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Racing Queensland Summer Provincial Series

Racing Queensland’s Summer Provincial Series concludes with a rich $100,000 final at Doomben on Bernborough Handicap Day (December 30, 2017).

The first qualifying leg was held at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club on Sunday 5 November 2017, and was won by the Trevor Miller-trained gelding Victory Eight.

A total of six qualifiers will be held including:

  • Sunday 5 November – Sunshine Coast TC BM 75 Hcp 1200m $20,000 - Won by: Victory Eight
  • Saturday 18 November – Gold Coast TC BM75 Hcp 1200m $20,000
  • Tuesday 28 November – Rockhampton JC BM70 Hcp 1300m $20,000
  • Friday 1 December – Ipswich TC BM75 Hcp 1350m $20,000
  • Tuesday 12 December – Dalby and NDJC BM75 1200m $20,000
  • Sunday 17 December – Sunshine Coast TC BM75 Hcp 1400m $20,000
  • FINAL: Saturday 30 December – Brisbane Racing Club (Doomben) 1350m – No Metropolitan Wins $100,000 Prize Money. Stake Breakdown $64,000, $20,000 $10,000, $4000, $2000.

*Plus trainer bonus of $5000 for the winner.


Benchmark Handicaps for three-year-olds and upwards and restricted to horses that have No Metropolitan Win status at the time of nomination. Heats will not be divided. Allowances for Apprentices permissible

Series Final Race:

NMW Handicap for three-year-olds and upwards. Race will not be divided. No Allowances for Apprentices. Aggregated points scored across the Heats, according to horses’ placings will determine the composition of the field in the Final, if a ballot becomes necessary.

Heats’ Points Allocation:

1st – 10 Points, 2nd – 8 Points, 3rd – 7 Points, 4th – 6 Points, 5th – 5 Points, 6th – 4 Points, 7th – 3 Points, 8th – 2 Points and, Others – 1 Point.

In the event of a heat of this series being abandoned or declared a no-race, final acceptors remaining in the field for such Heat, at the time of such abandonment or declaration of ‘no race’, shall be allocated one point. In the event of a dead-heat in the Heats, the qualifying points will be combined and evenly divided between the dead-heated horses.



Racing Queensland balloting conditions for Ratings Based Handicap Races will apply in all heats of th this series.

Series Final Race:

Excess horses, if any, shall be balloted in the following order:

  • Horses that have not earned points in the Series, according to Racing Queensland Balloting Conditions for Ratings-based handicap races.
  • Horses that have earned points in the Series – with horses with the least number of points first
  • In the event or two or more horses having an equal number of points, preference will be given to the horse with the highest Racing Queensland official rating.
  • Horses on equal points and the same RQ official rating will be eliminated in order of total advertised prize money received in flat races, with lowest first
  • Horses on equal points, the same Racing Queensland official rating and equal total prize money received in flat races will be eliminated by lot.

In assessing prizemoney amounts won by a horse, race bonuses from any source will not be taken into account. Any horse that wins a Heat in the Series, as long as otherwise eligible, shall be exempt from the ballot in the Final. Subject to the above balloting conditions, a horse that has not competed in a Series Heat may start in the Final of the Series. It is a requirement to nominate for the final i.e. horses will not be automatically nominated, irrespective of the number of points accrued in the heats.


A Trainer’s Bonus of $5000 will be payable to the trainer who trains the winner of the Final at Doomben on Saturday, December 30, 2017. In the event of a dead-heat, the bonus will be divided evenly between the trainers of the horses that dead-heated.

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