Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

08/04/2021 Townsville

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Robig Bumped with another runner on jumping. After beginning on terms with the field failed to muster the early speed required and assumed a trailing position. Townsville 29/03/2021
Apolline Inclined to over-race in the early and middle stages. Townsville 29/03/2021
Clever Hunter Slow to begin. Hampered leaving the 200 metres. Cairns 19/03/2021
Courting Sara Raced wide for the majority of the race. Cairns 19/03/2021
Race 2
Keys Please Raced awkwardly rounding the home turn. Townsville 20/11/2020
Boomed Inclined to over-race in the early stages. Bumped by another runner which shifted out passing the 500m in an effort to improve. Townsville 29/03/2021
Husette Became awkwardly placed near the 700m losing ground. Shifted in abruptly when in clear running near the 200m. Townsville 26/02/2021
Golden Groove Had to be steadied approaching the 450 metres when another runner stepped in for a stride. Rider stated Golden Groove failed to handle the sand surface Gladstone 03/04/2021
Race 3
Amalfi Star Commenced awkwardly. Raced keenly in the middle stages. Held up from the 400m til the 300m. Held up again over the final 70m going to the line not fully tested. Vet reported no abnormalities. Cranbourne 27/11/2020
Run Rampant Forced wider leaving the 100 metres. Cairns 19/03/2021
Toscavale Road Shifted in on jumping. Townsville 14/07/2020
You Dreamt What Jockey reported that the gelding had hung in throughout. Townsville 11/03/2021
All Bar Surah Began awkwardly. Laid out when racing greenly shortly after the start. Inconvenienced near the 100 metres and shifted out. Cairns 19/03/2021
Coop's Star Began awkwardly. Muswellbrook 27/02/2021
Miss Starlight Inconvenienced shortly after the start and lost ground. Cairns 19/03/2021
Race 4
Lucky for Some Bucked shortly after jumping away and took no competitive part of the race. Trainer Mr M Geaney was advised that the gelding would be required to trial satisfactorily in an official barrier trial prior to accepting for a future race Mackay 30/03/2021
Conquering Judas Began awkwardly. Townsville 29/03/2021
Bon Ruby Shifted out on jumping bumping with another runner. Townsville 29/03/2021
Race 5
Revenire Raced wide in the middle stages. Trainer C Spry, who also rode the gelding, advised that he believed REVENIRE had come to the end of its preparation and would be recommending to connections that REVENIRE be turned out for an immediate spell. Townsville 20/01/2021
Deluxe Rocker Shifted in on jumping tightening runners to its inside. Raced tight with another runner bumping on several occasions from the 800m-500m. Raced wide the majority. Cairns 25/09/2020
Soldiers Fractious in the barrier. Commenced to over-race rounding the 1400m turn and continued to do so for some distance. Townsville 28/11/2020
Chevaux Raced wide for the majority. Cairns 27/03/2021
Bet On Love Bumped shortly after the start Cairns 27/03/2021
Race 6
Higher Realm Raced wide for the majority of the race. Cairns 19/03/2021
Race 7
Galaxy Ghost Began awkwardly. Cairns 23/02/2021
Rigel Brushed near the 200 metres and then commenced to lay out for short distance before being corrected. Cairns 19/03/2021
Borella Obliged to restrain off the heels of another runner which shifted wider approaching the 600m. Buffeted between runners at the 200m Townsville 29/03/2021
Willygood Momentarily steadied near the 300m. Raced wide in the early stages. Cairns 27/03/2021
Oddfellow Raced three wide without cover for majority of the event. Weakened from the 600 meters. Rider A Thompson reported ODDFELLOW hung out for majority of the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a poor post-race recovery. Trainer P Jenkins indicated that the gelding would now be leaving the stable. Sunshine Coast 19/03/2021
Sunny Cowboy On jumping was balked by its inside barrier gate which sprung back. Gordonvale 20/03/2021
Race 8
Golden Charles Bumped with another runner on jumping. Townsville 29/03/2021
Jack Derippa Raced wide the majority. Townsville 29/03/2021
October Storm Shifted out shortly after the start. Cairns 19/03/2021
Collombatti Laid in upon entering the home straight bumping another runner Cairns 03/12/2020
Just A Love Song Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Obliged to steady off the heels after passing the 200m after commencing to lay in and away from another runner. Townsville 13/10/2020
Blumiss Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Shifted out under pressure down the running. Townsville 26/02/2021
Miss Powder Keg Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Cairns 19/03/2021