Stewards Summary (Race Incident Comments)

12/10/2019 Warwick

Horse Comment Venue Date
Race 1
Rebel Rock Bumped at the start. Ipswich 24/04/2019
Aheadofhistime Began awkwardly and shifted in. Overraced in the middle stages before its rider elected to improve three wide passing the 600m. Sunshine Coast 27/09/2019
Beaueta Raced greenly in the early stages and brushed the running rail of its own accord passing the 700m. Passing the 400m hung whilst weakening. Ipswich 11/09/2019
Spallina Slow to begin. Momentarily steadied to avoid the heels of JONDY ROCKET which laid in near the 200m. Apprentice A. Patis reported that her saddle shifted forward on jumping away which placed her at a disadvantage for the remainder of the race. Toowoomba 06/10/2019
Race 2
Knucklebox Tightened for room on jumping away. Toowoomba 21/09/2019
Mykiss Froma Rose Slow to begin. After being ridden aggressively in the early stages, the mare commenced to overrace leaving the 800m and was then checked from heels for some distance. Shifted out to improve near the 400m and, in doing so, bumped another runner. Toowoomba 28/09/2019
Snowy River After being slow to begin, and as a result of being caught wide, the gelding was ridden forward by its rider to obtain a position outside the leader approaching the 900m. Toowoomba 14/09/2019
American Crown When afforded the opportunity to comment on the performance, App. A. Thompson stated that his instructions were to lead if possible, however, he was unable to comply with these instructions and was obliged to race 3 wide without cover. He added that after being bumped rounding the home turn, the mare was under pressure and laid in for the majority of the home straight and weakened over the latter stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities. Aquis Park Gold Coast 28/09/2019
Kel's Gal Near the 500m stepped in for a stride before being corrected by its rider. Aquis Park Gold Coast 05/10/2019
Spooling Rounding the home turn was awkwardly placed to the inside of SILVER STILETTO. Approaching the 100m put in an awkward stride. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Stamen Raced wide without cover. Jockey Spinks reported to stewards that the horse got its tongue over the bit during the event. Sunshine Coast 07/04/2019
Massie Whisper Stood flat footed and lost ground. Flinton 20/04/2019
Reef Island Trainer was advised that a warning for poor performance would be placed on the filly’s racing record. Tamworth 11/02/2019
Race 3
Sonic Bloom On jumping buffeted between runners. Placed in restricted room rounding home turn between GRAND QUILL and IL PRINCIPE. Some difficulty obtaining a clear run however, when clear failed to respond to riding over concluding stages. Rider noted gelding inclined to hang in significantly throughout, in particular when placed under pressure. Added gelding felt uncomfortable in its action and was reluctant to fully test mount over final 100m. Trainer advised gelding sustained a minor abrasion to off fore fetlock and intends to experiment with a gear change. Barrier trial prior to next start. Aquis Park Gold Coast 21/09/2019
Ice Elite Began awkwardly and lost ground. Had difficulty obtaining clear running over the concluding stages. Warwick 30/03/2019
Krustallos Bumped on the hind quarters near the 700m and became unbalanced. Laid out, in the home straight. Warwick 15/06/2019
Creditworthy Raced 3 wide with cover. Sunshine Coast 22/09/2019
Morgause Passing 1100m steadied when tightened for room by SLEEPY HEART, which shifted in, and in doing so made contact with DIAMOND JESS. Passing the 900m again steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of A LITTLE CRAFTY. Ipswich 10/04/2019
Divine Miss Boom Began awkwardly and then raced 3 ride throughout. Aquis Park Gold Coast 18/05/2019
Rock Me Hussey Improved on to the heels of TAKEMEOUTBACK at the 600m and shifted wider. Ipswich 20/09/2019
Race 4
De Bandit Vega Raced 3 wide with cover throughout. Dalby 26/09/2019
Inkblot Slow into stride. Aquis Park Gold Coast 05/10/2019
Mister Ward Bumped at the start. Gatton 04/10/2019
My Belly Button Began awkwardly, and was then bumped shortly after the start. Held up and unable to improve for some distance approaching and rounding the home turn. Raced greenly in the home straight. Toowoomba 06/10/2019
Successor Bumped and unbalanced on jumping. Lismore 19/09/2019
Lukey Dee Apprentice M. Sava, rider of the 4th placegetter, was reminded of her obligations to ride her mounts out fully to the line. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Ruby Rush Got its head in the air on a number of occasions whilst being restrained in the early stages. Raced 3 wide without cover throughout. Dalby 26/09/2019
Race 5
Mr Tickets After racing wide in the early stages was allowed to improve forward to obtain a position outside the leader near the 1000m. Kilcoy 15/06/2019
Landmarks Travelled keenly throughout the middle stages when being restrained to obtain a position with cover behind runner. Laid out under pressure over the final 100m. Grafton 01/10/2019
Tapa Commenced to race ungenerously with its head in the air near the 900m and shifted in marginally. Held up approaching and rounding the home turn. Toowoomba 28/09/2019
Rubel slow to begin. Scone 26/10/2018
Alejandra Trainer B. Gorman was fined $100 for failing to declare a rider for the horse by the prescribed time. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Colpo Di Tamburo Raced in restricted room in the early stages. Clipped heels and blundered near the 900m when WIRNPA shifted in. Toowoomba 03/08/2019
Race 6
Jondy Des Eased when tightened for room shortly after the start, and then clipped heels and almost fell. Dalby 26/09/2019
Bon Courage Raced wide for the majority of the event. Beaudesert 18/05/2019
Harry's Star Laid in under pressure over the concluding stages. Raced in restricted room over the final stages. Gatton 04/10/2019
Crackaview Shortly after the start was bumped by runner. Grafton 01/10/2019
Coupe de Ville Caught three wide without cover throughout. Sunshine Coast 29/09/2019
Eskdale Girl Blundered on jumping. Shifted in marginally near the 1000m before being corrected by its rider. Overraced leaving the 800m and shortly thereafter was obliged to steady from the heels of TAKE TEA, which shifted from a position one off and back to the rail. Aquis Park Gold Coast 21/09/2019
News Director Inclined to lay out throughout the race. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Imabarman Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Dalby 26/09/2019
Play Now Slow to begin. Dalby 26/09/2019
Not Tonight Dear Slow to begin. Gympie 21/09/2019
Mental As Anything Disappointed for a run near the 200m. Gatton 04/10/2019
Miss Makepeace Steadied from heels near the 700m. Gatton 04/10/2019
Race 7
Endless Days Slow to begin. Eagle Farm 05/10/2019
Grey Steyne Steadied from heels near the 1000m. Dalby 27/04/2019
Realing Bumped heavily on the hind quarters and forced off stride rounding the home turn. Ipswich 02/10/2019
Rosie Posie Bumped with TYCOON STREET on jumping. Eagle Farm 21/09/2019
Givus a Cuddle After being crossed near the 900m, the mare commenced to hang in for a short distance despite the efforts of its rider. Toowoomba 14/09/2019
Archer's Treasure Hung out for the majority. Toowoomba 28/09/2019
Race 8
Haradify Raced wide in the early stages before taking up a position approaching the 1100m Toowoomba 07/09/2019
Lake Hillier Began awkwardly and made contact with PAY WITH CASH. Aquis Park Gold Coast 28/09/2019
Mishani Istana Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the home straight. Bumped by another runner and became unbalanced near the 100m. Dalby 26/09/2019
She Likes A Drink Laid out in the middle stages. Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early stages of the home straight. Dalby 26/09/2019
Fast Arli Restrained when overracing from the heels of MR STORM near the 850m. Doomben 28/09/2019
Perfect Page Began awkwardly. Toowoomba 21/09/2019
Evening Bumped on the hindquarters shortly after the start. Raced wide throughout. Gatton 04/10/2019
Tudor Sunrise Shortly after the start was bumped by runner. Travelled wide, with cover, for the majority of the event. On straightening was inconvenienced by runner and directed to that runners outside to improve. Grafton 01/10/2019
Inching Closer Raced in restricted room and had to be steadied near the 700m. Gatton 04/10/2019
Lukey Dee Apprentice M. Sava, rider of the 4th placegetter, was reminded of her obligations to ride her mounts out fully to the line. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Katarina Became fractious leaving the enclosure and kicked the outside fence. Examined by the veterinary surgeon and cleared to start. Jumped awkwardly and lost ground at the start. Approaching the 500m improved to the inside of LAMPLIGHT and raced in restricted room for a short distance and made contact with the running rail. Kilcoy 24/09/2019
Produce Me Late Restrained shortly after the start and shifted in across heels to obtain a position with cover at the rear of the field. Kilcoy 24/09/2019