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At The Heart Of Racing

For more than 150 years, the thrill and excitement of racing has echoed across our state and at the heart of racing is the Queensland community thriving with amazing individuals who drive the industry forward as quiet champions and passionate unsung heroes.

Across the Sunshine State, our towns and cities are brought to life each year with racing serving as the highlight of their social calendar, showcasing the best we have to offer in food, fashion and live entertainment. Racing really is at the heart of who we are - a community of passionate Queenslanders who know this is more than just a Saturday meet, it truly is a way of life.

We unite over the stories that have brought individuals from every walk of life together to share in witnessing the athleticism and power of these great creatures - to fall in love with the heart warming stories of the race.



Abbie Sweeper

Everything changed for the Sweeper family - daughter Abbie, father Russel and Mother Amanda – in July of 2019 while competing on her horse, Abbie fell and sustained brain and spinal cord damage, leaving her a ventilator dependent tetraplegic.

Since the tragic fall, the entire Queensland racing industry have wrapped their collective arms around Abbie, running fundraisers, winning races in her special colours and doing anything they can to help the family get through the current situation they face.

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Peter McMullen and Chantal Turpin - Driver & Trainer

Husband and wife trotting partnership Pete McMullen and Chantal Turpin have many a similarity but differ in one significant way.

They are both up at the crack of dawn every morning with the horses at their Patrick Estate property, then looking after and raising their daughters, before usually rushing off to the races.

They are on the hunt for winners almost every day of the week – hopefully a few feature races along the way.

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Barry Squair - Trainer

Nearing 81 years of age, Toowoomba horseman Barry Squair has been waiting his entire life for a horse like his beloved Love You Lucy.

In the twilight of his training career after decades as a premiership winning rider before that, the Group 2 Dane Ripper Stakes winner last year has come at the back of his illustrations career in the racing industry.

He no longer rides track work in the mornings but that does not mean the legend of Queensland racing is anywhere near retirement.

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Sarah Johnson - Nurse & Trainer

Sarah Johnson has had a love for Greyhound racing since she can remember and years later nothing has changed.

Sarah has also worked diligently as a nurses' aid for the Red Cross, taking life saving blood donations.

After she finishes work late at night - you'll find her at Albion Park helping out with the dogs. Sarah's story is one of thousands in the sunshine state, whose lives are brought together by the racing industry. 

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Melissa Kendall & Phil Chappenden - Owners & Trainers

Moreton Bay owners and trainers, Melissa Kendall and Phil Chappenden, stumbled upon harness racing by chance and before they knew it their passion became part of their livelihood.

By day, Melissa works as a Spinal and Brain Injury Researcher with Queensland Health while Phil works at a local landscape company and manages a produce store. 

Together with their son Zach, the 2020 BOTRA Young Drivers Champion, the couple run a small but successful team with 18 horses in work.

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Michael Landsberg - Owner & Research Scientist 

By day, Michael Landsberg leads a team of research scientists to better understand the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Michael's research is really focused on understanding how infectious organisms like bacteria and viruses infect humans, often causing disease, and how our immune systems respond to those infections.

Michael is also an avid racing fan and previous participant, falling in love with the sport in a way that is familiar to many of us - watching the Melbourne Cup as a child.‚Äč

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