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South Burnett Race Club

Wondai Country

Sat 08 Jul Good




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15mm last 24hrs, 30mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:05AM Sunday 09 July
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 8/7 - 8:00am


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Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

QRIC Stewards Report
Weather: Fine Track: Sand  Rail:True
Stewards: K Daly, C Fedrick
Starter: K Dennien                                                                                                        
Clerk of Scales: N Andresen
Judges: P Ryan, P Hoult
Photo Finish Operator: C Weidemann
Veterinarian: Dr S Kelly
On arrival at the racecourse at 11:00am, a Stewards inspection of the track revealed surface water present on a section near the 400 metres following heavy overnight and early morning rain. Remedial work by club staff was carried out, and in consultation with club officials and riders, Stewards delayed the start time of Race 1 to allow this work to be completed and give opportunity for the sand surface to further drain and dry out. Prior to the running of the first race Stewards, accompanied by a delegation of senior riders, inspected the track surface and determined it to be safe for racing. Race starting times were amended as follows:
Race 1: 2:00pm
Race 2: 2:35pm
Race 3: 3:10pm
Race 4: 3:45pm
Race 5: 4:20pm
As jockey M O’Brien was ill, riding changes were made as per the race day summary sheet.  M O’Brien was advised she will require a medical certificate prior to resuming riding.
Race 1: BENCHMARK 45 HDCP 1100 Metres
STAR HERO – rider incorrectly shown in race book as Gemma Stone, when the declared rider was Gemma Steele. A public announcement was made to this effect.
CAN HE RAP – checked at the start when IN TAIWAN shifted in.  Improved onto heels and held up near the 100 metres and then a short distance later obliged to alter course to the inside to secure clear running.
JILL’S SHADOW – hung out for the majority of the event and a warning was issued.  Shifted wider on the track rounding the home turn, inconveniencing IN TAIWAN.  A post race veterinary examination of JILL’S SHADOW failed to reveal any abnormality.
WILD ELEMENT – inside the 100 metres came together and bumped TRIGGER LAD. 
TRIGGER LAD – after being loaded, became fractious in the gates.  Tightened between runners at the start and lost ground. Inside the 100 metres came together and bumped WILD ELEMENT. 
IN TAIWAN – jumped in at the start.  Raced wide throughout. Taken wider rounding the home turn and lost ground when JILL’S SHADOW hung out.
Race 2: BENCHMARK 60 HDCP 1000 Metres
LIKE MY BROTHER – rider reported at scale that after being crossed by outside runners shortly after the start, resented the sand kick-back for the remainder of the event.
MONTE LAGO – shifted in near the 600 metres contributing to tightening GALAXY QUEST.  App H Phillips was reprimanded under AR137(a) and advised to show more care.
NUG’S POCKET – a short distance after the start, the saddle shifted to the off side placing rider A Badger at a disadvantage for the remainder of the event.
GALAXY QUEST – tightened for room near the 600 metres and a short distance later shifted out across the heels of MONTE LAGO and lost ground. 
Race 3: MAIDEN PLATE 1000 Metres
MAKUBA – after being loaded into the gates became fractious.  Stood flat footed at the start and lost ground.
WILLY BE LUCKY – slow to begin.  Improved onto heels near the 400 metres and had to be steadied.
PRINCESS RACER – a short distance after the start attempted to buck and lost considerable ground.  Trainer P Duff was advised PRINCESS RACER would be required to trial prior to its next race start.
Race 4: BENCHMARK 65 HDCP 1465 Metres
COOEE MARCH – jumped in at the start and tightened BLAZE TO FORTUNE.
DANGEROUS DANICA – when questioned regarding the below-market performance stable representative for trainer Mr T Dougall stated DANGEROUSN DANICA was up in class in today’s event and this, combined with the fact that it was the mare’s first start on a sand track, contributed to the disappointing performance. Stewards noted the explanation. 

LEGAZPI – slow to begin.
BLAZE TO FORTUNE – tightened at the start and lost ground.
Race 5: CLASS B HDCP 1465 Metres
LUCKY TICKET – App L Dodds was reprimanded for using his whip in excess of five times prior to the 100 metres. In assessing penalty stewards took into his good record.

ONLY LEONNIE – slow to begin.  Improved onto heels near the 1000 metres and had to be steadied.
YOUR SAY – rider reported at scale the gelding had a tendency to hang out at various stages of the event.  Shifted in and bumped GET OUTA UTAH near the 1200 metres.  Raced wide for the majority of the event.
BOWIES BAYCONI – when leading, blundered near the 1100 metres and lost ground.  App B Rooney reported at scale that the filly was reluctant to stretch out from that point onwards and was disappointing.  A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormality.
WENSLEY ROAD – had a tendency to lay in under pressure in the home straight.
GET OUTA UTAH – had to be steadied when bumped by YOUR SAY near the 1200 metres.
Summary of Actions concerning Licensees
Race 2:  App H Phillips – AR137(a) – careless, tightening runner to the inside.
Race 5:  App L Dodds – AR137A(5)(ii) – use of whip 6 times prior to the 100 metres.
Jockey M O’Brien – ill.
Summary of Actions concerning Horses
Swabs: All winners
Race 3: PRINCESS RACER – attempted to buck.  Stood down, one trial.  AR8(t)
Race 1:  JILL’S SHADDOW – hanging out AR8(t).
Riding changes:
Race 1:  STAR HERO – Gemma Steele
Race 3:  PRINCESS RACER – H Phillips
Race 5:  WENSLEY ROAD – A Badger
Race 5:  LORD DARIUS – J Hoopert