Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

15/01/2022 Thangool

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Sweet Venom A post-race veterinary examination of the horse revealed lacerations to the near hind heel and the off fore fetlock, consistent with having been galloped on. Warwick 28/12/2021
Schweid As Slow to begin and lost ground as a result of its barrier being slow to open. Held up from the 400m until obtaining clear running approaching the 200m Emerald 31/12/2021
Krispy Kev over raced in the early and middle stages and raced wide throughout Gladstone 18/12/2021
Mishani Rebel Was fractious in the barriers prior to jumping Rockhampton 13/12/2021
More Than Likely Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover through the early and middle stages Emerald 31/12/2021
Race 2
Bagger Twisties slow to begin Gladstone 18/12/2021
Seberton Overraced in the early and middle stages. Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight. When questioned in relation to his riding out of the gelding over the concluding stages Jockey C Spry stated that he had concerns with the action of SEBERTON and as such elected to not place the gelding under pressure in the final 100m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding had bled from both nostrils. As this was the first occasion Trainer T Bannon was advised of the provisions of AR79(4). Mackay 16/07/2021
The Crown Raced wide throughout the event. Laid out when placed under pressure in the straight Rockhampton 13/12/2021
Bartos Hung out rounding the home turn Dalby 16/12/2021
Periodigal Jumped away awkwardly shifting in making contact with CINDERELLA MAN and as a result was slow to begin Rockhampton 13/12/2021
Merge Shortly after the start shifted in and hampered. Raced three wide throughout. Laid in in the home straight and near the 150m had to be corrected by its rider to avoid the heels. Cooma 04/12/2021
Duan Phoenix raced wide throughout Gladstone 18/12/2021
Race 3
Chase Abita Lippy slow away Gladstone 18/12/2021
Yubetido Slow to begin. Approaching the 800m had to be restrained after improving onto the heels of CRAIGLEA CLINKERS. Disappointed for a narrow run passing the 100m. Thangool 01/05/2021
Breaker Breaker raced wide throughout and run about in the middle stages. Rider reported BREAKER BREAKER resented the sand coming back in the early and middle stages Gladstone 18/12/2021
More Than Charged Shifted inwards to obtain clear running leaving the 200m Mackay 07/01/2022
Zakheera Hung out in the home straight Esk 18/12/2021
Alita Jumped awkwardly and lost ground. Forced wider approaching the 400m Gatton 01/01/2022
Race 4
American Genius Brushed rail passing the 1000m. Townsville 28/12/2021
Race 5
Prince of Venice Slow to begin Rockhampton 30/12/2021
Master Richard Overraced in the early and middle stages of the event Rockhampton 13/12/2021
Race 6
Cody Altem Awkward in its action in the early stages. Tailed off from the 600m taking no further competitive part in the event. Upon returning to scale Jockey A. Sewell advised that shortly after jumping his saddle slipped and as a result he was unable to fully test his mount throughout the event Rockhampton 30/12/2021
Tuanaki Creek Laid out for majority of the event. Raced four wide throughout. Gatton 21/10/2021
Warrigal Lad Laid outwards making the bend awkwardly. Laid inwards approaching the 500m Rockhampton 04/12/2021
Dual Instinct Bumped on jumping. Apprentice S Stephan reported that her mount raced green throughout. Bundaberg 13/03/2021
Lady Conavaro Slow to begin Rockhampton 09/04/2021
Curley Beau Began awkwardly shifting in bumping with MISHANI VANDAL. Approaching the 1100m shifted in away from JUST RAFFERTY and crowded FAVOURITE THINGS for room. Esk 18/12/2021
Fight In The Dog Commenced to race keenly in the early and middle stages. Corowa 14/09/2021
Race 7
Zarnado Bumped with NOR FORCE on jumping. Raced wide in the early stages Rockhampton 13/12/2021
Global Venture As L Tilley was delayed arriving on course, Stewards permitted N Thomas to ride the gelding. Crowded shortly after the start, bumped with HIDDEN SPRING and lost ground. Kilcoy 14/12/2021
Ararrac Bumped on hindquarters near the 400m. Kilcoy 14/12/2021
Gekko Raced three wide throughout. Talwood 14/08/2021
Daunting Princess Made contact with the inside running rail near the 50m with rider A Sewell having to correct his mount Rockhampton 30/12/2021