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Grading Procedures Amended

Racing Queensland (RQ) advises stakeholders of changes to the Grading Procedures.

There are three amendments stakeholders should be aware of:

1) Interstate Track Classifications

The Interstate Track Classifications have been revised to take into account different meeting classes being run at the same interstate venue. For example Lismore running Class B and Class C meetings etc.

Some of the majors changes include the following:

  • All NSW B meetings to be graded as QLD Class 2
  • All NSW C meetings to be graded as QLD Class 3
  • All NSW D meetings to be graded as QLD Class 4

The complete list of Interstate Track Classifications is now available on the RQ website (see link below).

2) Masters Age Re-Grade

RQ is introducing a re-grade for older greyhounds that are out of form to allow them to enter more suitable races and prolong their racing career.

Greyhounds that are 42 months and older, and have not won a race in the past six months, will be eligible to drop one grade at all classes and distances.

3) Order of Entry - Upgrading

Greyhounds that have been upgraded will be given a rank in the order of entry directly below greyhounds being downgraded.

All changes are effective from Monday 5 February 2018.

Please consult the RQ website for complete Grading Policy Documentation.


For more information please contact Racing Queensland on 3869 9407.