Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

03/06/2021 Townsville

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Magnate Reared as the start was affected and as a result was slow into stride. Jockey J Baylis reported that his mount failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure and ran to the line in a disappointing manner. A post race veterinary examination revealed a poor post race recovery. Rockhampton 29/12/2020
Glorious Express Carried wider near the 150m. Rider could offer no explanation for the performance. A post race vet exam failed to reveal any abs bet365 Geelong 24/01/2021
Run Rampant Inclined to race keenly in the early and middle stages. Townsville 06/05/2021
Beyond Reproach Shifted outwards at the start crowding another runner. Was dictated inwards over the final stages by TEELING Mackay 11/05/2021
No Harm Done Inconvenienced on jumping and lost ground. Disappointed for a run approaching the line and was steadied. Aquis Park Gold Coast 06/03/2021
Noir Jack Bumped with another runner on jumping causing its rider to become momentarily unbalanced. Townsville 03/10/2020
Armageddon Flyer Began awkwardly. Raced ungenerously rounding the 1400m turn. Townsville 27/05/2021
Little Ivy Fractious in the barrier. Bumped by another runner which shifted out passing the 1100m. Townsville 06/05/2021
On Your Skates Shifted in on jumping, becoming unbalanced after making heavy contact with a runner to its inside. Blundered when in clear running near the 900m. Townsville 13/05/2021
Race 2
Cochrane Raced three wide without cover throughout Mackay 21/05/2021
Hallside Hammer Shifted out on jumping, bumping with another runner. The gelding which was having its first race start tired noticeably over the concluding stages. Townsville 13/05/2021
Mishani Dude Slow to begin then was buffeted between runners Mackay 21/05/2021
Arawelo Slow to begin. Laid out for the majority of the race. Steadied near the 450 metres when racing ungenerously. Atherton 22/05/2021
Chateau Royale Raced wide for the majority. Cairns 18/05/2021
It's A Ploy Bumped with LASCO on jumping. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities Mackay 11/05/2021
Kuranda Began awkwardly, shifted out abruptly. Steadied leaving 600m when racing in restricted room and lost ground. Raced greenly for the majority of the race. Cairns 18/05/2021
Purple Hat Momentarily crowded passing the 900m. Shifted out abruptly passing the 250m when placed under pressure. Townsville 06/05/2021
Stepping Up Raced wide for the majority. Cairns 18/05/2021
Thirsty Raced wide from the 800m. Jockey D Smith advised that, in his opinion, the filly did not appreciate todays softer racing surface. Townsville 12/02/2021
Yabulu Princess Slowly away. Townsville 24/10/2020
Race 3
Sanglier Hampered on jumping away Rockhampton 09/04/2021
Red Satin Slow to begin. Compounded over the final stages with a veterinary examination failing to reveal any abnormalities. Rider A Sewell advised RED SATIN had failed to respond when placed under pressure and he was concerned with the manner RED SATIN finished the race. Trainer J Manzelmann was advised RED SATIN was stood down for a satisfactory trial and a veterinary clearance Mackay 11/05/2021
Race 4
Valiant Knight Shifted out on jumping becoming unbalanced after making heavy contact with a runner to its outside. Near the 800m was forced wider when a runner to its inside shifted out. Townsville 13/05/2021
Boona Boy Extremely fractious in the barrier. Shifted out near the 800m forcing another runner wider. Lost its near hind plate near the 50m. Trainer’s Representative B Gordy was advised that the gelding would be required to trial satisfactorily prior to next race start. Townsville 13/05/2021
You Dreamt What Passing the 800m was obliged to restrain and shift out after improving onto the heels of another runner which was hanging out. Raced wide throughout. Townsville 06/05/2021
Saunders Sun Bumped by another runner, which shifted in on jumping, before shifting in as a result. Townsville 06/05/2021
Quarter Past Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight Rockhampton 15/05/2021
Mishani Mortal Raced three wide with cover over the early stages Mackay 21/05/2021
Our Girl Jacquie Buffeted between runners on jumping. Raced wide until a point approaching the 700m. Mackay 30/04/2021
Princess Glee Began awkwardly. Atherton 22/05/2021
Race 5
Art Attack Steadied off heels shortly after the start. Raced in restricted room in the home straight and laid inwards under pressure. Mackay 29/05/2021
Guangzhou Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 27/05/2021
Borella Began awkwardly. Raced wide in the early stages. Cairns 18/05/2021
Lefkas Island When questioned regarding the improved performance of LEFKAS ISLAND trainer O Cairns advised it was a drop in class and the opposition was not as strong as previous races and she was not surprised with the forward showing. Mackay 29/05/2021
Oddfellow Had to be restrained near the 500m. Had to be restrained when crowded by another runner soon after entering the home straight and was held up for clear running until a point near the 100m. Townsville 27/05/2021
Beg Me Laid inwards in the home straight. Mackay 29/05/2021
Race 6
Dordogne Slowly away. Raced in restricted room for a short distance approaching the home turn. Townsville 13/05/2021
Break My Stride Inclined to lay out passing the 700m and again rounding the home turn, where it was steadied off heels. Townsville 27/05/2021
Funky Music Held up for clear running for the majority of the home straight. Townsville 27/05/2021
Dunatun Over-raced in the early stages. Cairns 18/05/2021
Cinnamon Missile Slow to begin Rockhampton 25/05/2021
Tennessee Boy Was bumped by a runner to its inside rounding the home turn. Stewards questioned jockey B Pengelly in relation to his riding of the gelding over the concluding stages. Jockey Pengelly stated that after making heavy contact with another runner turning for home his saddle shifted which placed him at a slight disadvantage, however in his opinion TENNESSEE BOY was a spent force soon after straightening, so he elected not to pressure the gelding. Stewards noted jockey Pengelly’s explanation and nonetheless reminded him of his obligation to ride his mount out to the finish of the race. Townsville 13/05/2021
Race 7
Nebaraz Unable to obtain clear running from leaving the 300m until approaching winning post, went to line without being fully tested. Cairns 18/05/2021
Strike A Beau Raced wide without cover throughout. Shifted out rounding the home turn near the 500m. R advised that he was under no specific instructions. He added that with the blinkers on today, he would have preferred to have settled midfield with cover, however from his wide barrier when he was unable to achieve this, he allowed the gelding to stride forward and race on pace. When questioned regarding his riding rounding the home turn and the reason why he moved wider prior to straightening, R had walked the track prior to his engagements and was of the view ground away from the rail was superior. bet365 Geelong 15/11/2020
Bellevita Slowly away after beginning awkwardly. Townsville 13/05/2021
Just A Love Song Bumped with another runner approaching the 1000m. Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 27/05/2021
Assets Fractious in the parade yard. Raced wide the majority. Townsville 28/11/2020
Meteorano Began awkwardly, shifting out inconveniencing a runner to its outside. Raced ungenerously in the early stages. Townsville 27/05/2021
Lightheadedness Shifted out on jumping. Townsville 27/05/2021
Varsity Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Mareeba 29/05/2021
Race 8
Aroha Te Mana Raced wide in the early stages. Townsville 10/11/2020
Soldiers Approaching the 800m was inconvenienced when a runner to the outside shifted in. Townsville 13/05/2021
Willygood Hampered on jumping by another runner which shifted in. Inclined to over-race approaching the 800m. Townsville 06/05/2021
Tiger Can When questioned regarding the performance, rider A Butler reported he was pleased with the overall performance with the gelding being its first start over the distance and in his opinion would derive benefit from the run. Mackay 19/09/2020
Viscosity When tempo slackened shifted out and improved around field and settled outside the leader near the 700m. Rdr said mount raced keenly and got head up and was not suited by slow tempo of race. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Cranbourne 11/10/2020
Bold Thalia Jumped away awkwardly and shifted out abruptly Rockhampton 15/05/2021
Pantone Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 13/05/2021