Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

20/04/2019 Aquis Park Gold Coast

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Let's Cheer Again Laid out rounding the home turn and then put in an awkward stride approaching the 450m. Eagle Farm 22/12/2018
Shy Boy Raced three wide without cover throughout. Ipswich 18/01/2019
Race 2
Better Than Gold Jumped away awkwardly and as a result made contact with WISHFILLY. Doomben 17/11/2018
Clairvue Missy Near the 200m shifted out to improve around the heels of MAGIC TRICK. Doomben 23/01/2019
Luana Began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped Patches. Raced wide without cover throughout. Rider questioned re performance - noted filly had trialled well when able to lead easily. Today after beginning awkwardly was obliged to pressure the filly in the early stages to obtain a forward position and as a consequence was forced to race wide throughout. He was of the opinion filly may be better suited over further distances. Aquis Park Gold Coast 09/03/2019
Race 3
Encieh Shortly after the start eased when awkwardly placed at the heels of ELEVEN ELEVEN. Thereafter inclined to race keenly in the early stages. Doomben 01/12/2018
Mishani Romance Began awkwardly. Forced wider rounding the home turn when CHILL THE BEER hung out. Ipswich 05/12/2018
Race 4
All Stars Raced wide without cover throughout the event. A post race veterinary examination revealed the colt had pulled up in a distressed state. A swab sample was taken for analysis. Bet365 Bairnsdale 07/10/2018
Osmond Eased approaching 200m when placed in restricted room. Gold Coast 04/08/2018
Phoenix Shadow Hampered near the 200m and again approaching the finish line. Sunshine Coast 26/10/2018
Grisham Due to a miscommunication jockey B. Stewart was declared as rider of the horse and was subsequently replaced by jockey N. Day. Jumped awkwardly and made heavy contact with the barrier partition and lost ground. Placed in restricted room near the 100m and was steadied. Sunshine Coast 07/04/2019
Karaage Blundered badly and lost considerable ground at the start. Raced four wide without cover throughout. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Normanton Began awkwardly and was then bumped. After travelling a short distance was again bumped on the hind quarters by TIPONI. Brushed the running rail for a short distance passing the 1000m when racing in restricted room to the inside of RETAIRIUS. Ipswich 04/04/2019
Bosendi Carried inwards at the entrance to the straight. Ran in away from another runner passing the 100m. Grafton 02/04/2019
Duvessa Raced wide. Sunshine Coast 24/03/2019
Astrobaby Laid out under pressure in the home straight, causing its rider to stop riding and straighten on at least 2 occasions. Sunshine Coast 05/04/2019
Hurricane Love Bumped by another runner on jumping away. After shifting out near the 300m in an attempt to secure clear running was disappointed for a run near the 200m before shifting back to the inside. Then laid out when placed under full pressure over the concluding stages. Sunshine Coast 05/04/2019
We Want It All Bumped heavily on a number of occasions shortly after the start and near the 1300m had to be eased from the heels of HAFU, which shifted in. B. Stewart, the rider of HAFU, was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances. Ipswich 30/01/2019
Peppino Post race vet check no abnormalities Sale 31/03/2019
Shining Blue Forced wider and inconvenienced nearing the home turn. Ipswich 05/01/2019
Fortunate Decree Rider reported it was not her intention to be in a forward position however after beginning well from a wide barrier was allowed to stride forward to obtain a position near the lead. Ipswich 29/03/2019
Race 5
Borazon Bumped shortly after the start. Eagle Farm 23/03/2019
Partnership Raced wide without cover throughout. Toowoomba 06/04/2019
Fruedinks Restrained from heels near the 600m, and again improved on to heels near the 400m and had to be restrained before shifting wider on the track to secure clear running. Sunshine Coast 05/04/2019
Justdini Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Masstoo Overraced when being restrained to obtain cover in the early stages. Jockey J. Orman commented to stewards he was disappointed with the overall performance of his mount. He stated that despite overracing in the early stages the horse travelled comfortably after obtaining cover approaching the 900m, however was disappointing after obtaining clear running shortly after entering the straight. Returned to scale without its near hind plate. Sunshine Coast 05/04/2019
Searing Speed Trainer B. Wakefield was fined $100 for failing to declare a rider for the horse by the prescribed time. Shifted wider near the 700m to improve and raced wide from that point onwards. Sunshine Coast 05/04/2019
Race 6
Reposition Bumped near the 500m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Nelumbo Obliged to race in restricted room and became unbalanced near the 800m. Sunshine Coast 07/04/2019
Exorbitance Slow to begin. Overraced between the 1400m and 1200m. Carried wider rounding the home turn. Grafton 02/04/2019
Tavisfaction Bumped when racing tight to the inside of MISSED THE ALARM, which shifted in near the 1800m. Doomben 03/04/2019
Relaxed Approaching the 400m was bumped by Spanish Hurricane. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Angela's Beauty Rider questioned re tactics -stated instructed to settle one out one back. Added in the early stages caught three wide and given the instructions was reluctant to improve forward in an attempt to settle outside the leader. Further added also reluctant to restrain to settle behind the favourite Winning Ways as he did not want to trail that horse in a slowly run race and as a consequence was caught wide without cover throughout. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/03/2019
Kendall's Dream Slow into stride. Gatton 11/04/2019
Glenturret Checked after improving onto heels near the 1000m. Grafton 02/04/2019
Willy Be Lucky Bumped on jumping. Raced three wide in the early and middle stages. Doomben 03/04/2019
Brookajoe Bumped at the start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/03/2019
Race 7
Captivated Stewards questioned apprentice J. Murphy regarding the tactics adopted which resulted in his mount being positioned 3 wide outside the lead during the middle stages. He stated that he had been instructed to lead, however after beginning awkwardly and riding aggressively in the early stages he felt he may not have been able to cross runners to his inside and commenced to steady near the 1000m. However after leaving the 900m became aware that he would be caught 4 wide and commenced to ride forward in an attempt to cross the leaders, however he was unable to cross and as a result was caught wide Sunshine Coast 26/10/2018
Etikaal Approaching the 900m when overracing shifted out to avoid the heels of LAST LIGHT. Doomben 03/11/2018
Timperley Raced three wide with cover throughout. Ipswich 04/04/2019
San Pierre Bumped at the start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 23/02/2019
Staying Black Forced wider from the 600m. Sunshine Coast 07/04/2019
Genoa Laid out under pressure down the straight. Ballina 08/04/2019
Zephetto Began awkwardly and shifted out. Held up rounding the home turn. Ipswich 04/04/2019
Winter Sonata Bumped by CHIEF HAVOC at the start. Gold Coast 15/12/2018
Lady Vixen Slow to begin. Overraced in the middle stages. Bumped wider passing the 400m. Ballina 08/04/2019
Keep On Loving You Slipped behind on jumping away and was then tightened for room. Warwick 02/04/2019
Bungaree Boy Bumped on jumping. Near the 600m was eased after improving into restricted racing room. A post race veterinary examination of the gelding did not reveal any abnormality. Grafton 17/03/2019
Mr Kylin COT – to be ridden further forward with the option to lead; settled on-pace. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event. Hawkesbury 21/02/2019
Race 8
Wild 'n' Famous Crowded on jumping. Eagle Farm 23/03/2019
Comic Story Blundered at the start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Danzie Shifted out when under pressure passing the 50m. Canterbury Park 16/11/2018
Flying Machine Slow to begin. Leaving the 1000m was steadied from the heels of Wack’em. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/04/2019
Aristograts Held up rounding the home turn. Aquis Park Gold Coast 16/03/2019
Felino Bel Severely tightened on jumping, had to be checked and lost ground. Doomben 30/03/2019
Viral Slow to begin. J. Lloyd said connections wanted to race off the pace, but the gelding overreacted when being steadied shortly after jumping and got its head up and got further back than they had anticipated. He said he was inconvenienced severely when another runner broke down, resulting in him having to take evasive action passing the 600m. He added that he then rode the gelding along in the straight, but it failed to respond and he was not entirely happy with its action so he eased it down in the latter stages. Vetted, lame in the near foreleg. Veterinary clearance prior to racing again. Eagle Farm 19/01/2019
Rothbury Overraced passing the 1000m. Passing the 500m became held up on heels and was unable to improve until shifting in around heels at the entrance to the straight. Carried wider passing the 300m and passing the 250m was obliged to steady and shift in around heels to continue to improve. Grafton 02/04/2019
Twilight Maneuver Obliged to race in restricted room and was steadied approaching the 100m. Sunshine Coast 31/03/2019
Race 9
Go Dixie Bumped at the start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/03/2019
Ajani Raced three wide without cover throughout. Ipswich 10/04/2019
Raise an Army Bumped on 2 occasions approaching the 300m and forced wider at this stage. For this incident, jockey R. Maloney, rider of DREAMREACHER, was severely reprimanded for shifting ground when not clear. Sunshine Coast 07/04/2019
Ultimate Ring Became unbalanced and shifted inwards passing the 100m after being bumped heavily by A MAN TO MATCH (D. Smith). D. Smith was reprimanded. Eagle Farm 22/12/2018
Homeland Security Unable to improve between the 600m and 500m when held up on heels. Bumped wider passing the 400m. Bumped shortly after straightening. Ballina 08/04/2019
Shijin Began awkwardly. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/03/2019
Sultry Testa Laid in under pressure in the straight. Aquis Park Gold Coast 09/03/2019
Pollinator Slow to begin bet365 Echuca 06/11/2018
Super Kids Rider reported the gelding did not appreciate today’s heavy track conditions. Aquis Park Gold Coast 30/03/2019
Windermere Began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped PHANTOM SHADOW. Rider reported the filly hung out under pressure in the home straight. Gold Coast 05/01/2019
Aiolos Bumped by another running approaching the winning post. Toowoomba 27/03/2019
Lady Solerno Slow to begin. Laid in at the entrance to the straight. Approaching the 200m became held up on heels and was unable to improve until shifting in around heels approaching the 100m. Carried inwards near the 100m. Ballina 08/04/2019