Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

09/06/2018 Gayndah

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Flavian Steadied near the 1000m and checked near the 900m. Held up and unable to improve from the 300m to the 150m. Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Hopetoun Street App H English reported at scale the mare raced disappointing today and may not have appreciated the firm racing surface. A post-race Vet examination of the mare failed to reveal any abnormality Nanango 26/05/2018
Canid Rider B Stower accidentally dropped her whip near the 150 metres Nanango 26/05/2018
Hidden Sequel As K. Yoshida was indisposed, M. Cahill was substituted as the rider of the horse. Ipswich 25/05/2018
Race 2
It's What I Do Slow to begin. Jandowae 19/05/2018
High Rider Raced wide without cover. Rockhampton 06/04/2018
Pistol And Boo Slow to begin. Thangool 26/05/2018
Craiglea Tundra Raced wide with cover throughout. Toowoomba 03/06/2018
Return Flight Slow to muster speed. Jandowae 19/05/2018
Special Thing Raced wide throughout. Jandowae 19/05/2018
Super Freak Hung in near the 800 metres despite the efforts of its rider. Tightened for room and lost ground near the 700 metres and again near the 500 metres. Burrandowan 12/05/2018
Daunting Queen Slow to begin. Rockhampton 29/05/2018
Karma Chameleon Began awkwardly Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Demesne As had not raced for a significant period underwent a pre-race Vet examination and cleared to start. Jumped out at the start. Steadied off from heels near the 100 metres before shifting out to obtain clear running. Nanango 26/05/2018
Race 3
Dirty Rascal Regarding the poor performance of the horse, which lost ground from approximately the 600m, a post-race veterinary examination revealed abnormal respiratory sounds. Rockhampton 08/03/2018
King's Men Jumped awkwardly, making contact with another runner. Raced three wide with cover throughout. Beaudesert 19/05/2018
Mister Judge hung out rounding the home-turn Nanango 26/05/2018
Craiglea Cetina Began very awkwardly and lost ground. Raced ungenerously in the early and middle stages, throwing its head in the air. Townsville 31/05/2018
The Intern On jumping the barrier gate rebounded resulting in the gelding losing ground. Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Galaxies Held up and unable to secure clear running from the 150m and went to the line without being fully tested. Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Nuskee Parker slow to begin Nanango 26/05/2018
Race 4
Hanover Square Slow to begin. Charleville 19/05/2018
Gud Onya Slow to begin and steadied from heels shortly after. Goondiwindi 02/06/2018
Race 5
Legal Stature Jumped out at the start and bumped another runner. Burrandowan 12/05/2018