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  4. Harness drivers’ tactics rule removed in Queensland

Harness drivers’ tactics rule removed in Queensland

Racing Queensland (RQ) in consultation with the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has moved to repeal the harness driving tactics rule AHRR 44.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said the change which falls into line with other Australian jurisdictions means Harness racing participants are no longer required to notify a change of driving tactics to stewards prior to a race but at the same time the requirement to notify stewards of multiple runners has been strengthened.

“This change which comes into effect tomorrow 10 July, is the repeal of AHRR 44(1), (2),(3),(4) and (5), but trainers with more than one runner in a race must continue to notify Stewards of their intended driving tactics for each runner no later than 60 minutes prior to the advertised starting time,” Mr Barnett said.

“Failing to comply and if drivers adopt tactics detrimental to a horses performance it may lead to penalties that include suspension under rule AHRR 149.”

Industry notice: www.qric.qld.gov.au/racing-codes/harness/change-of-tactics-rule-repealed/