Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

21/11/2023 Rockhampton

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1 MP SECURITY BM70 Handicap 1050m
Ocean Emperor Fractious as the start was affected and subsequently began awkwardly. Raced keenly in the early stages. Approaching the 100m, was obliged to steady when FIRST SON shifted in when not fully clear. Ipswich 13/07/2023
Sabor Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight. Mackay 22/08/2023
Kahaylaan Raced wide throughout. Jumped away awkwardly. Mackay 19/10/2023
Acres Away Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Rider J. Orman stated that it was not his intention to race in such a forward position however after beginning well, he elected to allow the gelding to take up a forward position. He further added that he recommended to connections that the addition of blinkers may also be of benefit in the future. Doomben 19/08/2023
Slow to begin. Raced greenly in the home straight. Eagle Farm 05/08/2023
Race 2 RJC GALA BALL THIS SATURDAY BM65 Handicap 1500m
Makedon Raced wide throughout. Gympie 28/10/2023
Srini slow to begin Rockhampton 21/10/2023
Nasha raced keen in the early stages Rockhampton 21/10/2023
Paramedic (NZ) slow to begin Rockhampton 21/10/2023
Race 3 CHRISTMAS RACES 9 DECEMBER Maiden Handicap 1050m
Potestas Raced wide in the early stages. Carried inwards by CHUCKA DUMMY and was placed in restricted room for a number of strides passing the 200m. Mackay 22/08/2023
Playful Kiss Post-race vet exam rev no abs. Newcastle 29/10/2022
Roy's Road Slow into stride and lost ground Rockhampton 10/01/2023
Slow to begin. Laid in under pressure over the final 300m Rockhampton 29/12/2022
Sweet Catena In the vicinity of the 350m was bumped when ZAZ IN PARIS laid in. Approaching the 100m was momentarily held up and as a result was obliged to shift out to obtain clear running. Mackay 05/09/2023
Divine Kamehalani Slow to begin. Shifted wider leaving the 500m to obtain clear racing room. Rockhampton 08/10/2023
Green Park Hung-out rounding the home turn. Clifton 28/10/2023
Spiccato Began awkwardly bumping with LET’S GO THEN. Yeppoon 04/11/2023
Rider J Stanley advised his mount hung outwards over the final stages. Rockhampton 20/07/2023
Rose Alice Raced wide throughout and forced wider near the 300m. Kilcoy 31/10/2023
Shifted wider passing the 200m to obtain clear running. Gayndah 14/10/2023
Race 4 WENDY MULRY TRAVEL 0 - 55 Handicap 1050m
Desert Moon over raced in the early and middle stages Rockhampton 21/10/2023
Alikick Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination revealing a superficial laceration top the near hind leg and was passed fit to start Rockhampton 27/02/2021
Overraced in the early and middle stages and approaching the 900m had to be restrained after improving onto heels. Approaching the 700m had to be restrained again after improving onto heels. Raced greenly when placed under pressure in the straight Rockhampton 13/02/2021
The Graduate Slow to begin. Over raced near the 900m and was awkwardly placed on heels for a number of strides. Rockhampton 23/06/2023
Over raced in the early stages. Rockhampton 02/06/2023
Strathbogie Land Raced in restricted room near the 250 metres and restrained. Townsville 04/08/2022
Hung out during the middle stages Rockhampton 24/06/2022
No Better Affaire Began awkwardly. Kumbia 07/11/2023
Shifted out under pressure in the home straight. Gayndah 14/10/2023
Kamarcher Began awkwardly. Raced three wide without cover for the majority of the event. Gatton 23/02/2023
Ethelda Slow into stride. Raced wide throughout. Bundaberg 07/11/2023
Nouverre Fille Bumped another rider at just after the start. Cunnamulla 25/04/2023
Bumped at the start. Hung out rounding the turn near the 450m. Gladstone 08/04/2023
Craiglea Laki Raced wide. Esk 11/11/2023
Hung out badlyrounding the home turn. Trainer K Johnston was advised the mare must trial satisfactory prior to its next start. Kilcoy 26/08/2023
Lynric Lass Began awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. Bundaberg 02/09/2023
Race 5 MILNE BROS 0 - 55 Handicap 1300m
Pepperdine Slow to begin. Bumped with CHUCKA DUMMY and was held up when entering the home straight before shifting in to obtain clear racing room. Mackay 22/08/2023
Obliquity Underwent a pre race veterinary examination behind the barriers after the colt became fractious in the barriers. Was subsequently passed suitable to compete. Began awkwardly. Tamworth 15/05/2023
Tom Rocks Raced wide early. Tightened momentarily near the 750m and shifted out across the heels of CRAIG AND HOFF. Yeppoon 04/11/2023
Yubetido Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Rockhampton 21/10/2023
Arbat Began awkwardly and was slow to begin. Rider dropped her whip near 200m. Laid inwards under pressure in the early stages of the home straight then shifted out noticeably approaching the 150m bumping with SMIKO which as a result was checked and lost ground. Yeppoon 04/11/2023
Took an awkward stride near the 800m. Shifted in when placed under pressure down the home straight. Emerald 14/10/2023
Para Park Chance Raced wide early. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Yeppoon 04/11/2023
Feudalist When questioned regarding her riding in the middle stages, particularly her decision to remain in a three-wide position outside the leader, rider stated after beginning only fairly, the gelding commenced to over-race and proved difficult to restrain. She further added in hindsight, obtaining a trailing position behind the leaders would have proven more advantageous. Stewards noted the explanation. Kumbia 07/11/2023
Slow to begin. Travelled keenly in the middle stages. Momentarily held up on heels at the entrance to the straight. Grafton 22/08/2023
Craiglea Etna Shifted wide on the home turn. Gayndah 14/10/2023
Readyentime Began awkwardly. Momentarily became awkwardly places on heels approaching the 100m. Kumbia 07/11/2023
Slow to muster speed early. Commenced to over race passing the 1000m and shifted out to avoid heels. Raced wide for the remainder of the event. Eidsvold 07/10/2023