Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

02/10/2020 Ipswich

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Betajet Trainer B Smith advised that the instructions were to ride the gelding more forward than at its most recent starts. Ridden accordingly. Ipswich 10/09/2020
Corajillo Slow to begin. Performed below market expectation. Raced wide without cover. Rider stated that the mare felt amiss in its action and hung out throughout. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a minor laceration to its off hind medial coronet band. Ipswich 27/08/2020
Kirra Lass Became fractious in the barriers, underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to start. Began awkwardly. Toowoomba 01/08/2020
Race 2
Natural Force Laid out when placed under pressure in the home straight. Sunshine Coast 13/09/2020
Chapelco Tired noticeably over the concluding stages before being eased down on pulling up. A post-race Veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Fanx Began awkwardly. Near the 1050 was restrained when tightened. Aquis Park Gold Coast 19/09/2020
Higher Love Near the 500m was momentarily held up at the heels of a tiring runner. Toowoomba 22/08/2020
Inching Closer Raced three wide without cover throughout. Ipswich 24/09/2020
Mighty Moose Over the concluding stages had difficulties securing clear running and was unable to be fully tested. Kilcoy 18/09/2020
Lwazi Hampered shortly after the start. Aquis Beaudesert 22/09/2020
Race 3
Conquering Judas Slow to begin. Aquis Beaudesert 22/09/2020
Wealth'n'power Passing the 900m was carried wider and raced four-wide without cover from that point. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Royal Sheen Bumped on jumping. Held up rounding the home turn. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Elotrolado Began awkwardly. When questioned regarding the tactics adopted jockey M Du Plessis stated that it wasn’t his intention to lead. However after travelling a short distance and being caught wide, and runners to his inside were being restrained and due to the steady tempo, he elected to allow his mount to stride forward to obtain the lead without pressure near the 1500m. Sunshine Coast 13/09/2020
Aceme After being corrected by its rider shifted in and away from FAY CONQUERS ALL near the 150 metres. Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Bishojo Began awkwardly. Kilcoy 18/09/2020
Spiritual Rose Slow to begin. Hampered and taken wider on the track leaving the 500 metres when ANGOLA MISS was directed outwards to improve. Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Race 4
Mishani Epic Slow to begin. Doomben 18/04/2020
Xerri Bumped on jumping away. Raced three wide for majority of the event. Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Battle Through Jumped out at the start. Raced three wide throughout. Commenced to lay out from the 500 metres and in the home straight continued to shift wider on the track despite the efforts of its rider. Trainer B Smith was advised a warning would be placed on the gelding for hanging out. A post-race Veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Good Chat Slow into stride Doomben 12/09/2020
Dash For Dreams Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 19/09/2020
She's A Tigress Rider M McGillivray was reprimanded for use of the whip on six occasions prior to the 100 metres, one more than permitted. Sunshine Coast 20/09/2020
Race 5
Dream Police Tightened for room on jumping and lost ground. Toowoomba 12/09/2020
Funny Legs Slowly away. Raced greenly and hung out for the majority and shifted out abruptly over the concluding stages. Sunshine Coast 30/08/2020
Edification Began awkwardly. Doomben 11/03/2020
Moonshiner Hung in throughout. Ipswich 04/05/2020
Cribby Miss Slow to begin. Toowoomba 12/09/2020
Jumeirah Triangle Began awkwardly and lost ground. Approaching the 800m improved onto heels and had to be shifted out and in doing so bumped another runner. When placed under pressure in the home straight, raced greenly and shifted in passing the 200m and bumping another runner, then shortly after laid in and again bumped another runner. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Marcoola Steadied from heels approaching the 1000m. Toowoomba 08/08/2020
Bauhinia Beans Held up rounding the home turn. Doomben 26/08/2020
Mykiss Froma Rose Bucked shortly after the start and took no competitive part in the race. As the mare has a prior history of bucking, prior to next racing, it will be required to trial to the satisfaction of Stewards on two consecutive occasions whilst carrying a race day saddle. Toowoomba 25/07/2020
Imitari Raced three-wide with cover for the majority of the event. Approaching the 150m improved onto heels and had to be steadied and alter its course back to the inside to secure clear running. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Race 6
Wild Moon Slow to begin. Bumped passing the 100m. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Column Apprentice N. Fazackerley could offer no explanation for the poor performance of the gelding which he advised felt awkward in its action from the 500m and weakened badly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed that the gelding had pulled up distressed. Trainer T. Pascoe was advised that unless his own veterinary surgeon examines the horse in the coming days and detects any significant findings, the horse will require a further barrier certificate prior to next racing. Toowoomba 15/05/2020
Inching Closer Raced three wide without cover throughout. Ipswich 24/09/2020
From Now Began awkwardly. When the pace slackened its rider elected to improve and position outside the leader near the 1000m. Sunshine Coast 11/09/2020
Celtic Tiger Unable to secure clear running rounding the home turn and in the straight until near the 300m. Ipswich 24/09/2020
Race 7
Kasita Near the 900m for some distance raced with its head up whilst being restrained. Ipswich 10/09/2020
No No Ninette Bumped over the concluding stages. Toowoomba 12/09/2020
My Diamond Girl Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 29/08/2020
Princess Jude Overraced in the middle stages. Lost its off fore plate during running. Aquis Park Gold Coast 12/09/2020
Zanazou Raced three wide without cover. Eagle Farm 16/09/2020
Rock Tour Improved onto the heels and shifted wider near 600m. Aquis Beaudesert 22/09/2020
Sizzling Diamond Passing the 700m was forced wide off the course. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Elysia Near the 900m was steadied when racing in restricted room to the inside of STATEMENT OF FAITH. Kilcoy 18/09/2020
Race 8
Full Nelson Taken wider near the 1100m. Doomben 23/10/2019
All Stars Began awkwardly. Laid out under pressure in the home straight. Sunshine Coast 25/09/2020
Brocky Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/06/2020
Dotti Dear Bumped shortly after the start. Ipswich 19/09/2020
Love Yers All Raced three wide without cover throughout. Ipswich 10/09/2020
Good Chat Slow into stride Doomben 12/09/2020
Polhampton Slow to begin, hampered and carried wider then shifted in behind other runners in the early stages. Hawkesbury 23/06/2020
Zollikon Miss Leaving the 800m had to be steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of HEART OF AUSTRALIA. Kilcoy 16/08/2020