Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

28/03/2020 Monto

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Walshie Blundered shortly after the start and lost ground. Gympie 07/03/2020
Tom's Star Raced wide throughout. Rockhampton 01/08/2019
Piginarki Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground. Then had a tendency to lay in throughout the event. Sunshine Coast 10/01/2020
Atomic Missile Slightly hampered between runners on jumping. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Tedder Express Hung in in the early stages. Raced wide without cover throughout. Emerald 31/12/2019
Telloff Bumped on jumping away, rider dropped whip near the 500m. Passing the 400m brushed the running rail becoming unbalanced. Kilcoy 26/01/2020
Sixty One Tigers Raced wide without cover throughout. Emerald 31/12/2019
Craiglea Altona A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Mackay 21/12/2019
Race 2
The Orange Muppet Laid in during the home straight. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Kartanup Underwent a prerace veterinary examination after not starting in twelve months and passed fit to start. Shifted in on jumping. Gladstone 29/02/2020
Mia Singa Jumped awkwardly. Rider G Hayes reported the gelding resented the kickback throughout. Gladstone 14/12/2019
Permafrost Raced wide without cover. Jockey H.Phillips reported that she was disappointed with todays performance and felt that the gelding may have not appreciated the soft going of todays track however noted that it did finish off well in the home straight. Underwent a post-race veterinary examination which revealed no abnormalities. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Princess Cartier Laid out rounding the home turn. Thangool 30/11/2019
Miss Cruisey Bumped on jumping away. Raced 3 wide with cover for the majority. After laying in, the filly had to shift wider on the track near the 200m to avoid the heels of another runner. Toowoomba 22/02/2020
Senator Elect Began awkwardly, made contact with the outside barrier partition and was slow into stride. Bundaberg 01/02/2020
Race 3
Sequalo's Spirit Slow to begin. Momentarily held up for clear running on entering the home straight. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Rockhampton 27/02/2020
Miss Flawless Over raced whilst being restrained in the early and middle stages. Kilcoy 22/03/2020
Ms Orbital Spirit Shifted out shortly after the start in attempt to find better going on the track and raced wide from that point. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Race 4
Money Ad Steadied approaching the 900m when EIGHT OVER shifted in. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Triage Raced wide, without cover, throughout the early stages. Grafton 03/03/2020
Walshie Blundered shortly after the start and lost ground. Gympie 07/03/2020
Race 5
Warners Landing Raced wide without cover. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Jackpot Travelled wide and without cover for the majority of the event. Casino 21/03/2020
This is Livin' Began awkwardly. Raced wide without cover. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Tontein Pulled hard in the early stages and had to be eased off heels rounding the first turn. When questioned regarding performance, rider stated that the gelding failed to handle the track conditions and failed to respond to any of his urgings throughout. Gladstone 14/12/2019
Rather Salubrious Approaching the 100m was disappoint for a run to the outside of MAKE ME RICH WITCH and altered course to the inside to obtain clear running Kilcoy 22/03/2020
Lennon's Paddock Raced wide throughout. Rider S. Wiseman reported that her mount felt awkward in its action on returning to scale. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Mackay 17/03/2020
All Ellie Raced wide without cover. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Hulk Henry Underwent a pre race veterinary examination which revealed minor lacerations to the near hind fetlock. Was passed fit to start. Emerald 09/03/2020
Queen Consort Raced in restricted room shortly after the start and was steadied approaching the 1100m when TEN TAUBADA’s shifted in slightly as LAYLA’S LAD shifted out, tightening the running of both QUEEN CONSORT and BIG SHAKKA. Bundaberg 14/03/2020
Elusive Element Began awkwardly and lost ground. Kilcoy 22/03/2020