Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

16/09/2020 Eagle Farm

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Bid In A Hurry Buffeted between runners near the 900m. Doomben 01/01/2020
Crown Law Tightened for room on jumping. Toowoomba 29/08/2020
Miss Twenty Two Began awkwardly. Jockey J. Taylor reported that the filly raced greenly throughout. Gatton 21/08/2020
My Favourite Model Began awkwardly and was bumped by SHEZABEANS. Doomben 11/03/2020
Soul Dancer Commenced to overrace passing the 800m and had to be steadied away from the heels of HIGHLAND SON. The veterinary surgeon reported that the filly had bled from both nostrils. Trainer D. Forster was advised that the horse will be ineligible to race for 3 months, and prior to starting again must gallop satisfactorily over 1000m in the presence of a steward. Eagle Farm 23/05/2020
Race 2
Gold Chorus Slow to begin. Bumped shortly after the start. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Little Natural Held up for clear running from 150 metres until leaving the 100 metres. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Prince Husson Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 05/09/2020
Traduce Crowded for room shortly after the start. laid in under pressure in the home straight. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Golden Missile Bumped with FROM NOW near 200 metres. Crowded for room leaving the 200 metres between FROM NOW and ARISE MY SON which shifted out. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Gomathi Slow into stride. Gatton 05/09/2020
Eagles Forever Raced ungenerously in early stages and approaching the 1300m hung out. Hung out rounding the home turn allowing TRUMPED UP to gain a run to its inside. Doomben 26/08/2020
Package Trainer S. Morrisey advised that the gelding would be ridden further forward today if circumstances permit. The gelding was ridden accordingly. Began awkwardly. Hung in near the 1000m and made contact with the running rail. Hung out in the home straight. Jockey J. Huxtable reported that the gelding raced extremely green throughout and proved difficult to ride. Trainer S. Morrisey was advised that a warning will now be placed on the horse’s racing manners. Ipswich 07/08/2020
Stellar Trainer S Morrisey advised Stewards that filly will be ridden further back than its previous starts. Was ridden accordingly. Began awkwardly. Approaching the 900m whilst following EXPRESS DREAMS which hit the inside running rail, shifted out abruptly and became awkward at the heels METRICAL and had to be steadied. Doomben 26/08/2020
Race 3
Ditmas Began awkwardly and shifted out and bumped I DREAM OF GREEN. Laid out in the home straight when weakening. Eagle Farm 29/08/2020
Fanx Rider explanation re performance - stated in his opinion the horse races better when able to lead the race and dictate the speed. However, today’s race was not suitable to its racing pattern and as a result failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure and compounded in the home straight. Aquis Park Gold Coast 03/04/2020
Shogun Sun Slow to begin. Rider T Harrison was reprimanded for use of the whip on six occasions prior to the 100 metres, one more than permitted Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Race 4
Reckless Choice Hung in from the 800m. Doomben 05/09/2020
Saxton Rock Steadied after improving into restricted racing room near 1000m. Bumped approaching 200m & held up on heels for a short distance. Near 150m was obliged to shift in around heels to continue to improve. Struck on, or in the vicinity of its its head, by another riders whip on approximately 12 occasions over the final 100m. Murwillumbah 28/08/2020
Reset's Son Prior to the event slipped over in tie up stalls sustaining minor abrasions to nearside hock. Examined by club Veterinary surgeon and cleared to start. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Race 5
I Am Swerving Approaching the finishing line, made slight contact with rnr. Kensington 26/08/2020
Lucky Enuff Dipped passing the 400 metres. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Palladas Bumped by SIP IT SLOW on jumping away. Sunshine Coast 06/05/2020
Right Reason Slow to begin Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Kipchoge Laid in under pressure in the home straight, placing its rider at a disadvantage. Doomben 22/04/2020
Bohemian Boom Began awkwardly, shifted in and bumped another runner and as a result became unbalanced. In the early stages over-raced and laid in. In the home straight hung in when weakening before being eased down over the concluding stages. Rider stated the gelding made an abnormal respiratory noise. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Sunshine Coast 06/09/2020
Allez Zou Began awkwardly. Checked near the 1000m. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020
Race 6
Jagged Edge Raced wide throughout. Jockey J. Orman was questioned regarding the performance of the horse. He stated that he would have preferred to settle in a more forward position, however the horse began awkwardly. He then stated at no stage of the race did the horse travel strongly and he was obliged to niggle the horse in an attempt to hold a position in the middle stages. He added whilst the horse was positioned wide on the track he was disappointed with the horse’s finishing effort. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormality, and a swab sample was taken. Sunshine Coast 29/04/2020
Ramtastic Restrained off heels near the 800m. Raced in restricted room from the 300m until near the 200m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/05/2020
Voulait Laid in under pressure near the 150 metres resulting in its rider having to stop riding and straighten the gelding for a short distance. Toowoomba 05/09/2020
Race 7
Dream Builder Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/05/2020
Okanagan Miss Began Awkwardly. Doomben 05/09/2020
Coastal Prince Checked approaching 200 metres Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Sayl Raced three wide in early and middle stages. Rider L Dittman was reprimanded for use of the whip on six occasions prior to the 100 metres, one more than permitted. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Enterprise Moss Slow into stride. Inclined to lay in when under pressure in the home straight. Gatton 05/09/2020
Lady Ringo Slow to begin. Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Race 8
Smooth Move Steady from heels near 900 metres. App J Huxtable dropped his whip near the 150 metres. Eagle Farm 29/08/2020
Mccovey Cove R Maloney was dislodged during the preliminary and the gelding underwent a pre-race veterinarian examination at the barriers and was cleared to start Doomben 26/08/2020
Lubuk Laid in passing 200 metres Eagle Farm 02/09/2020
Express Fantasy Over the concluding stages shifted out under pressure. Doomben 26/08/2020
Fort Wayne Slow to begin. Doomben 05/09/2020
Beachbreak Near the 600m improved on to the heels of SHEZANDI AS and had to be steadied. Doomben 26/08/2020
Pumps Rider M Hellyer reported the gelding was inclined to lay out for majority of the event. Ipswich 03/09/2020
The Wardsmen Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 29/08/2020
Bluey's Ready Near the 500 metres shifted out to improve hampering GRANDIOSO. R Stewart, rider of BLUEY’S READY, was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances. Ipswich 03/09/2020
Scare Campaign Slow into stride. Gatton 05/09/2020
Richest Jockey E. Ljung could offer no explanation for the gelding’s disappointing performance. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be exhibiting a poor post-race recovery. Toowoomba 15/05/2020