Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

22/07/2021 Townsville

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
All Too Natural Over-raced in the early stages. Improved onto heels momentarily near the 800 metres. Lost off fore plate in running. Eagle Farm 25/02/2021
Stumped When questioned regarding the performance of the gelding, Jockey R. Wiggings stated his mount failed to travel throughout the event and when placed under pressure his mount weakened noticeably. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mr T Button was advised the gelding would be required to trial competitively prior to accepting for a future race Rockhampton 25/05/2021
Dalbergia Laid out rounding the home turn shifting wider on the track. Oak Park 03/07/2021
Just Call My Name Raced wide in the early stages. Read full report. Cairns 13/07/2021
Toscavale Road Raced wide throughout. Townsville 24/06/2021
Race 2
Boomed Hampered soon after jumping by a runner to its outside which shifted in under hard riding. Inclined to over-race when awkwardly placed in restricted room passing the 1000m. Townsville 29/06/2021
Calpurnia Pulled hard early and near the 1700m had to be eased when KAYTEE REINADO shifted in when insufficiently. Jockey N Masuda (KAYTEE REINADO) was reprimanded. Eagle Farm 26/06/2021
Figured Slowly into stride. Townsville 29/06/2021
It's A Ploy Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Shifted in under pressure in the home straight. Townsville 29/06/2021
Lockdown Lady Hampered for a stride by a runner which was shifting in under pressure near the 200m. A subsequent Veterinary examination revealed a minor wound to the off hind leg. Townsville 29/06/2021
Mishani Dreamer Raced in restricted room over the concluding stages Rockhampton 19/06/2021
Race 3
Dalon Laid in for the majority of the race. Oak Park 02/07/2021
Fratellino Raced wide throughout the event. Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight. Mackay 16/07/2021
Race 4
Musical Girl Bumped at the start. Cairns 13/07/2021
Race 5
Fly For Yulong Laid out when placed under pressure in the straight. Passing the 300m shifted in contacting BOLLENTE, resulting in FLY FOR YULONG having its hindquarters turned. Rockhampton 10/07/2021
Proane Jumped away awkwardly and was slow to begin. Mackay 16/07/2021
Steelz Time Slow to begin Rockhampton 30/06/2021
Race 6
Beau Jet Raced wide the majority. Townsville 24/06/2021
Simply Splashing Shifted in at the start bumping with another runner. Aquis Park Gold Coast 03/04/2020
Bold Type Raced ungenerously in the early stages. Cairns 18/05/2021
Perfect Knowledge Slow to begin. Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight. Rockhampton 09/07/2021
Blazing Steel Passing the 400m laid in and became awkwardly placed on the heels of ASHTON BLAIR. Momentarily inconvenienced passing the 150m after becoming awkwardly placed on heels. Mackay 16/07/2021
Temple Run Raced wide throughout. improved performance comments i.e full report. Townsville 24/06/2021
Race 7
Lifetime Quest Raced wide throughout the event. Mackay 16/07/2021
Soldiers Shifted out abruptly on jumping. Raced wide for the majority. Townsville 29/06/2021
Narda Shar Slow to begin. Mareeba 26/06/2021
King Landon Slow to begin. Oak Park 03/07/2021
Strike A Beau Bumped heavily on jumping when tightened for room. Cairns 13/07/2021
Niab Raced wide in the early and middle stages before progressing forward and obtaining the position outside the leader near the 800 metres. Doomben 16/06/2021
Chic Sox Inconvenienced passing the 200m. Townsville 29/06/2021
Race 8
Banksy Strikes Began awkwardly. Mount Isa 10/07/2021
Mister Magnusifent Bumped near the 100 metres. Cairns 13/07/2021
Uncomplicated Hampered on jumping away Rockhampton 15/05/2021
Giordano Inconvenienced when taken in by another runner passing the 100m and again approaching the winning post. Townsville 29/06/2021
Opinions Slowly into stride after being bumped soon after jumping by a runner to its outside and becoming unbalanced. Townsville 29/06/2021
Kiss Me Later Slow to begin. Cairns 13/07/2021
Wanna Tweet Had to be steadied for some distance passing the 600m when racing in restricted room, then had to be checked near the 100m when crowded by another runner which shifted in when not quite clear. Tamworth 23/04/2021
Stolen Diamonds Momentarily inconvenienced on entering the home straight when awkwardly placed on the heels of INVISIBLE GIRL. Mackay 16/07/2021
Chic Sox Inconvenienced passing the 200m. Townsville 29/06/2021