Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

21/06/2019 Rockhampton

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Brass Bead Raced wide without cover in the early stages. Raced greenly in the middle stages. Mackay 15/01/2019
Boomstress Raced greenly and hung in during the early stages. Sunshine Coast 09/06/2019
Tales Of Epsilon Bumped by MALVAGIO on jumping. Laid inwards under pressure over the concluding stages. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Frankie Dreamin' Overraced in the early stages after having been tightened for room near the 900m and having to be steadied. Rockhampton 14/02/2019
Race 2
I've Got Friends Steadied away from heels approaching the 1100m. Gatton 15/09/2018
Coastal Boy Jumped very awkwardly, almost dislodging M. Cahill, and lost significant ground. Sunshine Coast 26/05/2019
Fun for Me Tightened for room shortly after the start. Raced three wide with cover throughout. Emerald 09/03/2019
Tartufo Bianco Inclined to overrace in the middle stages. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Mackay 13/06/2019
Race 3
Brands Hatch When asked for an explanation regarding the gelding’s performance, Jockey M. McGillivray stated that after being marginally slow to begin, his mount travelled well in a forward position, however when placed under pressure near the 450 metres failed to respond to his riding and was disappointing over the concluding stages. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed no abnormalities. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Diamond Account Slow to begin. Shifted in near the 150m, bumping another runner. Townsville 08/06/2019
Harbour Skies Began awkwardly. Steadied approaching the 1500 metres. Raced wide without cover. Apprentice reported the gelding had shown a tendency to be keen in its races and he attempted to settle it but was unable to do so and felt this had an effect on the horse finishing the race off. Park Synthetic 09/05/2019
Paible Raced wide throughout without cover. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Drumeous Raced three wide throughout without cover. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Mista Longhorn slow to begin. Laid in near the 600 metres despite the efforts of its rider and tightened QUATRO AMIGO. Gayndah 08/06/2019
Craiglea Treacle Raced three wide throughout with cover. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Race 4
Captains Way Raced three wide throughout without cover. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Saturn Ops Raced wide throughout. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Ruffy Road Overraced in the early stages and eased near the 200 metres between PERFECTLY ALIGNED and PLAIN ‘N’ SIMPLE, both of which shifted ground slightly. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Gladishing M. Stephens was found guilty of charges under AR132(7)(a)(i) and (ii) in that prior to the 100m he used the whip in consecutive strides and on more than 5 occasions, being in total 18 strikes with the whip. Jockey Stephens’ licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of 7 days, commencing midnight Saturday 15 June and expiring midnight Saturday 22 June 2019. Rockhampton 15/06/2019
Zoffany Rocket Had to be steadied for a few strides shortly the start when another runner shifted out. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Race 5
Finnferno Bumped near the 100m. Ballina 10/06/2019
Emily's Song When asked if he could offer any explanation for the mare’s performance, apprentice T. Doyle stated that his mount failed to begin as well as it normally does, then travelled keenly in the early and middle stages, however failed to respond to his riding in the home straight and was disappointing over the concluding stages. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Jetintoit Raced wide without cover throughout. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Hulk Henry Raced wide without cover. Gladstone 01/06/2019
Dont Cheat Charlie hampered leaving 200 metres when HOURGLASS TIME shifted out to improve. Gayndah 08/06/2019
Ruffy Road Overraced in the early stages and eased near the 200 metres between PERFECTLY ALIGNED and PLAIN ‘N’ SIMPLE, both of which shifted ground slightly. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Dydee's Girl Shifted out shortly after the start for a few strides hampering ZOFFANY ROCKET. Moranbah 15/06/2019
Race 6
Scottish Lad Bumped on jumping. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Quadacus Raced wide throughout. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Art She Quick When questioned as to why he presented the mare to race in winkers and a tongue-tie, trainer A. Jones explained that when he accepted on Thursday morning, 13 June 2019, he made a gear request change to place winkers and a tongue-tie on the mare. Acting on this assurance, stewards permitted ART SHE QUICK to race wearing winkers and a tongue-tie and will subsequently follow up the matter. Rockhampton 15/06/2019
Marquant Became unbalanced after being bumped on jumping by STRAWBERRY BLONDE and then making contact with BIG SHAKA. Rockhampton 15/06/2019
Mista Maybe Tightened on jumping and lost ground. Improved onto heels near the 150 metres and a short distance later obliged to shift out abruptly to improve. Gayndah 08/06/2019
Race 7
Magic Wu Approaching the 600 metres became unbalanced when buffeted between KRUGER and TAMBO’S VIXEN which shifted in slightly. Held up from near the 500 metres until passing the 300 metres. Rockhampton 28/05/2019
Cavellton Slow to begin. Approaching the 400m had to be restrained after improving onto heels. Jockey Whiteley reported to stewards that the gelding was not entirely comfortable on todays firm surface. Gold Coast 19/01/2019
Warners Landing Raced wide throughout. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Lady Bec Raced wide throughout. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Hidden Thunder Lost ground at the start after beginning awkwardly. Rockhampton 07/06/2019
Race 8
Peacock Raced three wide throughout. Eagle Farm 25/05/2019
Kievann Raced three wide with cover. Underwent a post-race veterinary examination at the request of trainer and was found to be sore over the rump on both sides. Doomben 02/03/2019
Wonder Boom Raced four wide without cover. Eagle Farm 08/06/2019
Barachiel Slow to begin. Mackay 25/05/2019
Conca Del Sogno Slow to begin. Mackay 25/05/2019
Four Excel C. McIver was reprimanded for excessive use of the whip prior to the 100m. A post-race swab sample was taken from the gelding. Rockhampton 15/06/2019