Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

26/01/2021 Kilcoy

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Miss Lucinda A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to be lame in the near foreleg. Aquis Park Gold Coast 12/09/2020
Glam Rock Inconvenienced at the start. Hung inwards rounding the bend Thangool 16/01/2021
Magic Panther Near the 900 metres was steadied from heels of HALCYON DAYS. Checked near the 350 metres. Kilcoy 31/12/2020
Our Boy Borris Over raced passing the 800m and continued to over race in the middle stages. Ipswich 01/01/2021
Roots'n'rocks Rider accidently dropped his whip leaving the 100m. Gatton 12/01/2021
Winnington Raced wide throughout. Ipswich 16/01/2021
Race 2
Lock And Launch Carried wider approaching the 100m. Grafton 17/11/2020
Magic Boom Slow to begin. Warwick 16/01/2021
My Boy Mischke Slow to begin. Toowoomba 10/05/2020
The Grouse Commenced to hang out leaving the 500m and continued to do so in the home straight. Aquis Park Gold Coast 12/09/2020
The Last Dragon Laid in under pressure in the home straight and proved difficult to ride. Warwick 16/01/2021
Zeenotes Began awkwardly resulting in Jockey J Geppert becoming momentarily unbalanced. Dalby 14/12/2020
Fingertips Raced wide in the early and middle stages of the event. Ipswich 17/12/2020
Madame Grace Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Gatton 12/01/2021
Scarab Began awkwardly, shifted out and made contact. Approaching the 400m was bumped. Wyong 09/04/2020
Granma Leaving the 700m, steadied from heels for a short distance and lost ground. Leaving the 600m was forced wider on the track when another runner shifted out to improve. Gatton 12/01/2021
Race 3
Little Vulpine Began awkwardly. Over-raced in the early stages and near the 800 metres hung out badly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed small laceration to the off foreleg and slow pace race recovery. Trainer Thomas was advised LITTLE VULPINE must trial satisfactorily prior to its next race start. Doomben 30/12/2020
Paddlepop Reared on jumping. Eagle Farm 14/01/2021
Bartalumba Began awkwardly. Steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of PETITE ELLE leaving the 700m. Gatton 12/01/2021
Wararba Laid out rounding the home turn and in the home straight. Ipswich 01/01/2021
Kiss 'n' Win Taken wider on the track leaving the home straight on the first occasion. Kilcoy 31/12/2020
Clairvue Spirit Slow to begin. Raced keenly leaving the 700 metres. Kilcoy 31/12/2020
Race 4
Craiglea Cetina Jumped awkwardly and was slow to begin Thangool 16/01/2021
Wild Element Tightened for room at the start and lost ground. Gatton 12/01/2021
Lovespeed Girl Travelled wide and without cover for the majority of the event. Lismore 17/01/2021
Devillain Raced wide without cover. Sunshine Coast 17/01/2021
Slightly Shady Raced wide with cover. Sunshine Coast 17/01/2021
Race 5
Child Support At the 50m was momentarily eased when GO MILLO laid in. Kilcoy 29/11/2020
Hollywood Al Travelled keenly throughout the early stages. Rounding the home-turn put in an awkward stride and became unbalanced. Lismore 17/01/2021
Ma Dushka Slow to begin. Nanango 05/12/2020
Prince Husson Raced three-wide in the early and middle stages of the event. Esk 19/12/2020
From The Gong Leaving the 600m, was forced wider on the track by another runner. Gatton 12/01/2021
Wyeth Slow to begin. Bell 02/01/2021