Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

13/06/2019 Mackay

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Kick Ons Began awkwardly. Hung out and raced wide without cover. A post race veterinary examination revealed the horse to be shin sore in both front legs. Rockhampton 14/02/2019
Isa Princess Slow to begin, then hampered by CRIME BOSS and as a result lost ground. Rockhampton 21/05/2019
Jilted Girl Delayed the start when it proved difficult to load. Trainer T. Simmons was advised that a warning would be placed on the filly’s barrier manners. Began very awkwardly and lost ground. Raced greenly in the early and middle stages and as a result raced wide for the majority of the event. Townsville 26/01/2019
Little Spoon After passing the 400 metres was hampered and bumped outwards by CABARET CAPER. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Race 2
Cristovao After racing prominently failed to respond to the efforts of rider . Who advised that, in his opinion, the gelding had raced disappointingly. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. A post race swab sample was taken. Townsville 30/05/2019
Koby's Strategy Prior to the race rider L. Tilley advised he had been instructed to ride the gelding off the pace if circumstances permit. Was ridden accordingly. Made contact with the outside of its barrier on jumping. Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Jack On the Rocks Bumped HUMP DE BUMP on jumping. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Jars Slowly away. Townsville 30/05/2019
Sfilza Raced wide in the early stages. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Great Looker Slow to begin. Townsville 23/05/2019
Georgie's Deal Slow into stride. Bumped by another runner near the 900m, Raced wide for the majority of the race. Mackay 25/05/2019
Hump de Bump Bumped on jumping. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Animal Spirits Stood flat-footed and missed the start by a considerable distance. Gold Coast 26/01/2019
Ice Warrior Inconvenienced by another runner at the start. Shifted in near the 900m inconveniencing another runner. Home Hill 18/05/2019
Race 3
Last Chance Blundered on jumping away. Shifted wider leaving the 600m to improve and then had a tendency to lay out rounding the home turn. Mackay 23/02/2019
Victory Toast Upon returning to scale Jockey D Griffin reported that the filly failed to travel comfortably at any stage and he was concerned with its action throughout the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be lame in both fore legs. Trainer B Currie was advised that the filly will require a veterinary clearance prior to its next race start. Mr Currie advised stewards that the filly will now be sent for a spell. Gold Coast 29/12/2018
Boomista Slow to begin. Aquis Park Gold Coast 23/02/2019
Zloto Bumped by another runner and tightened for room on jumping away and lost ground. Mackay 14/05/2019
She Goes Boom Shifted in on jumping. Jockey advised that the filly was unable to muster early pace. Townsville 30/05/2019
Race 4
Devils Pinch Bumped by another runner on jumping. Over-raced in the early stages of the race. Mackay 25/05/2019
Iwatani A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be suffering heat stress and an irregular heartbeat. Trainer was advised she must provide the results of an ECG at rest and vet clearance after trialling prior to the horse being permitted to race again. Mackay 23/02/2019
El Shaday Shifted in under pressure approaching the 200m, tightening runners to the inside before being corrected, then a short distance later shifted out, bumping another runner Mackay 14/05/2019
Le Chiffre Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Lame in the off fore leg. Mackay 25/05/2019
Invisible Girl Near the 100m shifted out abruptly after improving onto the heels of another runner. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Townsville 30/05/2019
Race 5
Captains Way Slow to begin. Mackay 25/05/2019
Justalad Forced wide on the track by KINGS COUNTY which shifted out abruptly near the 1000 metres. Then raced wide for the remainder of the race. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
The Deckeraider Raced wide in the middle stages. Bowen 01/06/2019
Race 6
Warwick Avenue Tightened for room on jumping. Blundered near 400m dislodging rider. Mackay 25/05/2019
Guissola Held up approaching and passing the 500m. Rockhampton 21/05/2019
I Can I Will I Am Connections advised the gelding would be ridden back in the field today from its wide barrier. Mackay 25/05/2019
Trerice Laid out in the home straight when placed under pressure, shifting wider. Townsville 23/05/2019
Race 7
Seized Raced wide throughout. Jockey J. Stanley reported that after placing his mount under pressure in the early stages of the home straight he then desisted from placing any further pressure on his mount over the final 300m when out of contention, as he had concerns with its action. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities. Rockhampton 21/05/2019
Ladyada Held up for clear running from the 600m until approaching the 300m. Rockhampton 21/05/2019
Way Too Sassy Bumped by another runner and tightened at the start. Bowen 01/06/2019
Velvet Glove Slow to begin. Home Hill 18/05/2019
Sarabah Slow to begin. Bowen 01/06/2019
Raining Dollars Slowly away. Innisfail 01/12/2018