductions to apply for successful wages were
>                                                8 cents in the win for the winner DRAGON FIRE
>                                                9 cents in the place for the winner DRAGON FIRE
>                                               9 cents in the place for second ELDIYM
>                                                9 cents in the place for third CLARAGH
MIA HOST Began awkwardly and then was tightened between runners shortly after the start.
ELJAY ATOM Bumped on jumping and raced wide throughout. Hung in over the final 150m and despite the efforts of its rider tightened SOCIETY QUEEN over the final 100m.
SOCIETY QUEEN Over the final 100m of the event had to be steadied when tightened for room between CLARAGH to its inside and ELJAY ATOM which had a tendency to lay in despite the effort of its rider.
Summary of action concerning licensees
L Attard jockey - overweight in Races 2, 3 and 5. - $300 AR 120(b)
Race 3 L Attard jockey Failed to ride his mount out to the line - $200 AR137(b)
J McConachy trainer Prohibited substance on course - $200 AR178A(1)
Race 1. S Sigvart trainer Late arrival on course
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All winners
Horses swabbed pre-race
The Weather Girl, Haylerrs Fell, Fastnet Flyer
Race 6.. MARKED FOREVER - Unable to be loaded into barriers -  Barrier certificate required - AR8(t)
Summary of rider changes/Late notification       
Race 5.   HULK HENRY
C McIVER replaced L Attard       
Late scratchings
Race 2.. Nelamos, Sir Trustice, The Catholic Girl, Southern Albatross at 11.30am - no rider available
Race 4.. Capella Girl Isis De Vega, Strad Della Moda, Barbouge  at 11.30am - no rider available
Published subject to correction upon revision