Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

09/11/2018 Rockhampton

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Craiglea Topaz Tightened for room on jumping away and had to be checked. Shifted in of its own accord near the 700m and made contact with the running rail. Sunshine Coast 28/10/2018
Race 3
Deus Held up for clear running between the 400m and 200m Mackay 18/10/2018
Zoutano Held up approaching the home turn. Mackay 18/10/2018
Golfing Held up near the 400m. Hung in, tightening runners to its inside near the 200m. Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Uncanny Reason Began awkwardly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a laceration to the horse’s nearside nostril. Rockhampton 02/03/2018
Jabrook Slow into stride. Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Worth the Time Raced wide for the majority. Thangool 14/04/2018
Race 4
Gypsy Secret Was fractious prior to the start, and put its head down immediately before the start was effected when the start was effect, reared when restrained and dislodged its rider. Rockhampton 07/07/2018
Klammer Raced three wide without cover throughout. Dalby 03/11/2018
Race 5
Whoosh Raced 3 wide for the majority. Bumped near the 400m. Rockhampton 11/10/2018
Tom's Star Eased near the 800m Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Paible Proved difficult to load and a warning was issued. Slightly inconvenienced near the 800m when CHEAPY CHICK shifted out. Held up for clear running between the 300m and the 200m. Rockhampton 20/10/2018
Annointing Raced 4 wide for the majority of the race. Rockhampton 11/10/2018
Reconis Delayed the start when it became fractious in the gates and reared up, Rockhampton 20/10/2018
Sozzled Bumped on jumping. Yeppoon 03/11/2018
Sujani Turned its head as the start was effected and lost many lengths Rockhampton 20/10/2018
Race 6
Last Chance Began awkwardly Mackay 31/07/2018
Ruby Georgie Began awkwardly. Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Taraki Held up between the 600m and 400m before realising a tight run between SPENDING FRENZY and OUR GIRL FIFI near the 300m Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Ladyeye Had a tendency to lay in passing the 400m and had to be steadied away from heels and shifted out Rockhampton 28/09/2018
Mystery Element Slow to begin. Rockhampton 08/06/2018
Race 7
Blazeray Raced 3 wide for the majority of the race. Rockhampton 11/10/2018
Jay Jay Overraced in the early stages. Stewards questioned jockey D. Hayse regarding the tactics adopted in today’s event, in particular shortly after jumping and again inside the final 200m. Jockey Hayse stated that whilst JAY JAY began reasonably he was mindful of the gelding being first up and elected to take a midfield trailing position rather that attempt to race in a more forward position. When questioned regarding an opportunity to improve in the latter stages of the event, he stated that he was having difficulty obtaining clear running to the inside of METEOR’S MAN and was held up for some dis Rockhampton 11/10/2018
Murranji Laid out rounding the home turn. Toowoomba 15/10/2018
Rusty Scooter Slow into stride. Held up approaching the 200m. Rockhampton 11/10/2018
Hourglass Time Checked near the 1300m when tightened for room Townsville 26/07/2018
Justalad Slow into stride. Overraced in the early stages due to a moderate speed. Obliged to steady from heels near the 900m and shifted wider. Rockhampton 25/10/2018
Sunrise Glory Stood flat footed as the start was effected, losing significant ground and trailing the field throughout. Jockey Barnham reported that the gelding may have resented the addition of a tongue-tie. Trainer K. Hansen was advised that SURPRISE GLORY would require a barrier certificate prior to its next race start. Mr Hansen also stated that he would remove the tongue tie from its registered gear. Rockhampton 20/10/2018