Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

26/10/2018 Gatton

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Bonnie Prince Began awkwardly, raced wide without cover. Muswellbrook 09/09/2018
Fairmont Was fractious in the barriers & as a result was slow to begin. Raced wide & without cover throughout the early and middle stages. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. Newcastle 31/07/2018
True Colours Tightened for room leaving the 100m. Toowoomba 15/04/2018
Plucky Panther Had to be steadied from heels near the 600m. Beaudesert 01/10/2018
Stash the Silver Began awkwardly and lost ground. Dalby 27/09/2018
Toogoolawah Trump Blundered on jumping. Grafton 01/09/2018
Race 2
Prossimita Bumped and forced in near the 900m and then laid in and shifted in and away despite the efforts of its rider making contact with ADDICTED. Ipswich 05/10/2018
Applause a Star Shifted in near the 700m. Raced wide throughout. Dalby 01/09/2018
Close Enough Hung out rounding the home turn. Toowoomba 20/10/2018
La Rana Toro Bumped by another runner at the start. Raced in restricted room near the 600m and had to be steadied. Stanthorpe 20/10/2018
Voanaba Rdr fined for returning to scale at 55.0kg, in excess of 1/2kg over weight of 54.0kg. Lismore 18/06/2018
Instantaneous Bounded at the start. Bled from one nostril. The horse must gallop satisfactorily over 1000m in the presence of a steward before being permitted to race again. Beaudesert 26/01/2018
Duble Meaning Began awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. Stanthorpe 20/10/2018
Storm Anchor Began awkwardly. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
All Our Wives Bumped by another runner on jumping away. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Race 3
Sequablur Began awkwardly. Gold Coast 02/06/2018
Mishani Seeka Began awkwardly. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Gold Sun When quest re leading & imp perf. tnr stated geld led & won recent trial & had intended to lead last start however failed to muster sufficient speed. Tnr added at previous start geld lost ground when checked at 500m & rdr did not place under significant pressure for remainder. Tnr added geld appreciated leading & dictating terms today. Tnr reminded of obligation to advise change of tactics. P/R vet exam revealed bled both nostrils for first time. Embargoes under AR53A apply. Murwillumbah 03/06/2018
Morion Fractious in the barriers. Sunshine Coast 30/09/2018
Overgrown Attempted to shift wider on the track to secure clear running near the 500m, however was unable to do so, and was disappointed for a run and lost ground. Held up for some distance approaching and rounding the home turn, and was unable to fully secure clear running until passing the 150m. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Solid Asset Bumped at the start. Tightened for room shortly after the start. Eased near the 900m when placed in restricted room to the inside of MR STORM, which shifted in after being taken in by PHABENI. Ipswich 02/10/2018
Race 4
Dave's Valor When questioned re disappointing performance, rider stated that the mare failed to travel comfortably throughout the event and blundered badly near the 200m. She added, in her opinion, the mare did not handle the soft track conditions. Vetted - no abnormalities. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Fatz Laid in under pressure in the home straight and near the 100m had to be straightened by its rider. Ipswich 05/10/2018
I'm Favulous Bumped by another runner near the 1000m. Raced three wide without cover. Goondiwindi 08/09/2018
Rich Tradition Stewards permitted jockey S. Apthorpe to ride the gelding half a kilogram over its allocated weight as no other rider was available. Slow to begin. Toowoomba 20/10/2018
Race 5
Ashes to Ashes Began awkwardly and shifted out, making heavy contact with READY SEQ GO. Hung out throughout the event. Gatton 05/05/2017
Lope de Lady Began awkwardly, shifted in and bumped SPICERS PEAK. Near 800m steadied from heels. Held up rounding home turn and early stages of home straight before shifting back to inside to secure clear running near 250m. Rider reported instructed to obtain position with cover and similar instructions issued previous two starts. Added two starts ago when drawn wide at Ipswich attempted to obtain cover but after beginning well was caught wide and elected to ride forward to obtain position closer to fence. Noted last start began very well and from inside barrier found itself in the lead. Gold Coast 06/10/2018
Genoa The start was delayed when the horse proved difficult to load. Trainer M. Wilson was advised that a warning would be placed on the gelding’s barrier manners. Apprentice J. Murphy reported the gelding raced ungenerously throughout. Beaudesert 01/10/2018
Royal George Slow to begin. Steadied from heels near the 900m. Beaudesert 07/04/2018
Bondage Raced with its head in the air whilst being restrained at the 800m. Raced three wide with cover. Rider N. Tomizawa reported that he was forced to travel wide throughout the event. He also added that the filly travelled comfortable however when placed under pressure leaving the 500m failed to respond and proved disappointing. Post-race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. Toowoomba 06/10/2018
Punjabi Savitar Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Raced greenly and had a tendency to hang out throughout the event. Connections were advised that the filly would be required to trial before racing again. Ipswich 05/05/2018
Fortunate Decree Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Princess Kandis Forced wider on the track by another runner near the 600m. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Race 6
Time to Sail Slow to begin. Rider questioned re decision to shift back to inside of DRAMATIC MOMENTS upon straightening - stated there was doubtful room between DRAMATIC MOMENTS and CAPA CAYLEE upon straightening and elected to shift back to inside of DRAMATIC MOMENTS to secure clear running. Stewards accepted explanation. Gold Coast 29/09/2018
Wicked Queen Tightened for room at the start and lost ground. Ipswich 05/10/2018
Princess Cavallo Began awkwardly and shifted in, bumping STAR STRUCKED Beaudesert 01/10/2018
Race 7
Saipan Steadied off the heels of DIVINE DICE approaching the 800m. Doomben 06/10/2018
Bagger Chance Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Toowoomba 03/06/2018
Stellarcraft Proved difficult to load. Bumped at the start. Raced wide without cover throughout. Gold Coast 03/10/2018
Life's Like That After being slow to begin shifted out shortly after the start, bumping another runner. Checked near the 700m when tightened for room. Improved onto heels near the 500m and was restrained and shifted wider. Townsville 21/07/2018
Redex Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Ask Audrey Slow to begin. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Race 8
Fanx When questioned regarding his riding over the concluding stages, rider explained that after working hard in the early stages to obtain the lead, his mount failed to respond when placed under pressure in the home straight, and as he was of the view that his mount was well beaten he therefore elected to not pressure the gelding over the concluding stages. Vetted, no significant abnormalities. Stewards advised rider that in similar circumstances he would be expected to continue riding his mount out to the end of the race in future. Ipswich 05/10/2018
Jinx 'n' Drinx Began awkwardly and was hampered a short distance later. When questioned regarding the performance, jockey S. Shield noted that he was obliged to settle further back in the field than anticipated after the mare was slow to begin. Jockey Shield stated that the mare did not travel comfortably at any stage of the race when forced to race at the rear of the field, and that it was better suited when able to lead. Stewards noted the explanation. Jockey S. Shield was reprimanded for use of his whip prior to the 100m. A post race veterinary examination revealed the mare to be coming into season. Beaudesert 01/10/2018
The Danger Held up rounding the home turn. Held up over the concluding stages. Gold Coast 03/10/2018
Amthaal Raced keenly in the early stages. Momentarily raced in restricted room to the inside of ALFIE JUNIOR whilst overracing passing the winning post on the first occasion. Apprentice L. Kilner and Trainer Mr. B. Currie both expressed the opinion that the mare had not backed up satisfactorily following its start at Doomben two days ago and, for that reason, it raced flat today. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to be lame in the near fore leg. Trainer Mr. B. Currie was advised that the mare will require a veterinary clearance prior to being permitted to race again. Toowoomba 17/08/2018
Murranji Laid out rounding the home turn. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Cyclone Path Bumped at the start. Over-raced badly during the early stages and approaching the first turn near the 1600m, shifted out abruptly. Gold Coast 25/08/2018
Miss Beneteau Tightened for room shortly after the start and lost ground. Hampered and forced wider approaching the 800m. Laid in under pressure in the early stages of the home straight. Kilcoy 09/10/2018
Osmosis Raced wide in the early stages. Sunshine Coast 12/09/2018
Hutcho Bumped on jumping. Grafton 12/10/2018
First Witness Tightened for room at the start. Raced three wide with cover throughout. Toowoomba 06/10/2018
Princess Cavallo Began awkwardly and shifted in, bumping STAR STRUCKED Beaudesert 01/10/2018
Red Heavy Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Annihilation Bumped by another runner exiting the home straight on the first occasion. Dalby 07/06/2018