Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

12/07/2019 Ipswich

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Benno First Trainer G. Burns advised that the horse would be ridden in the second half of the field if circumstances permit. The horse was ridden in a midfield position. Bumped on the hind quarters by DOLLY SPARTAN shortly after the start. Doomben 19/06/2019
Parisian Tycoon A post-race veterinary examination revealed a laceration to the right stifle. Eagle Farm 26/06/2019
Potawatomi Kicked the starter behind the barriers. A warning was placed on the gelding’s barrier manners. Steadied from heels near the 900m. Gatton 01/06/2019
American Love Began awkwardly and then was hampered between CHOICE MISSILE and CELEBRITA’S CHOICE, which shifted in. Ipswich 03/07/2019
Raging Royal Bumped by PADDLEPOP shortly after the start. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Princess Mona After being caught wide early was restrained to a rearward position in an attempt to gain a position closer to the rail. Aquis Park Gold Coast 29/06/2019
Stylish Lover Bumped heavily on the hind quarters on jumping and lost ground. Raced three wide with cover throughout. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/07/2019
Race 2
Pacific Crest Slow to begin. Raced in restricted room near the 1900m. Overraced after passing the 1200m when the pace slackened and had to be checked from heels near the 1000m. Lost the near hind plate in running. Sunshine Coast 16/06/2019
Mister Magnetic Unable to improve between the 500m and entrance to the straight when held up on heels. Grafton 30/06/2019
Flash Fighter Raced wide until the 1600m. Sunshine Coast 16/06/2019
Prince Husson Slow into stride. Inclined to lay in over the final 300m. Lost an off fore plate in running. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/07/2019
Yankee Sang Slow to begin. Ipswich 03/07/2019
Brands Hatch Laid in for a short distance passing the 500m, making contact with another runner. Raced wide throughout. Sunshine Coast 07/07/2019
Race 3
Zephyr Cruiser Held up for clear running from the 400m until passing the 300m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
The Firmament Got its head up when being restrained away from the heels of KEREMA MORI passing the 800m. Doomben 19/06/2019
Flaunt Laid out under pressure over the final 200m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
Spanish Phoenix Jumped away awkwardly, making heavy contact with the barrier partition and lost ground. Bumped by another runner near the 900m. Sunshine Coast 03/02/2019
Decisive Heart Began awkwardly. Held up for clear running from the 400m until passing the 300m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
Katy Boom Raced three wide without cover throughout. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
Lightning Molly Began awkwardly. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Vanderwink Forced wider after passing the 500m. A post-race veterinary examination, which was undertaken at the request of trainer C. Anderson, revealed no significant findings. Sunshine Coast 16/06/2019
Lips Slow to begin after blundering on jumping away. Gatton 04/07/2019
Groovy Playmate Slow to begin. Restrained off heels for some distance leaving the 1250m as a result of a horse overracing fiercely in front of it. Tightened for room shortly after passing the winning post. Mackay 05/03/2019
Twogoboom Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Bumped by another runner rounding the home turn. Gatton 04/07/2019
Paddlepop Laid out shortly after the start and bumped with RAGING ROYAL. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Race 4
Haradify Shortly after passing the winning post on the first occasion had to be steadied when placed in restricted room to the inside of SECRET AGENT MAN, which shifted in. Kilcoy 15/06/2019
Pole Volter Turned outwards after being bumped on the hind quarters approaching the 1400m. Doomben 12/06/2019
Keep On Loving You Tightened for room at the start. When questioned by Stewards regarding the performance, Apprentice A. Thompson explained that after beginning awkwardly, and due to the fast early tempo, he was obliged to settle his mount further back in the field than anticipated. He added that the gelding finished the race off well and, in his opinion, would be better suited when stepping up over further distances. Stewards noted the explanation. Gatton 20/06/2019
Voanaba Obliged to steady from the heels of CHOPPA near the 1300m when CHOPPA shifted in and away from STELLAR JEWEL, which was racing tight to its outside. Blundered rounding the home turn. Aquis Beaudesert 22/06/2019
Lucy Le Roc Jumped away awkwardly. Eagle Farm 26/06/2019
Sidero Star Held up from the 400m until passing the 300m. Aquis Park Gold Coast 15/06/2019
Kendall's Dream Commenced to buck shortly after the start and, as a result, took no competitive part in the race. Trainer H. Norman was advised that the mare must barrier trial to the satisfaction of Stewards prior to next racing. Gatton 20/06/2019
Marlahn P. Romeo dropped his whip near the 200m. Doomben 06/03/2019
Race 5
Sharpamal Began awkwardly and lost ground. Had to be steadied passing the 800m when racing in restricted room to the inside of EVICT. Went to the line without being fully tested after improving onto heels over the final 100m. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Rich Affair Began awkwardly and bumped by WILLS BID which in turn caused contact with CENTRAL WITNESS and lost considerable ground. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
Sky Lake Began awkwardly and then blundered shortly after the start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 15/06/2019
Gold Sun Began awkwardly. Aquis Park Gold Coast 29/06/2019
Bobby Axelrod Began awkwardly, momentarily unbalancing its rider. Aquis Beaudesert 22/06/2019
Mina Harker Slow to begin. Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event. Royal Randwick 12/01/2019
Kopella Began awkwardly and lost ground. Toowoomba 22/06/2019
Temujin's Moon Bumped heavily by FLAMIN’ MOGUL passing the 900m. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Prince of Flinders Slow to begin. Ballina 10/06/2019
Te Rangi Raced in restricted room between ARCHER’S TREASURE and SPOT ON SPUD approaching the 400m. Doomben 19/06/2019
Race 6
Court Rules Took a step back as the start was effected and was slow to begin. Had to be steadied away from the heels of LADY CHICAGO passing the 900m. Ipswich 28/06/2019
Good Time Charlie Slow into stride. Doomben 12/06/2019
Shinnecock Raced three wide in the early stages before being permitted to stride forward outside the lead passing the 900m. Sunshine Coast 13/01/2019
Washington Street Proved difficult to load, delaying the start. Connections were advised that a warning would be placed on the gelding’s manners. Slow into stride. Aquis Beaudesert 22/06/2019
Blue Book Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 29/06/2019
Jackpot Jay Raced four wide throughout. Approaching the 200m laid in and made slight contact with MISSED OUT before being corrected by its rider. Aquis Park Gold Coast 22/06/2019
Mountbatten Hampered shortly after the start by FOR THE RECORDS which shifted in abruptly. Gatton 20/06/2019
Wookiee When asked to comment on the performance, jockey M. Du Plessis stated his mount travelled well in a favourable position until asked for a response on straightening and at that point became awkward in its action and weakened. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities. Trainer’s representative Mr M. Henderson indicated they would have veterinary tests performed during the week and would report back to stewards the results. He also added that, in his opinion, the horse may not have appreciated the soft racing surface. Sunshine Coast 09/06/2019
Oriental Ruler Slow to begin. Raced in restricted room and had to be steadied approaching the 800m, and then a short distance later hung out across the heels of RELATIVE DIRECTION. Gatton 01/06/2019
Race 7
Miss Severina Jockey R. Maloney reported his mount travelled comfortably throughout the race, however from the 600m when attempting to improve around ARAZONA, his mount failed to respond as he had anticipated, and whilst MISS SEVERINA did receive interference at the 400m and again near the 200m, he was disappointed with the horse’s overall performance, and indicated the mare would benefit from a break from racing. Sunshine Coast 04/11/2018
Winter Sonata When questioned by Stewards regarding the seemingly disappointing performance, Apprentice N. Fazackerley advised that the mare did not travel comfortably at any stage of the race which, in his opinion, was due to the prevailing track conditions today. He added that in preparation for the race he had galloped the mare on the Tuesday 4 June 2019 where it worked well and, based on that work, he had expected a forward showing today. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed no apparent abnormalities. Toowoomba 08/06/2019
Coco Fashion Raced wide throughout. Leaving 300m inconvenienced. Questioned re performance, Trainer indicated intention from wide gate was to ride filly back in field with cover. Otherwise unable to provide any tangible explanation for disappointing performance. Mr Costa later reported that no abnormalities were detected in days subsequent to race and horse would be sent for a spell. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no significant abnormalities. Aquis Park Gold Coast 02/03/2019
Highfalutin Gal Raced wide throughout. Te Rapa 25/11/2018
Lope de Lady Began awkwardly. Toowoomba 22/06/2019
Joymaker Began very awkwardly and shifted out abruptly losing significant ground. Passing the 1300m, when the pace slackened, was shifted three wide and allowed to stride forward to obtain the lead after passing the 1200m. After obtaining the lead passing the 1200m steadied by its rider and commenced to overrace. After passing the 600m had a tendency to lay out when being restrained and continued to hang out for the remainder of the event. Ipswich 06/02/2019
Mystic Brook Began awkwardly and shifted out making contact with QUANYIN. Raced 3 wide without cover for the majority. Gatton 20/06/2019
Brook's Pleasure When afforded the opportunity to comment on the performance, Apprentice B. Nothdurft stated that, after beginning well and having a favourable run throughout, the filly failed to finish off as expected and he was unable to offer any excuses for the below market performance. A post-race veterinary examination of the filly revealed no significant findings other than a laceration below its jaw. Gatton 20/06/2019
The Great Boombino Began awkwardly. Laid out for a short distance passing the 200m. Ipswich 04/04/2019
On the Bossa Nova Slow to begin. Steadied from heels approaching the 500m. Sunshine Coast 16/06/2019