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Conlon tickled pink with Sprinter’s form

By Isaac Murphy

Veteran Beachmere trainer John Conlon was winding down his operation when he decided to take on Lil Miss Pinky, since then the rising three-and-a-half year old has breathed new life into her own racing career and Conlon’s training days.

After a modest record of 59 starts for nine wins, Lil Miss Pinky has won her last five at Albion Park and goes to tackle six straight in the Grade 5 (Race 5) at head quarters on Thursday night. 

Conlon said he was confident Lil Miss Pinky could continue her winning run.

“She musters speed really well as has got to the turn first in all her wins,” he said.

“She likes to get off the track a bit but I guess that doesn’t really matter the way she’s been getting out in front.

“I’ve only had her for the last eleven starts and she’s won eight of them which has exceeded all expectations."

Lil Miss Pinky came to Conlon from the Attard kennel and the bitch has clearly enjoyed the change of scenery.

“It’s been a big change for her she’s gone from a big kennel with a lot of dogs to an old bloke who only has one dog," he said. 

"I’ve got a good set-up for her here (Beachmere) a big change from normal kennelling so maybe that has helped.”

Conlon said he’d been in the game a long time and hadn’t seen a dog continue to improve at her age.

“She’s really surprised me Lil Pinky, you just don’t usually get them rising three-and-a-half and think they’ll keep improving do you?

“Last week I told Ryan Ayre the owner I was going to throw her to the wolves and give her a run on a Thursday night, kind of the equivalent of going from Kilcoy to Eagle Farm in the horses.

“But as it turned out there was a little bit of trouble and she found herself out six to eight lengths in front, I had to see it to believe it.”

Conlon said while the bitch had the tendency to be a little bit of a "ratbag" at home she had relished the facilities at Beachmere and received plenty of attention as the only current racing dog in the kennel.

“I’ve got a completely different set up here, she hasn’t been near a trial track or a race track since I’ve had her, except to race,” he said.

“I’ve got a straight here at home and a paddock of about six to eight acres where she can free run, so that’s all new to her, there was no real magic I was just able to put more time into her coming from a kennel of thirty to forty dogs.

“She came to us from the Attard’s in really good order, I really owe a lot of thanks to them for presenting her so well.”

Such has been the success of Lil Miss Pinky Conlon has decided to expand his racing kennel to two.

“She’s rejuvenated me a little, I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years and I haven’t seen one rising three and a half like her,” he said.

“I’ve just picked up another one from Cynthia and Bill Elson which I’ve got nominated for next Monday, if she’s anything like Pinky I’ll be a happy man.”