Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

22/05/2020 Aquis Park Gold Coast

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Red River Lad Began awkwardly and made contact with PADDLEPOP. Raced keenly with its head in the air approaching the 1100m and lost ground. Steadied from heels near the 200m and again near the 50m. Gatton 16/05/2020
Beaueta Began awkwardly and shifted out. Raced three wide with cover. Doomben 13/05/2020
Diyosa Began awkwardly. Raced three wide without cover throughout. Doomben 13/05/2020
Isabella's Spring Bumped on jumping away. Eased near the 1400m when placed in restricted room. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Doomben 02/05/2020
Kaaydeh Was steadied to avoid the heels of the weakening REDOUTE’S SPIRIT near the 250m before shifting to the inside to secure clear running. Sunshine Coast 06/05/2020
Reinstate Raced 3 wide without cover from the 900m. Ipswich 04/05/2020
Race 2
Highland Son Held up for clear running in the early stages of the home straight. Sunshine Coast 01/05/2020
Le Heros Slow to begin. Sunshine Coast 16/02/2020
Count The Coin Began awkwardly and shifted out. Toowoomba 10/05/2020
Kaboom Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 08/05/2020
Missy Mile Improved onto heels and had to be restrained for a short distance approaching the 500m. Shifted out across heels to secure clear running leaving the 200m. Gatton 16/05/2020
Race 3
High Opinion Stewards permitted rider to ride the gelding 1 kg overweight in accordance with the overweight policy. Rider accidentally dropped his reins passing the 300m. Wagga 01/05/2020
Seentoomany Tightened for room on jumping and lost ground. Aquis Park Gold Coast 08/05/2020
Advance Warning Raced keenly in the early stages. Doomben 09/05/2020
Dream Builder Slow to begin. Shifted to a 3 wide position with cover to improve passing the 700m. Ipswich 17/05/2020
Speaking Bad Fractious in the gates, then bounded on jumping. Doomben 09/05/2020
Checkmate Lad Began awkwardly. Unable to improve passing the 500m, and was held up until approaching the 300m. Ipswich 17/05/2020
Sidetrip Connections advised intention to have gelding ridden with cover if circumstances permit - settled in a midfield position with cover. Aquis Park Gold Coast 16/05/2020
Race 4
Sabkhat Cast both hind plates in running. Doomben 02/05/2020
Bold Warrior As apprentice N. Keal was not riding due to being unable to obtain a medical clearance, apprentice J. Murphy was substituted as the rider of the gelding. Apprentice J. Murphy advised post-race that the gelding did not travel well throughout the event and failed to respond when placed under pressure. A post-race veterinary examination determined that the gelding coughed on several occasions. Doomben 09/05/2020
Shauquin Fractious in the gates, then shifted in on jumping. Doomben 09/05/2020
Race 5
The Kingdom Slow into stride. Raced keenly in the early Eagle Farm 07/03/2020
Aqua Vite Intention to ride the gelding more forward today if circumstances permit - ridden accordingly. Aquis Park Gold Coast 08/05/2020
Bryneich Began awkwardly, bumping with CORAL BAY. Laid in under pressure in the straight. Sunshine Coast 06/05/2020
Equipped Lost the off hind plate in running. Eagle Farm 21/12/2019
Great Keppell Momentarily held up for clear running leaving the 300m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 01/05/2020
Magic Fox Significantly tightened for room at the start and had to be checked. Had difficulty securing clear running in the early stages of the home straight until the 100m. Doomben 02/05/2020
Race 6
Fortification Blundered badly leaving the 600m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 01/05/2020
Le Dude Trainer G. Boyd advised that the horse would be ridden more forward if circumstances permit. Attempted to go forward, however after being caught wide was restrained and settled in a midfield position. Bumped at the start. Raced wide in the early stages. Doomben 28/03/2020
Moscini Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the home straight. Doomben 09/05/2020
Copywriter Checked near the 1100m. Doomben 22/04/2020
Few Too Many Began awkwardly. Aquis Park Gold Coast 08/05/2020
Stylish Saga When questioned regarding the seemingly disappointing performance, apprentice S. Thornton stated that the horse was reluctant to stride out when racing amongst other runners and was disappointing when placed under pressure. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities and a swab sample was taken. Doomben 02/05/2020
Race 7
Tisani Tomso Began awkwardly. Shifted out abruptly to secure clear running approaching the 250m. Apprentice J. Morrow pleaded guilty to a charge under AR. 211 in that he returned to scale in excess of half a kilogram over the weight that TISANI TOMSO was required to carry. Toowoomba 10/05/2020
Divine Dice A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be stepping short in both forelegs and to have mild heat stress. Connections were advised that the horse will require a veterinary clearance prior to racing again. Eagle Farm 28/12/2019
Ozark Shifted in under pressure over the concluding stages. Muswellbrook 27/03/2020
Hard Stride A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal significant abnormalities. Sunshine Coast 13/10/2019
Royal Witness Shifted in momentarily crowding runners to its inside near the 600m. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Aquis Park Gold Coast 24/04/2020
Spirit's Choice Bumped on jumping. Eagle Farm 28/12/2019
Bold Xavvi Raced wide throughout. Sunshine Coast 17/04/2020
Race 8
Devil's Temptation Blundered badly on jumping. Vetted - swelling to its near fore knee and a laceration to its off side fetlock. Aquis Park Gold Coast 24/04/2020
Iced Tendency to overrace and as a result raced three wide without cover for the majority of the race. Aquis Park Gold Coast 01/05/2020
Patches Shifted out on jumping and bumped with another runner. Doomben 09/05/2020
Bold Eos Forced wider rounding the home turn. Sunshine Coast 01/05/2020
Say Haya Slow to begin. Held up and unable to secure clear running rounding the home turn. Eagle Farm 18/01/2020
Better Be Better Eased when crowded for room by NORM’S CHOICE which shifted in shortly after the start. Laid out under pressure in the home straight, and finished wide on the course. Ipswich 04/05/2020
Gideons Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 29/04/2020
Mad Irish Tycoon Buffeted between XANTHUS and GETYOURGREYON near the 900m. Doomben 28/09/2019
Nikohli Beagle Raced greenly when placed under pressure in the home straight and shifted in near the 200m crowding MITHU. Shifted wider on the track over the concluding stages. Lost its off hind plate during running. Aquis Park Gold Coast 08/05/2020
Race 9
Don't Waiver Shifted out on jumping. Doomben 09/05/2020
Impactful Eased at the start from the wide gate. Doomben 09/05/2020
Mishani Secret Commenced to overrace when in a trailing position approaching the winning post on the first occasion, and continued to so until passing the 1200m. Ipswich 19/04/2020
Indian Dreamer Was significantly slow to begin. Connections were advised that a warning would be placed on the gelding’s barrier manners. Sunshine Coast 06/05/2020
Cellarmaid Eased at the start from the wide gate and was then oblired to race three wide with cover. Doomben 09/05/2020
Miss Silky Slow to begin. Held up rounding the home turn. Disappointed for a run to the inside of LUVYOUANYTIME approaching the 200m before altering course to the outside to secure clear running. When asked to comment about the tactics adopted, jockey M. Cahill advised that his instructions were to settle in a midfield position if possible, but after being slow away MISS SILKY settled further back in the field than anticipated. Toowoomba 10/05/2020
Powering Began awkwardly and lost ground. Held up over the concluding stages. Sunshine Coast 06/05/2020
Miss Cavallo After being caught wide shortly after the start, the filly was restrained in an attempt to find a position with cover closer to the rail. Held from the 400m until approaching the 150m. Toowoomba 10/05/2020
Man Of Sinn Began awkwardly. Aquis Beaudesert 03/05/2020
Dawson Delight Slow to begin. Inconvenienced during the early stages when placed in restricted room before improving on to heels near the 1300m and having to be steadied. Sunshine Coast 25/04/2020