Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

01/12/2018 Home Hill

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Way Too Sassy Passing the 200m laid out slightly inconveniencing DEUS. Emerald 01/09/2018
Blazon Tales Jumped awkwardly. Pentland 24/11/2018
Race 2
Hyper Drive Held up for clear running between the 400m and 250m. Mackay 16/11/2018
Sunny Chief Slowly into stride. Townsville 17/11/2018
Race 3
Tokarev Began awkwardly and bounded before racing wide for the majority of the race. Rockhampton 20/11/2018
Magitorial Began awkwardly. Townsville 17/11/2018
Doris Star Began awkwardly, shifting out abruptly bumping another runner. Raced wide for the majority. Home Hill 03/11/2018
Race 4
Ashes to Ashes Forced wider on the track by another runner near the 700m and, as a result, raced wide for the remainder. Toowoomba 03/11/2018
Juzou Shifted in abruptly on jumping. Townsville 17/11/2018
Daesy Danoro Slowly away. Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 23/11/2018
Race 5
Tapthetill Severely checked near the 800m. Home Hill 03/11/2018
Zedaheel Bounded in the air as the start effected. Townsville 06/11/2018
Flying Dubai Jumped awkwardly and outwards onto another runner. Raced wide rounding the 600m turn. Pentland 24/11/2018