Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

16/04/2019 Mackay

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Craiglea Virtue Slow to begin. Toowoomba 06/04/2019
Race 2
Heyington Became fractious in the gates prior to the start being effected and then was slow to begin. Mackay 21/03/2019
Race 3
Ifyouknowhatimean After being slow to begin was then crowded between rnr's. Kensington 06/02/2019
Lots of Interest Hung out passing the 600m and then raced greenly thereafter before weakening over the concluding stages. Mackay 05/04/2019
Drumeous Had to be steadied at the 600m when momentarily tightened for room. Mackay 05/04/2019
Mighty Meerkat Tightened at the start and lost ground. Laid in under pressure near the 300m and a short distance later the nearside rein became entangled in the horse’s mane, placing rider G. Watson at a disadvantage for a short distance. Mackay 05/04/2019
Race 4
Magic Word Shifted in approaching the 200m, crowding another runner. Mackay 22/12/2018
Double Em Overraced in the early stages and after being crossed passing the 900m got its head up on a number of occasions. Rockhampton 16/03/2019
Devious The start of the race was delayed when DEVIOUS shifted its off hind plate. As the off hind plate was unable to be refitted, the near hind plate was removed. Subsequently, the gelding raced without hind plates. Began awkwardly and shifted out. Raced 3 wide without cover. Steadied from heels rounding the home turn and was obliged to shift in to obtain clear running . Mackay 01/02/2019
Race 5
Reconis Dictated to by another runner and carted very wide on the track and lost ground and his racing position near the 1000m. Longreach 06/04/2019
Great Fox Slowly away. Mackay 15/01/2019
Stars Don't Rust Slow to begin. Mackay 05/04/2019
Race 6
Magmellou Returned to scale with its tongue over the bit. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. Trainer J. McConachy indicated that the horse well be sent for a spell. Sunshine Coast 25/11/2018
Hutcho Raced three wide with cover throughout Mackay 21/03/2019
No Finer Jet Shifted out under pressure near the 200m. Mackay 05/04/2019
Doubleo Ci Slow away and raced wide in the early stages. Bowen 06/04/2019
Kanui Jumped awkwardly. Over-raced approaching 1200M. Forced wider leaving the 1200M until near the 1000M. Questioned RE: Performance - Read full report. Bowen 06/04/2019
Race 7
Craiglea Cetina Began awkwardly. Mackay 05/04/2019
Cornish Tales Allowed to stride forward to the position outside the leader at the 1100m after being caught wide in the early stages of the event. Commenced to overrace after passing the 900m, resulting in the saddle on the gelding shifting back, placing its rider at a disadvantage for the remainder of the event. Mackay 05/04/2019
Emily's Song Began awkwardly. Near the 500m laid out and bumped DELCETTO SYRAH. Rockhampton 07/03/2019
Justalad Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Rockhampton 28/03/2019