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Working at RQ

RQ is an equal opportunity employer that seeks to attract, retain, and develop people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and age so employees can achieve their full potential and to be rewarded and recognised by their achievements.

This means employees are treated based on their merits at every stage of the employment life cycle, commencing from pre-employment and throughout the recruitment and selection process. Applications are encouraged from people from all sectors of the community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Learn more about Racing Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy here.


RQ offers a range of roles for those interested in a career within the Racing industry in sports administration and technical subject matter racing-centric positions. The passion for our sport and the diversity of roles makes this one of the most diverse and exciting industries to be part of.

Some of the departments are:

  • Racing Operations (Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound, Animal Care, Track and Racecourse Development, and RTO Operations)
  • Marketing and Commercial Partnerships (Stakeholder Management, Commercial Development including Ownership, Corporate Affairs, and Marketing)
  • Finance and Infrastructure (Finance, Procurement, Wagering and Partnerships, Business Analytics, Infrastructure Strategy, Development, Master Planning, and Capital Projects)​
  • Legal and Regulatory Services (Legal and Regulatory Services, External Legal Partnerships, Board Services, Government Liaison, and Industry Policy)
  • People and Business Services (Strategic and Operational Human Resources Management, Workplace Health Safety and Wellness, Information Technology, Enterprise Risk Management, and Payroll)
  • Club, Partnerships and Assets (Club Licensing and Compliance, Club Commercial Development, Asset Management and Industry Performance, Facilities Management)


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RQ has a published recruitment guideline which outlines the process undertaken to fill vacancies. The process is merit-based and includes::

  • Candidate application (submission of your resume and cover letter)
  • Telephone pre-screening
  • Behavioural-based Interviews (Face-to-Face, or, Web-based)
  • Reference Checking
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Onboarding and induction

Additional assessments may also be included to provide additional data to assist the hiring manager in appointing he right talent for the right role.  They may include:

  • Personality and Cognitive Ability Assessments
  • Technical tests/Case Studies Exercise/Work Samples Exercise
  • Background and Policechecks may also be undertaken prior to moving to official offer with a potential candidate, for specific roles.



Our vision is to become the number one sporting industry in the Sunshine State, while championing great racing and events which connect Queensland communities.

In order to achieve this ambition, five pillars were developed including key performance indicators to track and measure RQ’s progress against its Strategic Plan.

At RQ, we believe values and behaviours drive culture. As such, we have implemented  six timeless values consisting of:

  • Making a difference
  • Achieving excellence
  • Earning and showing respect
  • Doing what we say
  • Valuing team above self; and
  • Demonstrating great leadership



RQ seeks to create a work environment and culture that supports employee health and wellbeing, promotes flexible work, and facilitates inclusion, diversity and mutual respect of others. RQ offers a number of benefits to employees, and strives to proactively create a healthy and safe workplace where people can thrive and achieve their best. 

These benefits include:

  • Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Paid Parental leave
  • Paid Volunteering leave
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Family and Domestic Violence Guideline
  • Weekly fruit delivery
  • Free onsite parking for all employees
  • Access to on-site Jockey’s gym
  • Perkbox (reward and recognition platform)
  • Discounted Brisbane Racing Club membership
  • Study Leave and Study Assistance
  • Recognition of Service rewards
  • Weekly employee communications , including a CEO Video
  • Novated motor vehicle lease
  • Health, Wellbeing and Education calendar of activities including
    • Annual Flu vaccinations
    • Bi-annual onsite Corporate Massages
    • Mindfulness and Wellbeing Webinars
    • Various charity fundraising event, for example, Team Teal, R U OK? Day
    • Employee industry education sessions
    • Onsite yoga classes (seasonal)
    • Posture and Musculoskeletal cheeks (seasonal)
    • Heart Heath Checks (seasonal)
    • Nutrition Consultations (seasonal)

Insights and feedback is regularly sought from employees to ensure the calendar of Employee Health and Wellbeing events includes initiatives that are meaningful and relevant to RQ’s strategic goals



RQ recognises that employee mental health and wellbeing can be impacted by a wide range of factors and takes a proactive approach to creating a healthy and safe work environment where employees can thrive and access support services as and where necessary.

RQ has appointed four employees who have been trained and accredited as Mental Health First Aid Officers. Mental Health First Aid Officers have learned relevant first aid skills for helping people experiencing a mental health issue, recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, advising on where and how to get help, and the type of help that as been shown by research to be the most effective.  



RQ has made a commitment to reconciliation initiatives to enhance relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholder community  representatives. These initiatives focus on developing and strengthening relationships, engaging employees and stakeholders in reconciliation through the piloting of innovative strategies to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

RQ developed its first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and launched during NAIDOC week in November 2020. It features a painting commissioned by  celebrated Aboriginal Artist, Charlie Chambers Junior.  The RAP painting is titled “The Gathering” and is all about people attending the racetrack from bush, country town and city communities to witness with friends and family, whether it is greyhounds, trots or thoroughbred racing. View our Reconciliation Action Plan here.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Racing Queensland (RQ) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy (the ‘Strategy’). This is RQ’s first Strategy, and it forms part of RQ’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and is also a symbol of RQ’s building and strengthening connections between RQ and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland.

This strategy complements our efforts to transform the culture at RQ and build a robust talent pipeline that includes attracting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our workplace and helping them develop their skills and capabilities to advance their careers. RQ aims to improve employment outcomes by increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, retention, and development. This will support RQ’s commitment to create a culture that is diverse and inclusive, as a culturally safe employer of choice. Download a copy of the strategy here.



Racing Queensland is committed to ongoing investment in developing employees in order to help achieve its short and medium-term strategic goals, as well as attracting and retaining a highly skilled and capable workforce. This complements RQ’s talent management strategy, which is to have the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time.

RQ is committed to supporting employees who are keen to learn, grow and develop whilst employed by RQ.  L&D opportunities for employees can include:

  • Annual Compliance Training (through RQ’s LMS-SAP Litmos & LMS content library)
  • Leadership Essentials (internal facilitation)
  • Workplace Behaviours training (internal facilitation)
  • Corporate Induction (internal facilitation)
  • Industry education sessions (internal facilitation)
  • Adaptive Leadership Program
  • Suite of ten online Leadership Modules (Intranet)
  • Stepping Up Leadership Program
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • On-The-Job training
  • Formal education
  • Short courses or other approved training; and
  • Professional development relevant for individuals and/or roles

Investing in upskilling employees is highly motivating and shows employees they are valued, and that RQ is committed to helping them achieve their career goals.



RQ values employee contributions to the achievement of business goals and holds employees accountable for demonstrating workplace behaviours reflective of RQ’s values. RQ seeks to provide opportunities to recognise and reward employees for their contribution, commitment, values-alignment and service to Racing Queensland.

RQ utilises Perkbox to help proactively reward its employees for their valued contribution and allow peers to recognise their  co-workers who have contributed to the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Perkbox is an online platform (accessed by downloading a free App) hosted externally, that provides all permanent employees with an opportunity to:

  • Access a suite of employee benefits that are free
  • Access to many discounted services
  • Recognise other employees; and
  • Share anonymous feedback via regular pulse surveys



Talent management, engagement and reward and recognition of employees are important factors in retaining RQ employees.

RQ is committed to talent management as a strategic initative which involves the recruitment, development, promotion, motivation and retention of employees. Talent management activities are planned, implemented and aligned with RQ’s current and future business needs.

RQ is committed to managing talent and succession planning to build a culture of high performance.



Employee insights from the Perkbox survey platform are reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team and the Changing the Game team to assist with engagement action planning.   Results and key themes are shared with employees and are an important component of continually evaluating and improving the workplace culture at RQ.



The Changing the Change (CTG) team is comprised of a cross-departmental group of people formed to transform the culture grow employee engagement. Each person brings a different and unique perspective on the company and serves as a great advocate/ambassador who can represent different perspectives and buy-in from their respective department/s.

Our CTG ambassadors are expected to role model our timeless values, and ensure all voices are heard and represented when developing and implementing new initiatives.  

Whether it is about improvements, communication, events, wellness, or day to day celebrations, the CTG team is dedicated to implementing initiatives that benefit all employees by improving the employee experience at RQ.