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Feel the excitement 

Watching your horse or dog hitting the line to win a big race is one of the most thrilling moments an owners or part-owners will experience.

Whether it’s a Group 1 race at Eagle Farm, Albion Park or a maiden handicap at a QLD country track, there's no better feeling than watching your horse cross the finish line first.

Click here to find out more about becoming a thoroughbred owner.

Thoroughbred ownership is your ticket into the inner-sanctum of the 'Sport of Kings'.

Owning a race horse is not confined to multi-millionaires. There are many ways to become involved in racehorse ownership in Queensland and become involved with the industry. The purchase of a racehorse needn’t be an expensive thing.

Thanks to the variety of ownership opportunities available. You can own shares in a Thoroughbred and get up-close with icons of the sport; to talk tactics, plan racing strategies and to help define the career of your own champion.

Little steps can lead to big dreams.

For the novice, ownership can appear to be a little daunting.

Visit the Racing Connections website to see just how little it can cost to take part in a syndicate, and how affordable racehorse ownership can be.