Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

17/02/2024 Home Hill

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1 50 YEARS OF SERVICE BENCHMARK 55 Handicap 1460M
Diasonic Approaching the 1000m, clipped the heels of PANKHURST (NZ) and blundered because of the speed slackening. Bowen 02/02/2024
Fergyliscious Hampered on jumping by the continued shift of RUBY SPARKLES. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Sophia's Lass Raced wide throughout. Townsville 01/02/2024
Raced wide without cover throughout. Townsville 20/01/2024
Lenny Rocket Raced greenly in the straight. Bowen 02/02/2024
When questioned regarding the performance, Jockey A. Butler reported that his mount had initially travelled well in the early stages but soon commenced to hang out. Butler then stated that LENNY ROCKET then continued to attempt to hang out but was unable to do so due to the firm hold that he had to place the gelding under. Butler further stated that due to this hold, he was then unable to urge LENNY ROCKET into the race as the gelding was more focused on attempting to hang rather then place itself into the race. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. Rockhampton 25/01/2024
Decrypting Gold Shortly after jumping bumped with ANSWERING, tightened, and checked near the 1,000 metres. Townsville 01/02/2024
Near the 1000m taken in and bumped on several occasions. Steadied and taken in marginally when rounding the home turn. Rockhampton 16/01/2024
Fluttering Slow into stride. Bowen 02/02/2024
Night Guy Checked on jumping and settled back in the field. Bowen 02/02/2024
Raced wide until the 700m. Home Hill 28/12/2023
Marshy Hampered on jumping. Bowen 02/02/2024
Run Rampant Laid in passing the 450m momentarily crowding FORSETI (A. Layt). Passing the 150m, rider A. Spinks when attempting to go for a shorter hold of his reins was hampered in the process when the reins became entangled in the mane of the horse with rider Spinks taking some time to regain his reins. Townsville 01/02/2024
Bumped upon jumping. Inclined to lay in over the concluding stages. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Race 2 20 YEARS OF SERVICE Class B Handicap 1000M
Chilli Jam Raced four wide without cover throughout. Rider reported mount did not run on after covering additional ground initially and felt sound after the race. Post Race Vet no abs. bet365 Geelong 19/11/2023
Risked It Buffeted shortly after start, hung in near 400m, Townsville 10/02/2024
Shifted out abruptly on jumping, checking NIGHT GUY and SEBROSSA. Bowen 02/02/2024
Yellowstone Beth Commenced to over race passing the 600m. Home Hill 12/10/2023
Beyond Reproach Obliged to steady when a runner to the inside shifted out passing the 300m. Bowen 21/08/2021
Mishani Star Awkward to begin and as a result was slow into stride. Townsville 27/06/2023
Whitty's Dream Shifted in on jumping away. Pentland 25/11/2023
Slow into stride , raced wide majority Prairie 12/08/2023
Fused Magic Commenced to over-race near the 850m having to be restrained to avoid the heels of a runner to its front. Home Hill 09/04/2022
Ahwahneechee Shortly after the start was momentarily restrained from heels. Thangool 13/01/2024
Ashton Blair Near the 300m, shifted in momentarily placing SPELLCATCHER in restricted room. Bowen 02/02/2024
Fanaar (NZ) Began awkwardly. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Slow to begin. Over-raced in the early stages. Mackay 05/01/2024
Sir Rocket Hung in throughout the event. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Tiger Legend Laid in under pressure over the concluding stages. Rockhampton 09/02/2024
Cabalo Escuro Bumped shortly after the start by CHECKERS (NZ) and momentarily became awkward in its action. Raced wide during the middle stages of todays event. Mackay 05/09/2023
Bumped another runner which had shifted out at the 400m. Townsville 12/08/2023
Hit Snooze Began awkwardly. Townsville 20/01/2024
Spellcatcher Near the 300m, raced in restricted room. Bowen 02/02/2024
I Say Boom Raced three wide without cover throughout. Near the 700m, shifted in hampering LORD VADER which was taken in onto WAIT’N’SEE. Bowen 02/02/2024
Raced wide throughout. Mackay 05/01/2024
Whakamiharo Bumped at the start and was impeded. Gave ground over the final stages. Rockhampton 26/05/2023
bumped shortly after the start Rockhampton 13/05/2023
Bons Of Steel Slow into stride. Townsville 20/01/2024
Began awkwardly. Sportsbet-Pakenham 20/10/2023
Mr Dollar Inconvenienced on jumping when crowded between runners. Approaching the 600m laid in and brushed the running rail. Weakened when placed under pressure in the home straight. Tnr advised warning for poor performance. Sunshine Coast 02/02/2024
Dipped near the 750m Sunshine Coast 19/01/2024
Fairybower Flyer Commenced to over-race from 1000m and shifted in abruptly at the 600m. Shifted out at the 150m. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Heroic Heights Hampered on jumping. Laid out under pressure in the home straight. Townsville 20/01/2024
Miss Orwell Began awkwardly and lost ground. Tightened for room and checked near the 300m. Aquis Beaudesert 30/12/2023
Bumped on jumping. Hung out from the 400m until entering the home straight. Kilcoy 12/12/2023
Ellie's Dream Held up for clear running from rounding the home turn up until a point passing at the 175m. Bowen 02/02/2024
Severely checked at the start by the continued shift. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Freddy Barbarossa Bumped at the start. Townsville 10/02/2024
Gracious Garcon Slow into stride. Bowen 02/02/2024
Slow into stride. Mackay 22/12/2023
Ruby Sparkles Immediately after jumping, the mare shifted in abruptly despite the efforts of its rider then shortly after continued to shift in abruptly. Home Hill 17/01/2024
The Last Crusade Severely checked at the start by RUBY SPARKLES. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Brave Missile Severely checked by the continued shift of RUBY SPARKLES. Home Hill 17/01/2024
Miss Helmut Hung out in running ,raced ungenerously 600m. Townsville 10/02/2024