Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

15/04/2021 Townsville

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Well Charred Began awkwardly. Bumped with another runner and became momentarily unbalanced when shifting wider in an attempt to obtain a marginal run in order to improve passing the 500m. Townsville 29/03/2021
Inhistime Raced greenly in the middle stages. Raced wide throughout. Townsville 08/04/2021
Figured Bumped with another runner on jumping. Hampered by the riderless CRAIGLEA BANDIT approaching the 800m and shifted wider. Trailed the field from that point on. Townsville 22/12/2020
Jasmine's Pride Bumped with another runner on jumping. Raced wide throughout. Townsville 28/11/2020
Race 2
Such A Whit Jumped away awkwardly. Held up for clear running from the entrance to the home straight to passing the 200m Mackay 30/03/2021
Race 3
Silent Explorer Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Cairns 27/03/2021
Opinions Held up for clear running in the early stages of the home straight before shifting wider passing the 200m to obtain clear running, bumping with another runner in doing so. Townsville 29/03/2021
Verbalizer Overraced in the early and middle stages Mackay 30/03/2021
Cinnamon Missile Shifted wider from the 500m to improve. Approaching the 200m the whip became tangled in the reins placing Jockey R Wiggins at a momentary disadvantage. Townsville 08/04/2021
Race 4
Light Field Inconvenienced shortly after the start when tightened for room. Cairns 27/03/2021
Behike Bumped heavily on jumping. Improved onto heels 900m and was steadied. Raced wide for the majority. Cairns 27/03/2021
Shadow Eclipse Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Townsville 11/03/2021
Race 5
You Dreamt What Inclined to lay out rounding the home turn before commencing to hang in for the majority of the home straight proving difficult for App K Swaffer to ride, only obtaining clear running at a point near the 50m. Trainer T Rowe advised he would experiment with a gear change prior to the gelding racing again. Townsville 08/04/2021
Charlotte Rules After passing the winning post stumbled and fell when clear of other runners dislodging Jockey N Summers. Mackay 10/12/2020
Craiglea Clinkers Was reluctant to load with a warning being placed on the filly’s barrier manners. Bundaberg 12/12/2020
Bold Archer Bumped with another runner son after jumping. Cairns 03/12/2020
Classic Enuff Began awkwardly and shifted out on jumping. Hung out throughout racing extremely wide rounding the 800m turn and the home turn Innisfail 15/08/2020
Race 6
Lily Ofthe Glen Slow to begin and inconvenienced shortly after jumping. Trainer advised that the filly had lacerations to the off fore leg. Rockhampton 18/12/2020
Little Ivy Overraced in the early and middle stages Mackay 30/03/2021
Emma Rocket Slow into stride. Raced wide throughout Moranbah 13/03/2021
Princess Glee Raced wide throughout. Townsville 20/11/2020
Race 7
Best Hoffa Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Cairns 27/03/2021
Lady Yendor Raced wide the majority. Townsville 08/04/2021
Verbalizer Overraced in the early and middle stages Mackay 30/03/2021
Race 8
Borella When the tongue tie, which became loose enroute to the barriers, was unable to be re-fitted, the gelding raced without that piece of gear. Bumped with another runner on jumping. Townsville 08/04/2021
Potawatomi Inclined to shift ground under pressure down the running. Raced wide throughout. Townsville 29/03/2021
Poetic Attacks Slow to begin. Townsville 29/03/2021
Honest Natalie Lost its off hind plate during in running. Cairns 27/03/2021
Race 9
Lifetime Quest Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination after bumping the outside fence en-route to the barriers and was passed fit to start. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed no obvious abnormalities. Bathurst 08/02/2021
Cleo's Poet Performed below market expectation – Rider reported that in his opinion he felt the gelding may have come to the end of its current preparation. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer advised that the gelding will be spelled. Aquis Beaudesert 26/01/2021
Star of O'reilly Slow to begin. Gunnedah 15/12/2020
Forgiato Bumped with another runner on jumping. Townsville 03/11/2020
Double Major Raced wide the majority. Townsville 29/03/2021
Solomon Blundered on jumping. Mareeba 26/12/2020