Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

17/09/2020 Townsville

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Atzeni Jumped away awkwardly. Approaching the 800m became awkwardly placed on the heels whilst overracing. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Rockhampton 04/09/2020
Golden Hands Shifted in slightly near the 400m bumping another runner. Cairns 28/07/2020
Buatsi Rider P Romeo reported that his mount hung in throughout the event which placed him at a disadvantage. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Mackay 18/08/2020
Rich Princess Raced wide the majority. Townsville 04/08/2020
Super Dancer Commenced to race ungenerously in the early stages and lost ground after being bumped by another runner soon after jumping. Mareeba 05/09/2020
Race 2
Riverside Blues Had a tendency to lay out rounding the home turn. Townsville 20/02/2020
Waterway Brushed by another runner soon after the start and shifted wider, losing ground. Townsville 27/10/2019
Better Than Silver Raced wide in the early stages of the race. Townsville 04/07/2020
Collombatti Bumped on jumping. Travelled keenly in the middle stages. Passing the 600m became held up on heels and was unable to improve until the entrance to the straight. Grafton 27/04/2020
Dream Of Dubai Fractious pre-race. The tongue-tie became loose en route to the barriers and as it could not be refitted the filly raced without that piece of gear. Trainer Ms G. Holt was advised a warning would be placed on the filly’s pre-race manners. Townsville 18/06/2020
Race 3
Beau Jet Slow into stride. Bumped with another runner on jumping. Raced wide the majority. Cairns 11/09/2020
Star Banner Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 14/08/2020
Holy Freeze Rdr said mount travelled well however peaked on run near the 100m. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Stable rep advised horse which was resuming would derive race fitness from first up run. Warrnambool 08/08/2019
Race 4
J'adore A Post-race veterinary examination revealed Townsville 14/08/2020
Cabalo Escuro Change of tactics, back from wide gate if circumstances permit. Settled back in the field after beginning awkwardly. Doomben 22/08/2020
Unshakeable Bumped with another runner.Taken inwards making heavy contact with another runner. Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 14/08/2020
We'll Beat It Performed below market expectations. i.e full report. Home Hill 12/09/2020
Metro Missile Raced wide throughout. Home Hill 12/09/2020
Race 5
Tambo's Heart Raced wide throughout. Cairns 28/08/2020
Last Chance Raced wide without cover throughout. Bumped on the hind quarter approaching the 400m. Doomben 05/09/2020
Bullion Wolf Obliged to alter course to obtain clear running passing the 200m. Raced wide the majority. Cairns 28/08/2020
V J Day Inclined to shift out under pressure down the running hampering another runner passing the 100m. Cairns 11/09/2020
Break My Stride Shifted out soon after the start bumping with another runner. Cairns 28/08/2020
Centro Superior Slowly away. Atherton 01/08/2020
Race 6
Aberration Slow to begin. Became awkward when racing over the 1500m crossing. Cairns 28/08/2020
Urban Myth Checked when tightened for room approaching the 950m Cairns 28/08/2020
Academy Hill Shifted in on jumping bumping with another runner. Home Hill 12/09/2020
Caffe Romano The gelding, which tired noticeably over the concluding stages, underwent a post-race veterinary examination which revealed no abnormalities. Trainer undertook to advise Stewards should anything which may have had a bearing on today’s performance become apparent in coming days. Mareeba 05/09/2020
Race 7
Feringo After being slow away was restrained when tightened between runners which shifted ground on jumping. Townsville 14/08/2020
Maquereau Raced wide throughout. Cairns 28/08/2020
Candy Girl Slow to begin. Held up for clear running on entering the home straight and was unable to obtain clear running until a point near the 100m. Cairns 28/08/2020
Danz the Man After being marginally slow away was buffeted between runners. Failed to maintain contact with the field throughout Cairns 28/08/2020
No Effort Needed Inclined to lay in soon after jumping, momentarily inconveniencing another runner, before being corrected. Cairns 11/09/2020
Race 8
Zulu Tuk Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 14/08/2020
Koby's Strategy Raced in restricted room in the early stages, bumping with other runners on several occasions. Cairns 11/09/2020
Nobody Better Bumped with another runner on jumping. Overraced in the early stages. Had to be restrained off heels near the 600m. Townsville 07/05/2020
Cadence Raced wide the majority. Cairns 28/08/2020
Rose Clip Reluctant to stretch out from the 600m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to have a poor post-race recovery and be lame in both fore limbs. Trainer A Bailey was advised a Veterinary certificate of fitness would be required before the mare was again permitted to start in a race. Cairns 15/03/2020
A Little Bit More Inconvenienced when bumped by another runner soon after jumping. Cairns 23/11/2019