QBRED registered and eligible horses can race for the following bonuses and stakes in 2018–19


2YO, 3YO & 4YO Bonuses (Up to $17,500 in lifetime bonuses available)

  • $7,500 QBRED bonus for any 2YO pacer or trotter
  • $7,500 QBRED bonus for any 3YO pacer or trotter
  • $2,500 QBRED bonus for any 4YO pacer or trotter


QBRED Race Series (5% of winning stakes paid to breeder)

  • $100,000 QBRED Triad 2YO (Each Sex) Finals July 2019
  • $50,000 QBRED Triad 3YO (Each Sex) Finals April 2019
  • $25,000 QBRED Triad 4YO (Each Sex) Finals April 2019
  • $25,000 Breeders Classic 2YO (Each Sex) May 2019
  • $20,000 QBRED Triad 2YO (Each Sex) Consolations July 2019
  • $15,000 QBRED Triad 3YO (Each Sex) Consolations May 2019


QBRED Cash will offer:

  • $1,000 bonuses to the winners of selected races if they are QBRED eligible.
  • The selected races will initially include classes from C0 and T0 and above and in time may incorporate restricted class events.
  • A minimum 9 races per week will offer the bonus.
  • Horses eligible for the Bonus must be paid up as a QBRED foal and at least one QBRED age sustaining payment must have been made.
  • The $1,000 bonuses will be in addition to the lucrative opportunities already available to QBRED’s including the 2YO ($7.5k), 3YO ($7.5k) and 4YO ($2.5k) bonuses and the Triad race series for QBRED’s which include $100k finals for 2YO’s.



  • $15,000 Double QBRED Feature 2YO (Each Sex)
  • $10,000 QBRED Triad Trot (Mixed Sex) Final Date TBA


2018-19 QBRED scheme is for 2YO, 3YO or 4YO horses as of 1st September 2018

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Nominations close 31st August 2018