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Racecourse temperature testing

Racing Queensland has today revised the threshold for on-course temperature testing across its three codes.

With mandatory temperature testing being rolled out across the state, RQ has revised the threshold for permitted on-course personnel from 37.8 degrees to 37.5 degrees effective immediately.

Upon entering each racecourse, permitted on-course personnel must immediately undergo a temperature check to ensure they are compliant with RQ’s biosecurity measures.

Anyone experiencing a temperature of 37.5 or more will be given the opportunity to have a secondary temperature test up to 15 minutes following the first assessment, but if the person’s temperature remains elevated, they shall be required to leave the venue and are advised to seek medical advice through 13HEALTH.

For participants who fail a temperature test, a medical clearance to the satisfaction of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission may be required before attending a race meeting again.

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